Denzel Washington Dramatically Reads Greeting Cards

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Denzel Washington and Jimmy take turns giving extremely dramatic readings of standard greeting cards.

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Denzel Washington Dramatically Reads Greeting Cards

And the Oscar for best greeting card reading goes to...
I know he is an American actor but, why does he look like the President of the United States?!
Melos Mulliqi
Damm Denzel was hyped.
Miljan Djukanovic
I didn't see that coming.. Bitch! :)
Skeezix TheKing
"King Kong ain't got shit on me". One of my favorite all time
eddie ruiz
Staff rider travel Indian indication include widely risk jacket front.
Melia Thacker
god damn Denzel is fucking hilarious. 💖
Luana Lima
Lindo, mesmo não entendendo nada do ingles
Chrono Mitsurugi
I'm sorry, but I don't like Jimmy Kimmel. this would have been better with just Denzel.
sugar rush
5:36 omg Jimmy 😂
Alexander Nilsson
Make a movie about Obama and let Denzel play Barack.
I can't figure out why, but I respect Denzel sooo much. he's just cooooool as hell.
I wish Denzel was my uncle!
Said Alhayek
Denzel is just on a different level
Nathaniel Brown
Yall hear that play on D'Angelo's Brown Sugar in that outro? Yeah see you Questlove!
Maurice Williams
I will act.
As a viewer hailing from Wisconsin, the second Denzel card pleases me.
Cookie Gee
I love all you do 😘
T Jay
that's right y'all gone had and Walk away because I'm gone burn this motherfucker down king Kong ain't got shit on me
Json Coding
if denzel was my father i would be the most awesome person in the world
too bad my father is jamaican now ican only be the secon most awesome person in the world.... thanks dad
Johansen Smith
How Danzel Washington is similar to mydad even my father was born in December . In 2010 my father pass away. missing you great father!
Alberto Correa
let me tell you.fallon have take this show to another level.
Reyes Milton
denzel es el puto amo
Christopher Smith-Thompson
Jasmine Taylor
My old history teacher reminds me of Denzel, they're hilarious. 😂😂
Faye Buckley
...bitch. 😂😂👍
That last one though 😢😢😂😂😂😂
is he drunk lol
Denzel is the best. He's lift af man!
Whats the outro song? I know its roots but whats the song?
EbonyJè _
The long.....awaited......bitch. 😂
Varun .G.Pillai
Denzel and Chris Waltz ! Heros of my Movie.
MissStarr Tx
he pulled his glasses from his sock.
Ashley Saenz
linda debnam
Love it lol Denzel Washington Rrrrrrrrr..
shontel braxton
Not only is he talented and cool but he's also hilarious😆😄 never knew.sigh just love him
Alex Nova
I thought he was going to use that same voice he had on training day .... I stand disappointed
Kai Alexandria
"And you look happier, sexier and in better shape than ever..........bitch"
ever so casually lmao
جيمي مخنث خرب ام المقابله الزق
Igor Pavlov
Not this time, Denzel, I love you but not this time. I couldn't even finish this video
He's Not one of the best actors .. HE IS THE BEST!!!❤️ He makes everything great and such a great human being
Nidia S
He's so handsome! Love him!!! Best actor EVER!
Tonia Gibson
Denzel is getting chunky. I love it.
shelly amor
Last one was good
Wolta Dunk
Hicory Dock
I found this unfunny
عبدالله المبارك
Anyone knows the music sound name ?
Jackie Orellana
Hilarious 😂
Cee Bee
good stuff but I wish denzel would have mimicked some of his more well known roles in his movies
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