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It's time to break some recs! (records) 
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Aj MotoLife
Is this real?
imagine how many balls they must have brought up for that 500 ft toss and how many they lost cause of the insane bounce
Lalit Kaushal
you are amazing!!!!!!!
I broke the record with no record breaking for 13 years xD
Break your world records and make more
Darius El Sharkawy
Clive Stephenson
Sorry to break to dp big easy took 2 of is record
Marcin Tynus
This is avesome!!!!!!
Indian Warrior13
I can beat the record for most attempts taken to beat a world record
PurrfectPusheen XOX
mohammed mohiuddin
I wonder, how they met and made such a team.
Redpowerranger Powerrangers
This was amazing
gadde Venkatesa
Sollu .Nice editing
lukas Van Milligen
i have a world record
Swastik Panja
U people r nuts...... Da 533 ft basket...... I still dnt believe u ppl did dat..... U ppl r gods.....
Alan Mathew Alan Mathew
This guy's would surely get the Guinness world record for holding so many record
Tyler Danielson
All I have o say is... "WOW" you guys are AWESOME
beat beast
are these guys aliens?
The Social Pixie
Did anyone notice when Tyler was wearing that red shirt in the intro it was wet
Jackson Saice
what song was that?
Pilitmica Pateres
omg!! this is the best shooter ever! YOUR MY IDOL DUDE YOUR PERFECT!!
Alberto Pompeo
Claudia Hernandez
you guys are perfect how long did you practise damnit
They break records like nothin yet i cant even make a 3 pointer
( i can but barely)
Mister Meow-Meow
Dude, perfect.
Alex Bastos
This is just AMAZING!. OMG.
Jake Carry
Lol. The shameless promotion at the end.
Matthew Rob
How do you do this and dude perfect is awesome and sweet
Sam Gabriel
your awesome
Reyna De Avila
Some people think there shots are fake but think it's 100% real
James Garman
These are awsome guys. Also, I would be mad if someone stole my name from the world record.
Thelegendary Wolfgirl
Awesome!!!!!! Me and my cousin The I.J.T done one with my foot. You can see that video if u look on my channel👍🏻
Thomas Stratton
Wow 11 world records. they make it look so easy
Kuba Pajdak
I still can't believe it's not photoshop
trampoline was awesome
Bayou Mashup
I can break the world records for most homeworks missed
Like if you can relate
Nasir Gordon
Waw should be basket players in the NBA
Emre Pakur
music bei 5:57
Bob Likes Cheese
1:11 the guinnes world record guy's face like "damn"
Dog in trousers
Your Awsome
אדם באוסי
דבר חלש יותר
Its fake !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ragnhild Hoel
Nazi Penguins
Bonnie Kinsel
were do you live
6:06 The guy
Angelo De Guzman
Prautami Dwi Lita Sari
that amazing vidio
Саша Пряділя
Я плять с метра попасть в кольцо не могу, а они.../I can not get into the ring from the meter, but they ...
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