Denzel Washington Dramatically Reads Greeting Cards

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Denzel Washington and Jimmy take turns giving extremely dramatic readings of standard greeting cards.

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Denzel Washington Dramatically Reads Greeting Cards

Kiya Xiyana Von Der Eretein
Kaleshe Alleyne-Vassel
Liked before watching
Tenisha Jonece
look at this thespian...
Juan Hernandez Nunez
danzel, one of my favorite actor for too far
Denzel is an asshole of the highest degree.. he viciously verbally attacked a female Australian reporter for absolutely no reason .. she was very nice and professional. He's a real jerk.
Эппл Самсунгович Хуавей
Класс! Дензел молодец.
That's funny... Denzel Washington has white leg(s) 0:48
Denzel is high af
Jakie Chan
The BITCH at the end got me!
Am I the only one that thinks the 'dramatic music' sounds like worship music? Seems like I've heard it before 😂😂😂
the lighting lol
Kevin Shade
Denzel is n1.
Nour Imam
...........Bitch 😂
Extra Fabulous
Is it any wonder. Denzel is a Shakespearian actor in the most technical of sense.
Hes someone i would love to meet along with Alan Alda and others!
He could read the stocks report and make it emotional!
Denzel's on cocaine
Xavier Blanc
Does anyone know what's the song starting at 6.14 please ?
Denzel was horrible until that last one...probly allowing Jimmy to shine a little.
larry oneal
Is it wrong that I kind of got chills while Denzel was reading. Denzel has always been one of my favorite actors.
Jameea Gibbs
love the back ground music💖
Michelle Miller
Ira Jose
yup one of the best many of his movies you can atleast watch 2 times or more?
Mr Washington i hope you will make a long time films. I'm not a person who fast is impressed by actors but you are on top off my list. Others should take an example off you. Gr From Holland (the Netherlands)
Happi Larry
Does he shave?? There's no hair on his legs? XD
I love denzel so much xxx
Jesse Cruz
How do you even dislike this ?!?!?!? Like seriously it pisses me off I love this man 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Kung Blao
Denzel could read the Nutrition Facts on a bag of pretzels and make its sound oscar worthy.
Yolanda Salazar
denzen! !!! lo amó !! es el mejor actor y lo mas bello! !!!♥♥♥♥♥
nicki ruby
lol he's the man
Madina Steele
I LOVE LOVE LOVE Denzel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Roja Dashty
Does anyone know where I can get that last card about "a picture of a dog" lol?
Jean Sthilaire
The keyboard in the background though
Denzel Perez
My name is Denzel
Numb Nuts
Imagin #Denzel sayin "Thanky Thanky Bo-Banky, Banana-Fana Fo-Fanky, Me-Mi-Mo Manky...Thanky" in #Training-Day Mode!!!
Michael Burnett
Denzel Washington God bless you God loves you and I love you I pray you can pass this message on to all other celebrities that God loves them and I love them and I pray daily for everyone and I love everyone God bless you Denzel May the love of Christ feel your heart and life for all you do for so many you are loved God bless in Jesus Christ name amen
Hosea Taylor
david bowling
that was fantastic
Marnosh Mikaeel
This dude is funny
Marnosh Mikaeel
This dude is funny
Osama Valentino Khan
Sir Denzel, you are a legend. See you at work ;) My favorite actor.
the last one was epic
sahilis rondon
lol omg hahaha
Paris Fuller
I need him to become immortal so that he can play every part ever.
Rabin Miguel
shut up jimmy, let the master do his thing
The Truth
I thought he was going to read them more seriously. That would have been fucking funny.
Sean Dolan
"My niggah" Denzel Voice
Greg L
Denzel is one the best. but this was dumb.
It's so weird to see Denzel funny which shows he's such a great actor on screen
I love Denzel
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