The shows are far superior to the movies
All the Abrams ones sucked
Of all the TOS movies, the only one I really like was the Voyage Home (ST4). That is first on my list. I was never really a TOS fan although I adore Spock!! Then comes the reboot movie series. I think they are brilliant. Mostly due to Zachary Quinto's Spock. I also like some of the TNG movies as well. So my top 7 movies list goes like this - ST4, 2009 Reboot, First Contact, Beyond, Insurrection, Generations, Into Darkness, and that's it. None of the others IMO are worth watching!!
Jason Sherwood
4, 2, 6, First Contact, 3, 1, Beyond, Generations, Insurrection, 5, JJ1, Nemesis, Into Darkness.
I'm sorry just cannot keep quiet about this. I'm a die-hard Star Trek fan I've been a fan of Star Trek since before you were born heck I was the Star Trek fan before I was born. That being said you have it all completely wrong you put most of the original Star Trek movies in the bad category. This is a horrible mistake. The worst Star Trek films are the last three the JJ Abrams Star Wars rip-off Star Treks. No in their right mind should watch these. All three are bad remix of the Wrath of Khan the humor is childish the characters are always inconsistent and the acting with the exception of Chris Pine is subpar and terrible. The movies are nothing but in one eye out the other popcorn crap Star Trek is not about popcorn never has been it's been about learning something while being entertained. It's also about bringing up controversial issues when being entertained. Now to all those modern-day hipsters controversial does not mean subject of the day it means subjects that were too taboo to talk about openly such as War rape child abuse the existence of the afterlife. That being said from worst to best we're Star Trek movies in no particular order how did JJ Abrams ones they're all equally bad. Second line and only because of the budget Star Trek 5 contrary to what you said Shatner's performance was stellar I felt his frustration. Next up Star Trek nemesis again as you pointed out its are at the Connery make with too many elements of Nick generation slammed in it was basically written by fan for fan almost as bad as the JJ Abrams the humor and the action and the fact that he finally showed us the sister aliens to the romulans is what makes the movie slightly better than Star Trek 5 next and I'm probably going to killed for this the next bad movie is Star Trek 3 the shake and bake Spock they're busy brought back to life buy cooking in the oven until he was done. Next Star Trek generations country what you said not going down to the lousy performance you look like he's constipated rat the whole film. Next first Contact closest movie had a lot action and it was fun it was lacking a moral compass behind other than don't have hate in your heart it was more or less a reverse version of Wrath of Khan where the captain the hero was Captain Ahab. Ben Star Trek the motion picture underappreciated because it's slow. It does have one small downfall it is basically and one hour episode dragged out into two hours but it is a good story with a great moral plot. Star Trek insurrection as you pointed out it is a television episode but it's a very good one the Great controversial subjects Sanchez face-lifting patricide and how to handle your kids when they break the law. Last two are in this order from worst to best Star Trek 2 the Wrath of Khan sorry your folks with this is just basically a Vengeance film with one basic Star Trek moral and that is doomsday devices are bad idea nuclear weapons are bad idea. The best Star Trek movie is Star Trek 4 the Voyage Home. If you don't know what one is it's the one with the whales if you don't know what the moral of it is it's the one with whales.
Morten Harket
I adore star trek the motion picture, generations and first contact
Vince L
I like the list, but put would swap IV and VI. The Voyage Home was a huge gamble for the franchise and with the whale story it did change awareness around the world. The TOS crew was somewhat relevant as well in '86. Plus Spock neck pinched that punk rocker on the GGB- priceless.
Dan Waldman
Worst to Best:
13. Into Darkness. C- Contrived action scenes, idiotic character motivations, anti-intellectualism. It's Star Trek by way of Michael Bay, and that's not a good thing.
12. Beyond. C Bland and forgettable.
11. Nemesis. C Narrative driven by action. Very little to recommend it.
10. Star Trek 2009. C Very little of Roddenberry's vision exists in this reboot. It has a lot of the same problems as Nemesis, just with slightly better pacing.
9. The Final Frontier. C+ Awkward pacing, hokey dialogue, redeemed greatly with a strong final act where Kirk challenges a self-proclaimed deity with "What does God need with a starship?"
8. Generations B- Some fuzzy logic on some key plot points, manages to be counterpointed with some nice philosophical bits.
7. Insurrection. B. One or two awkward moments in a film which feels a bit too much like a two-parter Next Gen episode.
6. The Motion Picture (Director's Edition) B Deliberate pacing, a plot which owes a bit too much to the episode "The Changeling," but with strong special effects and a great score.
5. The Search for Spock A- Mostly coasts on the considerable strength of its predecessor.
4. The Undiscovered Country. A. Smart, fun, and topical for its time.
3. First Contact. A. Easily the best Next Gen movie. Confrontation between Lily and Picard is brilliant.
2. Wrath of Khan A. Ricardo Montalban chews up the scenery with as much gusto as Shatner and the audience wins.
1. The Voyage Home. A+. A smart, funny, compassionate, and utterly unique Star Trek feature, true to its roots, its message of environmental responsibility still resonates. It is one of two Star Trek features which lacks an actual villain.
Someone 1282
The search for spock was my first movie it was amazing
Horatio Moonraker
I liked 'Return of the Jedi.'

I'll get my coat.
Jack Dolinsky
I SGREE eithnyour firdtbyhreenkovienpics. Yhdt srevthe best,,
Jack Dolinsky
I disagree with your list,, sll thevtreks sre. Very good DND. Dtsrvtrek fivecis good too sction dtory,, Snd dome vunny dcenes likee xtxrvtrek. Four,,
3210 Kaboom
in my opinion, the only one you got right was #1
I was ready to stop watching this when either Motion Picture or V weren't ranked as the worst...should've trusted my instinct
Simon Wood
My fave is #4: the Voyage Home, followed by the new, rebooted Star Trek film, followed by #3: The Search for Spock. I also like Star Trek the Motion Picture, Star Trek: First Contact, Star trek Into Darkness & Star Trek: Beyond, and I appreciate Star Trek Insurrection, because it is one of the few famous films that deals with the Israel-Palestine conflict in an honest way - i.e. showing the Israelis as people returning to their homeland as genocidal invaders. You see, it is an allegory of the Israel-Palestine conflict, whether intended or not.
Daniel Murphy
13:Final Frontier
12:The Motion Picture
10:Star Trek Beyond
9:Star Trek
8:Into Darkness
6:First Contact
4:Undiscovered Country
3:Search For Spock
2:Voyage Home
1:Wrath Of Khan
Fubar AlAkbar
Final Frontier was the worst...Undiscovered Country was the best.
I can honestly say I haven't found a list on any subject on youtube I disagree with more than this one. However this is fine, if we all thought the same it would be a really boring world.
Any of the films that featured the gorgeous constitution class refit, thanks .............
Chris Terry
Nothing beats WOK and Nemesis wasnt that bad
Grand Admiral
sorry, but i respectfully disagree with most of your points
Rax Savvage
cant get behind this order
Was Tattoo in the Wrath of Khan ?
First contact should be 2nd or third.
Roy Prince
Your top 3 I totally agree. But 5 The Final Frontier should be switched with 1 The Motion Picture. Yeah, Final Frontier was out there but at least stuff was happening. Space battles, fights, riding horses, singing row row your boat.
The Motion Picture was just too boring with pajama uniforms.
fancy wrong
I did not like beyond. There was no real, sincere interaction between the caracters, it was either pretentious platitudes or semi-charming jokes. It was just a sequence of action scenes. Oh wow, Scotty hanging from a cliff, what brilliant use of that stylistic device. Why didn't the bad guy know where the Franklin was if he was her captain? who cares, enjoy some random bike racing scene. Spock is dying from some huge piece of metal in his chest? yeah you already forgot that, didn't ya, because it was yet another contrived attempt to turn an expensive car commercial in space into a movie with some depth. well it failed like everything else in this movie. Also paramount stop parroting yourselves with this Beasty Boys song, yeah it's cool but enough already.
JoeyTheDuck 101
Who else agrees that the best character in the reboot is Bones
Your are Wrong with that list
I think all 13 movies are fucking amazing, fight me.
Theodore Young Jr.
Star Trek Beyond is at the bottom of this post. The Voyage home should have been in the top 3!
Patrick McHale
I like the new Star Trek films. The others ones are good to. I like the characters.
Patrick McHale
I like the new Star Trek films. The others ones are good to. I like the characters.
ryaan Asady
when it comes down to it. i can whole heartedly say that i enjoy and like all the movies. hell the whole franchise because its science fiction entertainment. i mean why cant people just enjoy something that was meant purely as entertainment rather then hate on it if it doesnt go there way. i do not believe in this whole odd numbered curse. each film is fantastic in its own merit. but hey thats just my opinion and everyone has a right to theres
Al G
The JJ Abrams versions are total shit.
Angry Lucario
I love all of the movies!
I actually rate Into Darkness pretty high.
Joe Kerr
Am I the only Star Trek fan that likes Nemesis? Maybe it's the sick soundtrack I like.
It's like the cool thing to do to hate on the new movies. I imagine more people really love them as evidenced by the ticket sales and the franchise doing well but are probably too scared to admit they like them because of haters. I think part of Genes vision for the future was a place where people could feel free to have their opinions without fear of being ridiculed.
I had no problem with Kirks death General Patton he survived so many epic battles and so it seems fitting to go out by something small and accidental.
Jake Beck
You got it all wrong in my opinion.
Martin Wolf
About Insurrection, I think this is true Star Trek and how can Picard be wrong if he defends the Core of the Federation? What makes you think "the heroes are wrong and the villains are right"? I agree there are plotholes but every Star Trek movie has them ...
Billy Morgan
I'm sorry but Nemesis is not the worst Trek film. That title goes to Star Trek 5: The Final Frontier
Livis Zhang
Yeah yeah I know into darkness is cheesy and what not, but I can't help but to like it a lot.
Hasan Naqvi
what plot holes were in the new movies?
Ridicolous list. Just the typical now-fashion way of trying to make people believe TNG movies are crap, TOS just the ones with action are good (TWOK, incredibly overrated and TUC) and that the new ones are superb films. 5 min of TMP have more quality than all the JJ Star Trek???? films.
I don't quite agree with this video. This is a list of all 13 Star Trek films from best to worst:
13. Star Trek (2009)
12. Star Trek: First Contact (1996)
11. Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982)
10. Star Trek Into Darkness (2013)
9. Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (1986)
8. Star Trek Beyond (2016)
7. Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (1991)
6. Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (1984)
5. Star Trek: Insurrection (1998)
4. Star Trek Generations (1994)
3. Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979)
2. Star Trek: Nemesis (2002)
1. Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (1989)
Daniel Leca
AlltimeMovies you can go fuck yourself m8
ya lost me when you placed First Contact as fifth under JJ trek 1.
rob b darobot
for the most part I agree with where you ranked these movies. I don't get why Nemesis is so hated. For me the worst Star Trek movie was The Final Frontier, and I would have ranked The Voyage Home first then Wrath of Khan, but that's my own personal choice. I do agree that they are the stronger offerings of the movie franchise. Well, that's my two cents worth.
Jonsin 1459
The reboots woke star trek up from its fatigue to appeal to the mindless popcorn munching crowd that exist nowadays who just want to hand their money over to see sex and explosions. As opposed to the 50 year long running massive Trek phenonemon this reboot crap has run out of steam in only 3 movies.
Wrath of Khan I think is #1
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