Just seeing Nemesis and insurrection so low... I quit watching this... sorry!
Florian Hug
nemesis isnt that bad
David Orion
Star Trek TNG Is Best
I liked the 10 movies, as for the next 3... don't even want to remember I watched the 11 and 12
Trouble with Tribbles should be number 1#
Beyond is actually pretty good. It's the only movie in the new series that a significant number of old Trek fans seemed to enjoy. The original Abrams reboot is quite good as well if you look at it as a standalone action film. It may not be proper Trek but it's a very well made movie.
Ace Homefoil
Only Trek film I truly dislike is Star Trek V. But my all time favorite is First Contact, followed closely by The Wrath of Khan and Undiscovered Country. I also enjoyed all three reboots so far, but have mixed feelings about Benedict's casting as Khan in Into Darkness.
ken mazoch
sorry, insurrection was worse, by far, than nemesis. and all of the j.j. abrams movies were bad. and I have been a star trek fan since 1966.
Nels Danburg
My Order:

13. Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (1989) - F
12. Star Trek: Insurrection (1998) - D-
11. Star Trek: Nemesis (2002) - C-
10. Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1978) - C+
9. Star Trek: Generations (1994) - B+
8. Star Trek Beyond (2016) - A-
7. Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (1986) - A-
6. Star Trek (2009) - A
5. Star Trek Into Darkness (2013) - A
4. Star Trek III: The Search For Spock (1984) - A
3. Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (1991) - A
2. Star Trek: First Contact (1996) - A
1. Star Trek II: The Wrath Of Khan (1982) - A+
Star Trek Beyond is AWESOME
I agree with this list! The only changes I would make would be to bump First Contact up into the top spot (meaning Wrath of Khan is my second), and the Motion Picture down as the worst of the lot. Nemesis is a bad film, but still entertaining. The Motion Picture to me is worse because of how boring it is - it was so boring that it took me three attempts to finish watching it!
James M
I liked ST 10. Though I thought ST 8 ranked with 2 as the best. From weakest to best, apart from 12 which I've not seen:
curtis richerson
i love them all equally
I can't take this list seriously. Nemesis isn't worse than TMP or the Enterprise searching for God. Really???
Sean Allen
bullshit. the reboot movies all suck.
Wannaget Roct
Agree Wrath of Khan should be ranked #1 but JJ's Star Trek was undoubtedly #2..... those 2 films are clearly the top 2..... anything without Kirk/Spock should be last
Spooper Senshi
I personally liked Insurrection and The Final Frontier.
Star Trek the Motion Picture is the best and depict Gene Roddenberry vision for Trek the best of the all Trek films. This movie should never be ranked lower then 3..
Allyn Hamilton
i loved nemesis seem to be one of the only ones but i like my ship battles and the sovereign was my favourite class of ship yeah the plots funky but what a great battle against the scimitar
Jennifer Royal
First Contact should have been #2 or even #1
Jar Jar Abrams can take his shitty reboot and go fuck himself where no man has fucked himself before. That bastard destroyed Star Trek AND Star Wars.
Alex Robertson
seems no one can agree on the order of the list...
Wait Star Trek 2009 over First Contact? Yeah, I stopped watching after that. What a hack.
Jace Fincham
My list from worst to best would be:

The Motion Picture, Insurrection, Generations, The Final Frontier, The Search for Spock, Into Darkness, The Wrath of Khan, Star Trek (2009), Beyond, The Voyage Home, Nemesis, First Contact, The Undiscovered Country.

I enjoy all of the films, though.
Connor Morris
This guy's obviously not a Star Trek fan because I can't see the really good qualities from the "bad" but memorable movies.
Sven Ketelhut
My Order:
10. Star Trek V - the final Frontier
9. Star Trek - Nemesis
8. Star Trek - Generations
7. Star Trek III - the search for Spock
6. Star Trek VI - The undiscovered Country
5. Star Trek - the movie
4. Star Trek II - the wrath of Khan
3. Star Trek - Insurrection
2. Star Trek - First Contact
1. Star Trek IV - the voyage home

The JJ Abrams Universe doesn't qualify as Star Trek ... bad Stories, bad casting (only Karl Urban is good in my opinion), bad direction, pointless actioncrap ... well but that are only my 2 cent
Don't really care for Abrams "Flying Brewery"
Brad Cox
I'm sorry, I must be trek-A-fined because I just don't agree. All most night and day in what you and I think is the best. Sorry good try, but you fall short.
Maureen Tuohy
Couldn't disagree more! Except for your choice for 1 and two.
I agree with your top 3, and that's about it. Easily the worst is Star Trek V...too any real Trekkie it stands alone as just plain bad. I'm also not a fan of the new JJ-verse.
Haedyn Kressley
How in the heck do you rank the newer Star Trek movies above Insurrection and The Motion Picture. The new movies have too much action and don't define what Star Trek is!
the new ones are the best
Anonymous Noname
Into darkness should be worse than nemesis. It isn't just another wrath of Khan, it is wrath of Khan except Khan is now a white guy. Wtf happened to the alternate universe.
Jen Sinclair
I'd move Generations up
BuringTARDIS Manual
So my dad is an original Trekky so I started seeing the original show and movies when I was little. The only one we actually owned was undiscovered country so Its the one I have seen the most. My dad also never showed me 1 &5 from the originals, I also only saw First contact and Generations from the next gen. So of what I have seen Wrath, voyage home, beyond, first contact, undiscovered, Star Trek, search for Spock, into darkness, and generations. (The rest are in an unspecified order of I have never scene and have been told it's not worth it)
Steve Bell
Personally I think they are all pretty good apart from the final frontier which was abismal
#1 First Contact
#2 Voyage Home
#3 Wrath of Khan
The JJ reboots are so un-Trek. I'm not sure how those hollow action films are liked by Star Trek fans. There's no depth, no subtext, I mean, at least the Next Gen films had something to say. The JJ reboots were just boring popcorn films. Beyond on the other hand was spectacular. You can have the crazy action of the JJ reboots and tell a meaningful and well-done story that you can tell was constructed with care by true Star Trek fans. The JJ reboots were written by the dudes who wrote Transformers. Transformers! I mean, the in-your-face "we LOVE Star Trek" references in the JJ films were annoying and stupid. On the other hand, Beyond had little nods and small references that big Trekkies could get while still telling a cohesive and entertaining story with themes and a message that are somewhat relevant to today's society. So basically, 2009 Star Trek and Into Darkness suck, Star Trek Beyond is great.
Ad Scientia
First Contact was great.
Danny Fleming
Cool video, but I guess I'm one of the only people to think that insurrection was one of the best Star Trek movies. This is just my opinion, so feel free to consider it BS :) My favourite Sar Trek movies best to worst are: First Contact, Motion Picture (Controversial, but adored the idea of the film, even if the execution was flawed), Wrath of Khan, Voyage Home, Undiscovered country, Insurrection, Beyond, Generations, Star Trek (2009), search for Spock, nemesis, the final frontier and finally into darkness.
I'd say this is a pretty good assessment. Personally I'd say that Nemesis > Insurrection > Final Frontier. But other than that I agree completely.

Would put Beyond between Star Trek I and Into Darkness.
I think this list is pretty fair. I agree with the order.
Cracked Capone
So here is my ranking :No.1 : The Undiscovered CountryNo.2 : First ContactNo.3 : The Wrath of KhanNo.4 : Star Trek NemesisNo.5 : Star Trek GenerationsNo.6 : The Motion PictureNo.7 : Star Trek InsurrectionNo.8 : The Search for SpockNo. 9/10 : Star Trek + Star Trek Into Darkness No.11/12 : Voyage Home + The Final FrontierNo.13 : Beyond ( I´ve never seen it. sorry xD)
Gordon Mckay
I agree with your #1, however the J.J. Abrahms movies don't hold up well to us hard-core trekkers. I'm glad that he was able to renew interest in the franchise, but his last 2 efforts were terrible.
Ryan Millis
st10 and st09 are dope. fuck jj. i wish we had ds9,voy, ent movies plus ent s5 s6 s7. and i hope (std) is good. they want it to be (disc)or whatever but its STD lol
Final Frontier is desperately trying to be a bigger better movie. Watching it as a kid meant nothing but as a man in my 30s it really got me in parts. There is so much good stuff in there (I NEED my pain) but it just too much wrong with it. Better than I, VII, IX, X and XII in my opinion.
First Contact seems like a decent "remake" of Wrath Of Khan, if it can be called that. In terms of it's general premise it fits the bill nicely, a full movie built as a sequel to a series episode and it has the bad guys having a clear antagonistic, while somewhat obsessed relationship with the star ship captain. But as much as it is similar to WOK, unlike the others that were awful, FC isn't trying to be WOK.
William Wofford
Maybe its just me having been born in the 90's but I don't get why millennials (born in the 80's) are the only ones who have a say so on what star trek movie is good or bad. Personally I won't openly judge a star trek movie or show because i think think they are all good. I didn't like Star Trek (2009) or Star Trek Beyond. They were good as movies though. Star Trek: Generations is my favorite movie of all time but I guess some people are looking for another Wrath of Khan movie and then judge all Star Trek movies based off of that movie which is absurd. Let each movie be its own movie. If you want to roast then roast on Star Trek: Discovery.
Max Isola
1. Wrath of Khan
2. Undiscovered Country
3. Voyage Home
4. Beyond
5. 2009
6. Search for Spock
7. Into Darkness
8. First Contact
9. Motion Picture
10. Generations
11. Nemesis
12. Final Frontier
13. Insurrection
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