seb jak
Dumb americans LMAO
Andrew Madden
Some of these people have to have lines they are reading
Nothing new here. Trump's supporters in a nutshell.
Alaska is Russia
Michael T
Dumb-ass Trump voters. This country is doomed.
Great American!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
White people the jobs are there where are you???

California Farmers Backed Trump, but Now Fear Losing Field Workers
Nico Nunez
am i the only one that skips jimmy and goes straight to the ppl on the street 1:15
TheIllusiveDon fuck you and yo feelings
I thought niggers were dumb lol how did you crackers enslave them if you never had a brain
oh my god!, #MakeAmericaSmart(Again?).
that people voted and gave the Office to the most unfit man for the job.
kessa ria
thats so freaking scary!!!! there are so many retarded americans :OOOO
Who saw yoda and super man walk by in the background
2:28 I wonder if he got onto that train of thought by hearing "2020" and thinking about "hindsight is 20/20"...
I'm pretty sure Trump nuclear code is abc123.
Fred Bush
i cant understand why trump supporters are so dumb
Jessie Soul
They should've been asked "How do you feel about President Trump shitting on the Constitution after he was inaugurated?"
MAGA hats are he new dunce caps!
Mide Songz
How do you debate with facts with these people. I don't bother anymore, they are trolling you, themselves and everybody
I don't understand this blind zombie like loyalty to trump. These are the kind of people who would gladly drink the purple kool aid if trump asked them, sad
This is why the electoral college was created. They didn't trust the common folk with the see why 🤔😒
Isabel Rodriguez
Damn that mic looked heavy her hand was all over the place
Jillian Doyle
Just so everybody knows these people are the smelly tourists that invade our city all summer. They are NOT from LA and in no way represent us. All they do is talk crap about us then spend all their savings in our city while on vacay.
6 farm
I'm heavily left leaning but this seems like propaganda
Riona Sera
I'm still waiting for my damn Obama money and Obama phone.
M Jave
Was he saying we will do threesome😜with this chic🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♀️🙄 not again 🙄
Trumptards, the disgusting part of America.
salvador jacinto
Lily Rose
I really hope this is fake.
Thien Tran
El Tengo
What was it those leaked videos from CNN said about Trump and Putin? "It's a nothing burger"
Haha, you Libtards are hilarious, not to laugh with, but to laugh at.
Damn i'm with trump but these dumbfucks just accept information blindly, without even questioning the source. Uninformed utter dimwits.
Seth Pemberton
Trump Train
tell these guys big macs are a cure for diabetes, they'll love it
Duane Shields
A Trump hat and a Five Nights at Freddy's shirt. That guy lives in his parents basement.
Dee Nolan
Omg seriously can people be that dumb... this scares me ...
fake. nobody walks with a maga hat in hollywood. The left is too bigoted and will attack you on sight.
David Santana
This feels faked but I could be wrong.
Enigma ___
the more you mock Trump and calling him idiot... the more you sound silly ....because simply you guys just lost to a stupid person!!! which tells that no one bought your BS.
Richard the great
What a bunch of morons.
AllWellStudio ENT.
Jeez people are dumb😂😂😂
Matt Smith
lol actors
Steve Polychronopolous
Fake Trump supporters.
Eva V.
They just selecting not very bright people. And both parties got such a type of people supporting them... So it's not very wise to judge anything from this video
Lucas White
Maybe Jimmy can meet Putin. He would be the first truly important person he has ever met.
John Sader
Collusion... It happens
Books 101
This level of stupidity scares the hell out of me!
rosie mar
If Trump accidentally bombed an American school, some people would still be defending him
Shelia Ellison
wonder what they'll talk about today? oh, Russia again for the 900th day in a row, even though its nothing to discuss? Sure, why not
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