James Bro
They have to find if this is true or false
kc real
watch my video and I'll tell you what's real
tnt mac
I haven't heard a Trump/Russia story in 2 weeks!! What's going on?? I'll tell you where it's gone, CNN realized that there is nothing there, so they invented this new outrage over Trump's Charlottesville comments. All the lemmings, including these bimbos, have fallen in line, again.
Thana Edwards
Why don't we ask Ted Danson what smells funny.
catanzaro copperhead
the price is right is on during the view watch the price and you will have a better day none of these hens have degrees in politics they are poisoning our society
Absolute Insanity. The United States of America is the Barnum and Bailey Circus.
PM Cornell
thank you Whoopi these people are idiots. Trump tweets from his bedroom and says whatever he wants without being censored or even spell checked.
Peter Cousins
The Russians are taking over, they have infiltrated the White House and we are all watching this play out. What happens when the president is a Russian spy?
Justin Mevee
It just doesn't matter, We the people are still gonna go to work everyday. The people in power DO NOT CARE!!!! WE PAY THEIR EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE ARE ALL DUMB
Law broken: U.S. Code › Title 18 › Part I › Chapter 45 › § 953
Mark Russell
I'm still waiting on you to move to Mexico !
David Breen
Trump is just a moron. How the F did he get elected. I never liked him. Trump running for President is just proof he'll prostitute himself for anything.
Dennis Janda
Whooped wouldn't exaggerate anything about a Trump, would she ???
Ari Goldstein
Time to move on from this nothing burger.
Jörg Fritze
Who sold 20% of US-Plutonium to the Russians?
Who was paid 500K for a speech in Russia (ok, it was called Question and Answer), and got a `Thank you`-call from Putin?
Who was paid 140 M$ (just a small donation to the honorable Clinton Foundation with no intention, but doing good;))?
Allejulia Reams
This is all a ploy of the slimy leftist to keep the news on anything except THE SEXUAL TRAFFICKING of Clinton/Podesta/Epstein. Attorney Sessions take these evil sexual perverts down and lock them up.
Unfortunately Donald Trump supporters have no clue on what it takes to run a country.They practically give real fuel to the fact that this country was,in fact built on lies,deceit,hypocrisy and whatever unfair practice that follows...How long are they going to play the Hillary email card..Give it a break people..she's not the one we have to worry about now !!
Buzz Bean
I love that she calls him Fredo! 😂 Unfortunately for America it's probably not that far from the truth!
She forgot to explain that the Russian attorney is as connected to Putin as Russian dressing.
Mueller prosecuted Enron and his team will find that Jared's digital organization, worked with Russia, to target districts to sway votes against Clinton. I'm neither Democrat or Republican but this legally is voter suppression. thus , Trump won , illegitimately. Pence is complicit and aware. So Trump did not win the election - what is the legal recourse?
Darrell Fulton
Henry Dawkins
the view slits don't know what they are talking about.
Rhyno Souris
Donald Trump Jr: So let's be clear. Dad gives Vlad the launch codes for the 5th fleet, and in return he'll hack the DNC servers?

Natalia Veselnitskaya: Correct. Also The Donald to fire James Comey. Vlad not liking him.

Donald Trump Jr: Not a problem. Anything else?

Natalia Veselnitskaya: Yes. Get rid of moose and squirrel. They always to foiling us.

Donald Trump Jr: Done. Now, about those orphans
Disgusting show all they do is talk crap. They no nothing about politics. Hateful women.
I'm starting to think that the producers of this show are right-wing. Putting these 2 fat dumb clowns on stage to embarrass themselves..(Joy, Whoopie)
Yuriy The loader
Does the monkey have the right to speak in our country?
Can junior be really that stupid to release those emails. lmao
this is clearly the act of treason .
steve buch
One name for the racist Whoopi Goldberg, Roman Polanski. Polanski is a movie maker who admitted to drugging and sexually abusing a 13 year old girl at Jack Nicholson's home who fled the country to avoid sentencing after he was already found guilty. Whoopi has no credibility when she defends child abusers and rapists. Period.
Vikrant Subakade
hillary campaign colluded with ukrainian govt officials too
lock em both up!
hector yedra
These are more fake news !!
These bunch of haters snakes miss lead the info to the viewers .
Trump is the president of the USA.
Christian ayala
stupid liberals still trying to find collusion, i swear u guys are worthless and brain dead! MAGA! WE ARE WINNING ! TRUMP PENCE 2020
Geral Hammonds
For some reason i want to grab Whoopi by her feet hold her upside-down and use her to mop the floor.
The view is a joke
James Lynn
Ok. This isn't journalism. This is Hollywood gossip. Whoopi needs to stay out of politics and stay in the comedy zone. Because that is all you and your comedy gang are good for. Lol.
c king
trump jr should go to jail...for a 100 years...10 years for treason and 90 years for being stupid. trump jr. is so incredibly stupid.
Floyd Schneider
To funny. What morons. Rob Goldstone is a PR guy. Woppi belongs in insane asylum
kara bella
New York Times called Don Jr to tell him those emails will be published by them and he sent them out first to be "transparent".
kai geddes
I am so sick of Russia being vilified -- it's ridiculous!
Samantha Nickson
trump jr. released the emails because the NYT was scheduled to expose him and run the story in their paper, so he released the emails himself to beat NYT to the punch, say he was being totally transparent, spin his yarn about the collusion efforts in hopes that repugs will still support his felonious acts. they do.
Justin Huang
Or maybe a news outlet said they were going to release it, and Don Jr. decided to reveal it himself to get out in front of the story
Rich Ə Wrych
just like the actor Matthew McConaughey said in the movie , a time to kill, and the comedian DL Hugley said,....

now Imagine if Trump were black
Imagine if Obama did all the things Trump is doing
jr. only put it out the day the NY Times asked jr. for comment on the emails they had. NY Times were putting it out at 11 am...so jr. put it out minutes before NY Times were publicizing the emails. EVERYONE knows this!
jenny jenny
Donald Trump Jr 2020 President. He will take over white house. trust me
Rain Walker
The New York Times smartly forced HIM to release the email, so that they knew for sure they were genuine.
The treasonous traitorous anti-American republican party. Pulling America down from within.
Antonio Barnes
this is not a shock they're all need to go!!!!
Eric Johnson
So what if Russia support Trump. Saudi Arabia supposedly supported Clinton. Whoops do. What a bunch of exonophobes. I thought the conservatives are afraid of foreigners. Why are you afraid of Russians? You gals are idiots
Eric Johnson
These women are dumb as rocks. Why did Loretta Lynch DOJ approve of this Russian lawyer with a "special visa" into the USA? Trump jr met this lawyer less than 20 minutes after realizing no dirt on Shillary Clinturd. The View is the most boring show ever
Sandra Molnar
Well, Whoopie, you were wrong. You ladies should stop trying to be clever. Donnie had to release it because the media had a copy they were going to release. You didn't think of that. He is involved in a conspiracy and he is not a kid. He is 39 years old. He' s almost middle-aged.
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