How to Install Dual Brake Calipers

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Brake Calipers. Learn how to install dual brake caliper brackets and dual brake calipers as well as replace the differential fluid, replace the rear wheel bearing, and the replace the bearing seal on your car or truck. This process works on a live rear axle. I am prepping my drift car for this upcoming season by installing a dual rear brake caliper setup so I can use a hydro ebrake. 

How to Install a Hydro Ebrake: COMING VERY SOON!!!
How to Properly use RTV:
How to Flush and Bleed Your Brakes:

Again, thanks Advance Auto Parts for providing Carquest Wearever Professional Brake Parts for the rear of the DriftStang:
Brake Pads:
Rotors (2008 and newer models are painted):

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This is why I turn my notification bell on for your channel. I know you put a ton of work into your videos but wow dude, I am not sure who else saw how clean the suspension looked, all the painted parts, the calipers, etc... You go way above and beyond and that is why I love this channel! Your attention to detail is exceptional.
Hi Chris
I have Crown Victoria With 19" rims. I want to replace my front brakes with a bigger one (2 or 4 pistons). I want to get a bigger radius size for the disc do that requires bigger caliber. Could you please tell me how to do that or you can send me a link for someone who had that before

make sure to tighten dem nuts xD
Austin Mosier
How to save $6000. Plus you make it so easy step by step it would be crazy to go to a professional unless you hate getting dirty and don't wanna do it yourself.
Advance auto parts is my favorite part store
Khalid Alataya
you are great man! thanks for everything
Marshall Webb
I love these videos. I'm doing a different job involving the differential on my '03 Mustang, and this video helped a lot! Here's to many more tutorials helping out rookies like me. 👍
Gonna be doing the same thing for my Nissan S12, but I'll be buying from the Villan's Network. Keep up the good work, my guy.
Darren Wood
hey buddy, will you be changing your diff gears at all? that would be a cool video to watch
Love your videos, but I'd be careful telling someone they should mess with their stock brakes with a splitter like that. The master cylinders in some vehicles are very precisely tuned for exact length of brake lines and fluid to fill each slave cylinder. Adding calipers without modifying your master cylinder may cause check engine lights or even cause your brakes to not work properly. Would hate to see someone get hurt following your advice. Again, huge fan and much respect for you Chris!!
Sully O'Donnell
Pls slam it and put camber
Isaac B
I turned on my notification bell because you make good mechanic videos and I appreciate you so much 👍🏼
Hey guys, next upload will be in 6 days! I'm so ready this time!
Joaquin Llamazares
Hi Chris, I hope you read this comment. My name is Joaquín, I'm 18 and since I found you channel on YouTube, I realized that what I like the most are cars. I really want to learn more, but I don't know how, or where to go. So I was wondering if you could tell me how did you manage to learn mechanics. Thanks for all the content, you're awesome, keep going with the mustang 😍
Marshall Collins
hahahahahahahaha hahahah yeah man haven't been in the channel for a while, and I remember all the haters having smug stuff to say..............Losers are still sitting in thier chairs while your still busy as hell. your a badass. love it
Joshua Stringfield
Hey, Chris. I love your videos. They're such great help and they motivate me to work on cars more. Would you consider making a video on how you go about shopping for all of the parts that you get? I don't trust eBay and amazon sellers with specific parts that I need. And dealerships charge a lot. Thank again for the help.
Abdul Rahman
from where you got your Rached
MP 23
Chris, can you make a video on how to fix cracked leather seats? I would be great if u could
I will probably never do this in my life. But yet I'am still sitting here watching this. I know why i subscribed
luis reyes
Do a Dent removal video 😭
sddsadsf sdsddsasadsdasadadsdsaasd
How can i get off soft touch from my interior door handles?
One of the most informative airs of hands on youtube =) thumbs up
ruth pair
Victor Sanchez
Man if I lived in the same city as you, I'd drop my car off to you without a worry in the world lol always a fukn badass great job dude! 👍 LONG time viewer here
Balla Diame
good good
george banuelos lugo
Exelent job on showing the way to double up on the calipers, however, i was thought to turn one side of the dif down for at least 45min, and switch to de other side, this way all the air in the dif pipes and axel is blead to the center of the dif, and you dont run a risk of running it with out enough oil all the way, hope this comes handy and make for a better job for all following the exeptionally good info on your videos, again exelent job, and THANK YOU for all the good info brought to us via your videos....
Weevil Gaming
Thanks ps my dad loves your videos
Thunderboy 1
Once again i learned something new :D thanks Chris
Neal Trent
Badge removal or blacking them out?
David Sean
Part number on that T fitting to tap into the factory brake line?
Weevil Gaming
hey Chris when is the next video coming out?
Hover board videos by Ferdous
Make a new Video please
Gah I love your videos but you take sooooooooo long to post new ones! tomorrow it will be two weeks since your last one 😭
Super99cinema 57
How old are you
The way he takes care of the Driftstang, he can sell it for more than full price.
راشد العجمي
شكراً لك شيء جميل ورائع
king satti
do a video on how to clean car from inside
2 mil special? Face reveal, behind the scenes, how you make these videos??
Matthew Kaai
chris, coming from your insta, thatdudeinblue has the same steering wheel and his snappes on his 240.
Matthew Kaai
1:58 umm.. passenger seat chris, Lol!
Danny Ortiz
what recording equipment do you use? do you add sound after recording? I hardly ever notice background noise.
james hulena
I've only been watching your videos for about a week now but i have learnt so much. I cant wait to see how the driftstang turns out, also I have one question, How did you learn all of this stuff? like are you a mechanic by day and a Bad ass by night?
Hammer Smith
I'm not sure if this has ever been done with a car but isn't it possible to put lockers on a cars diff? it should be possible
George Rabel
Hey again. Great detailed video. But I couldn't find how you plumbed up the new calipers. I'm considering it for my new car 32 ford high boy. I wanna run that "T" fitting to have dual calipers.
I...I...I don't know what to say, Chris, you're simply the best, I am in awe!
Shoaib Khan
im addicted.. its been 1 week. wheres the new video... ahhhh im losing my shit here.. checking everyday. plus make a video about how to import cars from other countries and things to care for.
Johnuel Rodriguez
saca mas videos
Jesper Ställberg
I love ur vids and i would like to see one on how to replace exhaust systems and preferably also the catalytic converter :)
Bong Ching
Why don't U upload much videos anymore ?😭😂😡
Robbyota 559
nice video once again. scary to see that you're running stock c clips and a open rear end. a Ford without a Ford 9-inch? Keeper the videos rolling, always enjoy them.
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