How to Install Dual Brake Calipers

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Brake Calipers. Learn how to install dual brake caliper brackets and dual brake calipers as well as replace the differential fluid, replace the rear wheel bearing, and the replace the bearing seal on your car or truck. This process works on a live rear axle. I am prepping my drift car for this upcoming season by installing a dual rear brake caliper setup so I can use a hydro ebrake. 

How to Install a Hydro Ebrake:
How to Properly use RTV:
How to Flush and Bleed Your Brakes:

Again, thanks Advance Auto Parts for providing Carquest Wearever Professional Brake Parts for the rear of the DriftStang:
Brake Pads:
Rotors (2008 and newer models are painted):

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This is why I turn my notification bell on for your channel. I know you put a ton of work into your videos but wow dude, I am not sure who else saw how clean the suspension looked, all the painted parts, the calipers, etc... You go way above and beyond and that is why I love this channel! Your attention to detail is exceptional.
diaa realmadrid
i have been wondering why supercar manufacturers don't use dual callipers on front/rear rotors to increase stopping power and/or performance.
I have seen this in some older Ferraris "i believe the 430 models" have used a second calliper on the rear rotors for the parking brake but not for for additional braking power.

Could someone explain why wouldn't they consider such setup on there modern models "458 Italia/ 488"? i am not taking exclusively about Ferrari.

And if there are some modern examples of such usage "straight from the factory/ no aftermarket tuning"? also, the pros and cons of such setup.
apologies for the long comment it just seems an interesting topic that has been floating in mind as of late
Mike's Garage
Great video! I would apply a little bit of grease on a seal before insert the shaft.
Secret Boy
awsome bro
randall jr Benoit
I love the duel rear breaks that's awesome .... do they make a plate for my 02 TUNDRA 2UZFE 4.7L V8 4x4 rear factory LSD access cab SR5?

& I was gonna do one of those eBay ebrakes like that because I put kick panel speaker enclosure's in from qlogic-they make them for everything -sadly they say 6.5" but only fit 5.25"s good !
Joshua Hardie
such a well explained vid.
thanks for the detailed explanation on everything
Are those little C Clips the only thing holding the axle in?
Rafael Castro
use coca cola to un rus thing
Thomas Schenke
He Chris! A question :-) which sort of paint do you have used by your awesome red brakes? Seems nice on my scooter!!
nice videos, very well made
Underrated Ninja
I don't even own a car but this is top work
Tashen Ramlall
Do a video on everything that needs to be torqued
Kaden Holding
As a team member of advance auto parts, I love seeing you use our products and even happier they do so well for you! Sending love from Indiana!
Nolen Purvis
With a dual caliper setup using only the stock system and lines, wouldn't the rotor heat up faster? If you were braking hard frequently, and not dissipating enough heat due to many corners, wouldn't this be dangerous? I imagine in a dual stock setup you would want a bigger mass rotor that is maybe slotted, or just regular, any input is greatly appreciated.
I like going through the comments and liking them
Bob Shackley
AMAZING VID! How can I do this on my Crown Vic? ChrisFix please do video!
Midhun Mohan
What a clean installation!! I like the way you speak ..not at all boring.
Arrow Drew
i was made a mechanic because half of "car mechanic simulator 2015" and half of our super buddy chrisfix
Arrow Drew
does the brake force change with them dual brakes?
Rick Doe
Very nice great job
muy buen vídeo bro, se nota tu gran paciencia y dedicación a tus trabajos, me subscribo :D saludos desde venezuela!
cosgrove notts
I love you tube lol. New tools everywhere
Nancy Stanich
Have to tell you, my 6 yr old grandson came across your video, he watched fully immersed for over an hour. Loved you.
THANK GAWD I am not the only one that uses a torque wrench. AND, you actually know the values! I am in utter shock (Youtube, AMIright?). Take my thumbs up.
Arrow Drew
can i meet u LOL
Átila Pereira
foi escrito em PT - BR ?
why dont you use copper anti siez compound to stop the brakes seizing
Chris Fix can you please do a vid on drum to disk conversions.
Sajid Ali Turi
I like first time I saw dual calipers rear brake
Tropical Biddies
Painting them red and adding 2 of them added 200 horsepower to the car
micho shenouda
can i install it in toyota camry 2015 if yes what i need and where i can get it?
XxIllinois_LawxX // Police Roleplays
7:23 " Always use lube " ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Gospy Mr
OK that bearing removing thing is not a common hand tool
Vikas Dhiman
I have Maruti Ritz VDI It has simple breaks. Can I replace these breaks with ABS
Atticus Unzelman
Chris where did you find the dual caliper plate?
The Devil
Would adding dual calipers to a FWD make it drift better? I'm new to the automotive world, so don't roast me. I know that RWD are better for drifting. If I add a pair of dual calipers on a FWD, will it drift the same?
You didn't mention bleeding the caliper.
grex _
Where can I find the double brake caliper?

It should be shipped to germany
I subbed.
The perfectionist
This is a real car lover, man, the way you work on your car is just amazing!!, it's such a pleasure to watch your videos, and you explain everything you do so well that everyone can understand!! And your voice isn't annoying,so it doesnt become boring to listen to you!!! thanks for the videos!! I wish i could work with someone like you😉
Ali Aich
روعة و إتقان
Oscar Perez
Hi I am a mechanic and I am so impressed with your work this one of my favourite channels. I like to do this dual set up on my jeep ZJ they have small brakes for such a large heavy truck, my thing is that I am not sure if the standard brake system will be able to handle this. What do you think?
fang check
you make it look so easy ? no murphys law here
George Ibrahim
Chris cant you just remove the lug and change the dust cover with the dual calipers
Shank c
Am I the only 15 year old watching this video? Chris ' s videos are really informative and u get to know about the car parts.
Royce Zaro
5:22 I always wake my roommate up in the morning when I'm touching myself. There must be something wrong with my anti-moan bracket...there is an awful lot of moaning when there's a lot of vibration.
Daniel Warfield
Blingy 510
black rims
Did you use POR-15 or just black paint for the control arms and springs?
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