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It's time to break some recs! (records) 
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Kaushik Ghate
make a video when you are in the texas longhorns stadium
Philip Bourke
How come when I search up some of these records, these guys don't pop up?
Brandon Saavedra
I once held a world record for being the most youngest person in the world when I was born XD
Tech Gamer
Is it just me or does the building look like the world trade center
Video Mix
Too fake
Radar Man
Tai looked like he was gonna jump of the building.
Mcdonald Crane
these ninjas using mods and cheat codes
BryceVlogs Gilroy
And physics
BryceVlogs Gilroy
I sometimes feel like they break the system of life😂
howard baxter
Too bad the people from How Ridiculous recently beat y'all's record for highest shot recently at 593 ft. Y'all got to one up them now.
Kira Miller
I so you in tv
I'm kind of curious how they were able to measure the last shot
Lukas Vermeulen
Demand nevertheless shake endure condition flower administrative fairly hi session
puppyLover gaming
Wait they should do a water bottle flip on a building like if you agree! Or comment
who else know that they are 3rd richest youtbers
realy cool
Felix Berkan
yea they didn't let him talk and cody just snatched the plaque from him , but come on he just won a world record first try
Chris X
Who's watching in 2050?
Deka Channel
nice dude perfect :)
Mahan Motahari
Is fake
Titan Novelliano
501 feet?
AimanCG MalaysianGamer
r they even human? ○°○
Jalen Bezzal
It looks so easy. Is that real?
Jake Snyders
How many records do they hold now
Jake Snyders
They are so loud when they make a trick shot
manish ranjan
Ty is awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome
i dont believe that they have got that skills
manish ranjan
Awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome awesome
Karl Dawson
How are dude perfect not the number one YouTube channel they deserve more than pewdiepie
Xuankhanh Cung
Those tricks...?meh my brothers done better.
Annie Ryae Enriquez
Dude perfect do you have another chanel about vlogs
gayathri iyer
dude u r awesome 😁
Pie Lostportions
Where is Panda?
Sam Daman
I forgot Cody existed
Gamer 360
Dude you literally are PERFECT! Great video!
Who's scrolling down the comment looking for a person saying Mrbeast is better
Long Beard Skate
im mind blown all i can think right now is illuminati
shanty aprianti
Сколько дублей(попыток) было,что бы снять этот ролик?))Лайк.
Poging Gamer
This is so obvious(Wrong spelling)
Poging Gamer
Is this real. Cuz the man dont let then speak.
Mr beast is better
Jerry Durban
You guy are insane
Alex Star
This is mad!!!
Donald Trump
linda mendez
Fer Luis
Dude perfect podrian poner subtitulos en español? Porfavor ya que me encantan sus videos y me encantarian aun mas si pudiera saver que es lo que dicen 😂🙏
izn mokal
Generations of miracles are still better
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