How to Install Dual Brake Calipers

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Brake Calipers. Learn how to install dual brake caliper brackets and dual brake calipers as well as replace the differential fluid, replace the rear wheel bearing, and the replace the bearing seal on your car or truck. This process works on a live rear axle. I am prepping my drift car for this upcoming season by installing a dual rear brake caliper setup so I can use a hydro ebrake. 

How to Install a Hydro Ebrake:
How to Properly use RTV:
How to Flush and Bleed Your Brakes:

Again, thanks Advance Auto Parts for providing Carquest Wearever Professional Brake Parts for the rear of the DriftStang:
Brake Pads:
Rotors (2008 and newer models are painted):

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This is why I turn my notification bell on for your channel. I know you put a ton of work into your videos but wow dude, I am not sure who else saw how clean the suspension looked, all the painted parts, the calipers, etc... You go way above and beyond and that is why I love this channel! Your attention to detail is exceptional.
Good video and superb camera work and lighting
"In order to do this we need to take out this and in order to take out this we need to take out that and....." Omg dude, this is nuts. I applaud you. There is a lot of work and knowledge involved.
Paul Berger
the tube in which the axle is placed looks like the muzzle of a tank cannon; a wonderful sight to behold.
also, how did you clean up your suspension?
Tree Adamski
Do you have a brake video for 3/4 ton truck to help with trailer hauling? Or just better stopping power
should one change the blinker fluid at the same time?
C Perez
Hey I would like to see you painting the breaks caliber brackets please show us how to prevent rust
Austin Lyons
Where did you get the dual caliper brackets?
Frederico Laruccia
What did u use to remove all the rust from the metal parts?
Ahed Korokji
Kennedy 3895
Are dual break calipers okay to have on a daily driver or just recommended for a drift car?
Fat Guy with a gun
Would something like this work on a 2500 duramax for better braking power
I can't stand the smell of diff fluid it makes me cringe just thinking about it, for anyone who didn't know its like letting a whale decompose inside cat piss and then boiled
Spa-gooter Paster
where do u get the bracket from. I have a 94 mustang and its just like the one u have. i plan on using a hydro but i wanted to know where to find the bracket u used in the video. if u help i would appreciate it.
13:14 This "click" is so satisfying
brought to you in part by Auto zone ( get in the zone)
nate klaas
Hey Chris, another 1998 mustang gt owner here. I'm looking for the dual caliper bracket. Can you please tell me where you found one? I can't seem to find one. Thanks!
Johnny Smokestack
@ 7:20 "Always use lubricant." XD
Dylan Lewis
hey chris! love the videos.. i drive a sn96 and was excited to she you get a drift stang. looking to due my hydro. thats the best quality dual caliper bracket ive seen for our car. What brand caliper bracket is that?
Naseer Khan
very good.thank you
samuel selin
Very impressive paintwork on the brake calipers, done in only 0.2331 seconds.
Pro Tip: Never drive it in dry.
Evil Smile 邪惡之笑
painting the calipers will slow the car 0.0000001 times
Cesar Moreno
Could you do dual brake calibers on both the front and rear so you could lock the front to do mad burnouts and lock the rear for drifting?
Michael Dunn
Okay not being a older person there is a easier way to put the gasket on the rear housing . First put your Gasket sealer on the cover plate then stick the gasket to the plate let it dry and put it on. It is cleaner when you pull it off again, A rule of thumb is a machine surface. Meaning the housing cover surface is a perfectly smooth surface. It will seal better than the metal cover surface which is not machine, but stamped heavy sheet metal. So put the gasket sealer on the stamped heavy sheet metal to cover the imperfection's. and stick the casket to it. then you have a one piece system when your installing it on the axle.
OTG Phantom
I love long ratchets as much as the other guy but my oh my how I love a long breakerbar
quadfist69 quadfist69
Do you have to bleed the breaks after the install?
Anthony Heflin
I wish I was that optimistic about working on a car lol. I focus on the driving aspect not the mechanic work.
Saif Albalushi
hey that was a really great tutorial, can you make a tutorial how to convert the rear drum brake to a disc brake if its possible?
Pwedie Tarte
I don't have a car but I like to watch your video. You are a really good youtuber. :)
Tai Shane
I burnt my finger on a brake disc.

I'm probably the worlds most stupidest person on earth.
dude you gotta have your own show on tv very well done
Project G8
With a ratchet wrench, how can you tell how much ft lbs the bolt it at?
I just saw a 1950's video on Chevrolet and their removable axles and was wondering if they (or any manufacturer) still had axles that come out of the end. My 300zx has independent rear suspension and the axles can be disconnected at the diff. I'm guessing the axle removal from the hub area, is fairly common in solid axle vehicles. Am I right?
Turki Zee
how to know its 23 lbs/ft ?
Ying Han Tan
Hi, Chris
Do you have any drum to disc conversion video?
Your explanation is detailed! Thumbs up for ur video..
have you seen your monitization drop?
Jose Rosa
excellent video, very well trained!!
Mauricio Cruz
Hey Chris,are you a professional mechanic? Can u come to Florida and pimp my moms car with this stuff and repair it? 😂😂😂😂
James Mayy
Weld your dif
Ruby Rose
you didnt clean the brake discs?
Parimal Varma
(1) How can do the full conversion drum to disc brakes ?
(2). And I have a pull emergency brake.
(3) how can do?
Wilmar R Ramos G
chris green
where did you get the mounting bracket for the dual calipers?
why won't you get coilovers? aren't they suppose to be a must get
I use to make the wheel bearing seals
I wonder if a dual brake system for the front wheels would work ?
Armand Darmanto
marco bonilla
Wooow. So like does it brake better.
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