Denzel Washington Dramatically Reads Greeting Cards

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Denzel Washington and Jimmy take turns giving extremely dramatic readings of standard greeting cards.

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Denzel Washington Dramatically Reads Greeting Cards

Matt Lainson
Denzel is one of my favorite American Christians. Great guy, Great Spirit. God bless him.
Serial Delphine
pourrait on avoir les sous titres en francais, s'il vous plaît ? merci.
Abdulraheem Alyousufi
how comes that Denzal has only two Oscars !
yassine benmohamed
many today consider Denzel an icon, but he is nothing compared to Sydney Poitier.
Fleur Maes
ocean anybody know smarter than this vewtion . .
black legend
Omg great
Phoenix Bai
I love Denzel, real performing artist!
I'm off to watch Training Day. Later suckas
dj kay
mah man
Haske Hoefz
That roots outro on every video, is there a full version of it? Or is it from a song?
Teddy Stevens
Skirt protein pen correlation alone begin top situation.
Sports Videos
Denzel will be remembered for his movie training day forever and ever. Best actor period.
maroon 5 behind the scenes
my name is denzell but with 2 L
Samuel James
I legit thought Denzel was going to teach Jimmy a life lesson.
southsyde Sasha
Denzel is fine as hell, dayum😋
ernesto marconi
a tarzan movie
Jean Michael
Denzel is such a theater geek! Lol One of the HARDEST things about acting is letting LOOSE and freeing your self into the character. Of course there's a lot of technical aspects involved but as beginner actors/actresses that's the biggest obstacle starting out.
Frederick Weeks Jr.
At 5:58

mouth dropped.... whoa
kang san
how the fuck is he even still on the media ,,,and covered in celebrities news ,,i mean a lot of ppl get their entire career ruined for photos in social media and stupid simple stuff ,,,on the other side he s allowed to make offensive ,mindless homophobic remarks all the fucking time without even facing the back lash he deserves that s Totally annoying TV
love him
i love denzel! his last one was the best lol
Debra Thompson
I needed a laugh 😂😂😂
Fallon looks quite intimidated by Denzel
Liz Kerr (redspice55)
I didn't want to laugh, but I'm sorry, I couldn't help myself. Now my face hurts.
Dennis B.
Please. Denzel can't act to save his life. He comes across as the exact same person in every movie.
Fawze Abdelftah
What's that device on his back 2:05 ??
Denzel Washington made.
Azl Mcl
Em Quest
if it were up to me i would sit down with denzel for a nice round of arts and crafts. then we would exchange our crafts and kiss for a minute. then i'd uncuff him and turn him loose.
why the hell he keeps his glasses down there? XD
Lucas Davies
Heya silly Anyone see smarter than this result"rpfl...
Rana Daggubati
this is 9 times, i m watching this b-caz the way he said BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! kotak of m fav actor...................
I wonder if he reacts the same way reading through scripts
James Grace
Denzel Washington is my favorite actor of all time
Lol yes
Ivan Casas
Patricia carvallo
My teacher knows Denzel Washington lol
jill scottman
One of the best ? THE BEST ACTOR PERIOD
Sandra Quinones
Greg Bryan
I'm just here so I don't get fined.
Taj Cameron
Incredible talent and hilarious as well.
I seriously don't remember him getting an award for best actress. If he didn't then he deserves one 100%
Hà Lê
I was like "why so serious?", and then "bitch"! Hahaha =))
daniel higgins
cool brother
Mark Evers
Now the "bitch" and the "glasses drop" are gonna be memes...
Ted dibiasi
in 2018 his new film "Barack" will be released!
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