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It's time to break some recs! (records) 
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Tcxszhakcqohwleet Cszanghdwiitzsch II
If I can just rent skills....
Kyra Surna
Wins the tallest shot

Jumps off roof
Ossian Nilsson
Dudeperfect haters, you can't hate on this, it's just to good XD
man genius
Are you kidding me??

Read more
Owen Tristan Flores
that was so cool no way
Ultimate Hope
On the roof, I was kind of expecting “World’s Highest Dunk. We only get one shot at this.” XD
Hanna Vic
Is this true?!?!?
Sofia Francine Arcega
Me: shoots 2ft and it goal so proud of my self
watches this video
Me: The FU..
Alija_ Šerić
These guys are hackers !!!
Beau Weber
Who thinks edudicator is a bit board
Mitch Lucker
The ball moved.
Luijie Ero
Pascal van Lammeren
how the fuck
Legend Matter
The record I can beat is the most retarded person in the world
yo tech
Cainkiller /MineStarMedia
This never gets old
Goutam Taparia
Must take them in the us basketball team
arasu dt
Max Clark
I almost have a world record and I'm 9
That last one wasn't certified tho, gonna call fake ;)
Asrizal Rizki Akbar
Thats real?
Not gonna lie, this was pretty fucking cool \m/
Why aren’t they in the NBA?
Virus_HD Richter
If it would be that Easy...
Bornalee Hatiboruah
These butches should be in nba
Second Singto_
Launchpad Master
World record for the most world record in one day 😂😂😂
All of them are dicks, didn’t even shake the judges hand
Phoenix Dude
Btw, I'm watching this in 2017 and y'all only hold like 4 of these records still. All held by Cody too
Anna Mikaella Quinones
I cant even shoot a basketball even tho im close to the ring
Stealth Ninja360
These guys are better then the actual NBA SuperStars
blind Panda
Is this photoshopped ?????
jesus miguel
They're mother-fucking boasting- giving it a dislike.
Sky Yang
This should have more views even though it already has 57 million
Cookieemoji Davenport
Omg you go coby
Big Chicken
Keith Nakanomi
DUDE PERFECT can you make more video and trick shot
Angel Cabrera
I can barely make a 3 pointer
egy Joe
Music Gamers
The must had bloopers
Joshua Tuller
I can beat the record of most youtube watched
UP 8512
how ridiculous went for 593 and succeeded
Yakoub Beddal
If you are watching in 2017 like
Indigo Ambrosius
But why do you have to have that annoying shit bro music?
Hound Wrath
They must be strong to have that b ball range
John Paul Cunningham
They also broke the world record for the most yea's and woo's
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