Star Trek: DISCOVERY - NEW Starship | NEW Klingons (Part 1/2)

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You want all NEW information on Star Trek: Discovery? Here is everything we know about DSC, including information on a NEW Starship, NEW crews, NEW Klingons, NEW logo, NEW uniforms, and NEW theme music too. Join The Final Frontier in Part 1 of our Star Trek: Discovery update - February edition.

For information on the NEW Klingon Starship, hit Part 2 of the DSC update:

NEW Music: 0:33
NEW Logo: 1:09
NEW Starship: 1:28
NEW Crews: 5:35
NEW Uniform: 6:43

Full music video:
TrekYards starship discussion:

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final frontier
You want a sneak peak at the new Klingon starship in Star Trek: Discovery? Hit the link to Part 2 of the DSC update: Hope you enjoy!
You blasphemer. Star Trek original theme is Da Bomb! :D
Tom Lemon
Klingons look crossed with the avatar blue alien chick disgusting, bring back worf!
Jody Lance
the first blue print ship so close to the ship on star trek online
Armen Kizirian
That ship looks awefull and I've seen the new klingons they look stupid they look like JJ Abrams rip offs
Mark Yancey
The new starship looks like a cross between the Star Fleet and Klingon designs. Star Fleet saucer and Klingon Battlecruiser engineering section.
Dreamcast 84
Enterprise theme song for the win (porthos)
Tino Trivino
DUDE!! THe Music begining is like Dallas!!!!! wtf!!!! Please:

- Dont make this series a kind of Texas Culture flick
- Dont mess around with the Theme which is already shit!
- Dont let Branon Braga produce or write ANYTHING!!!!
Good video.
Marsel Žižanović
Why do Klingons look like space Draculas?
Sorry buddy I shouldn't of send anything. If it makes you happy sing. In life as long as you're happy that's all that matters. Great video
Eliza May
I LOVED the first acoustic version of the Enterprise theme music - very organic, hopeful, human. It embodied to me the concept of venturing out into new and overwhelming territory - dreams and faith.
Mike D
I'm just gonna say it, what's with all the female leads? it feels forced. I'm tired of how pandering this is.
Mike D
I'm not impressed so far.
Sonny Burnett
Sorry, But I'm SICK of all the current T.V. Series having women in positions of authority. Yes, Yes, Yes! We get it. But enough is enough as they are so predictable, non smiling afraid to have a personality and just be a regular person. God forbid if they smile as it may make them look stupid or non intelligent. They have all the answers and men are never allowed to know more or even provide answers faster than the "in charge" women. So done with it all. I get it, women want to be respected and admired like there male counterparts and want to generally be allowed to play too. But other than Sam from Star Gate, women just don't come across believable as they are more like robots than people. So with that in mind, if Star Trek shows up with women running everything I'm hitting the warp button and heading for another galaxy. I want entertainment not politically correct T.V.
William Kopko
I hope q makes a return
Victor Fatalys
So we have the prequel of, not the original TV shows, but the rebooted universe, where the Klingons don't look anymore badass but more like huge pile of crap.

I'll pass thanks, wkae me when the DS9 and VOY remastered HD version are released in bluray (TNG blurays are Awesome, fellow trekkies, you must get it !)
Had to subscribe, hope the outro is standard !
A Great Analysis Segment almost ruined by the singing [almost] ;-)
Chuck Just Chuck
I began this Trek 50 years ago. Nice to see it continuing on...
rochelle Crump-mcnulty
Saw the trailer, opinion hasn't changed.

Also, hurting the show is the pay to play feature of CBS is a real downer in my opinion.

I'm a life long trekked, but for the reasons I have given; this is one journey I won't be going on
rochelle Crump-mcnulty
This is getting worse and worse
Billy McAuliffe
the ship looks like shit as if it's been raped by a Klingon ship
Chris Davies
The music sounds very similar to Galaxy Quest.
Crystal Gibson
I'm sorry but I could do alot better choosing the actors for the roles.
Jonathan J
Well, considering Bryan Fuller is out and a TV Exec is micro managing it. Expect a whole lot of graphic and character design (Klingons and Romulans) to look like it came from the Kelvin Universe. The designs are going to come from the marketing department not the Star Trek Universe. We are on a roller coaster ride boys and girls.
I want to see a Daedalus-class in the new series somewhere I don't care if its in a boneyard or in dry dock I want this class to finally be made cannon once and for all
Lou Ferrao
I just think this new show is so confused. How the hell can the wire art ship be bigger than a Constitution class? Then why even build a Constitution class in the first place? It saddens me to say this but I am not anxious to see this show. I love Trek, but CBS/Paramount have completely lost their minds with recent productions of Trek.
Adam McLaughlin
The Shenzhou looks a lot, lot better than the disgraceful mess that is the Discovery, but it looks like it is from the Voyager era.
Ben Willock
I'm sorry but "Faith of the Heart" is iconic. If you don't like it thats your perogative but objectively its a great theme song for Enterprise.
Chris Morris
I like the casting of James Frain. Really looking forward to this series.
Could you also improve the cgi?
Musta Kahvi
Does anyone know when this is actually coming? Some sites say this month, some say later in summer or fall of 2017 and some sites say delayed indefinitely. And specifically when it premieres on Finnish Netflix (if there any Finn Trek fans out there)?
Glad it's set after TOS, though!
guy tremblay
it won't make it if they set it ten year before the enterprise from the original series , people are tired of prequels to the original series they want future ones like 2 centuries after Voyager. there is somany times that you can explore to old concept of the old series bases on an old fan base before all the old fans die out and they are pretty much there folks
Nils Elfson
Lol! Have you noticed the abbreviation for the series will be STD? xP
Dwain Morris
nothing wrong with old theme music especially from the movies
Mark Mejia
BEANERS - Ordered to remain on Earth and Pick Lettuce - No Beaners Allowed On Spaceships Whatsoever... Starfleet Now Bathing In White Privilege
Mark Mejia
Racism.....No Hispanics Allowed...
Zachary Weichert
Well at least this will make Enterprise look like a masterpiece 😂 though I did like Enterprise in all honesty. Was interesting to see how Starfleet was formed.
Paul Smith, DS
Who's going to watch it? I for one can not its on cbs streaming subscription only.
When is the fucking show going to air????
Richard Hollonds
What's the Stardate ?
Latent Gamer
Do you mean COM officer? Like Uhura? The Communications Officer?
LOVE THE NEWS!!!! Very informative.... Keep up the good reporting!! :-) Mike in Los Angeles, Calif, USA
Internet Omatic
The discovery looks like a classic era romulan bird of prey
Fuzzy Duo
Star Trek: Discovery........ because Disney threatened to kill us if we didn't ruin the franchise for good.
Losttime Urban Anime Comics
still sucks
Mojos Bigstick
And hello to Jason Isaacs.
Mucho bla bla bla de este cuate con ese ingles pura mierda
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