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Thank you, lil pissants!


Bob Ross
She ate cerial out of a bra
Paper Jam
When she's shows the pictures of Donald trump 🤣🤣🤣
Amy Chen
how did i watch an hour long documentary as an ad before this??????
Ellie Hocking
The Donald Trump ones are 100% true!😂😂
Eve M33
I hate when someone says something sad and I get something in my eye. They think I'm crying. It happens every time 😂😭
Camryn Faucette
What makes me angry is that it wasn't actually 20 things 😡 nah I'm jk ❤️ you Liza
Liza : 6th thing! *shows Donald Trump*
Me : AHHHHHH!! ITS SATAN!! *breaks screen*
Sister : what's happening? *looks at video* omg...AHHHHHHH!!
Brother : it's just Trump, he would make a amazing president!
Me : *gives death stare* RUN! CAUSE IM GONNA KILL YOU!!
Shreya Dass
1st one, so true
Rorie Beard
Love you Liza!
Jyotsna Bajpai
I miss the old Liza 😭
Mia Ruiz
I laughed so hard after the handshake/hug thing😂😂 I still can't breath😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Marina Plays2
The add one got me
Gold Makoa
lovee u lizzza
Scotty Scott
Can you post a vid about all of the positive comments
We don't have a chick fil a near where I am. We usually go to chick fil a when we go to the airport. We usually travel on sundays. That makes me angry
Clodagh Brady
hope da hotel im going to has wifi so i can watch my little brown gurl
Miku Hatsune
I feel ya Liza Donald Trump us a jerk and a racist dumb dumb
paul grant
I'll tell you three things that get me angry: 1. Someone takes my food, I bought that was expensive. 2.Someone hits or shouts at me for NO REASON. 3. When you IN LOVE with something and someone breaks it. They know their dead meat, But they say: I'll get you a new one. But its SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Expensive and you know they can't pay it and when someone does a bad pun.
Andrea Brier
"when you have nothing to put in your bras" I feel the same way girl
...When the "Ad" came on, I was like..."I HAVE ADBLOCKER HUNNY NOICE TRY" xD
Melanie Hernandez
I thought the bounty commercial was real but it was the vid
Řãvëň Rïvèrtøñ
2:40 Am I the only one who thought she said Ethan and thought of the Dolan Twins 😂
Amira Abdullahi
make more videos of ur younger self they are hilarious please
Aaliyah Davis
you are in mdea boo movie
Aimee Elledge
I watched freakish with my mom and the day after we got done watching it a chemical explosion happened downtown

Hand to boob? You have no boobs liza xx
Haley Gilmore
Liza literally predicted my future at 1:26 a bug actually flew in my eyeball wtf SHES THAT SO RAVEN
cara walker
Chick-Fil-A on sunday? I dont get it.
Dbz fan Bob Lazuli the beyblader
I hate when I can skip 10 second long ads but not 30 second long ads
SaltehFox xoxo
I hate when people edit their own comments.
Nadia Khan
Anya Chaput
Right after she played that add I had a different add play right after that it was the stupid Siri app LOL
Kittysushimeowington I love cats :3 #LizaKoshy4Life
Flies are the worst...
Tori Thomas
I thought that the swifter was an add! Like if you did to!!
chloehughes xx
This is funny😂
Katie Boesch
Miraculous Dork
The add part lmaoooo😂😂😂😂
Nanulak_Gamer 266
Bro, I LOVE Donald Trump 😐
Ryan Nelson
Anyone else looking at lizas right eyelighner it is uneven and I can't stop looking at it
I lost it at "Oh my God I'm flying"
unicorn pineapples
This vid is so funny I always watch her when I am sad I feel a bit better now
Katie Fletcher
When she played the advert I thought it was just a coincidence but she did it on purpose 🤦‍♀️
Christy Ragbir
Your so funny liza
Everyone one who disliked this video I think there phone was upside down
Kitcat Lovecat
Liza:Omg I'm flying

hooga pooga girl
Liza is on freakish
Alyssa Galaxy
That ad timing tho I think she did that on purpose
cupcake hummies
Collab with ryan higa
Danielle McIntosh
My wifi sucked while I was watching this video so that loading circle freezing thing made me angry.
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