Rylan McDowell
this is really sad!
what year did start open the animal advendure park?
HEY It's Annika!!!
Good bye April😒
jean loew
Is this a tape
genice ballew
These are not current video's. Where's the baby? Have they already stopped streaming????
Heather Robinson
It is cold outside.
A guy gamer
if you love them let them GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
ilay tertman
Sharon S
Do they ever induce labor for animals? That baby is looking way too huge.
Sandie Williamson
Please clean her area.
Sandie Williamson
I don't know why people are getting impatient, they don't have to watch. Prayers to April'
7mona7 7mona7
she is rubbing heads with the other giraffe
7mona7 7mona7
lol she is bumping the door a lttle. This time yesterday they opened it so she could go out. She just walked in and out but did not stay out
Seith Le Marseny
These animals are treated so badly. #sad #letthembefree #wildanimals
Jenny Tanner
I saw her tummy moving around yesterday
silent_death320 harambe
they must be stopped
Rylee Belcher
I wonder of she is even pregnant?
shan r
Why can't I find the official live feed? πŸ™
joanne daniels
How tall is April
Emily's Favorites
Stacy Gilomen
Maryalice Russo
She really is a magnificent creature
Eileen Huettl
Is there any volume???????
Albino Viper
is this the first ever Giraffe born in captivity?
Nicola Smith
The guy giraffe seems concerned for April; saw them rub their heads together over the mutual open upper section; very touching
Genni Jarrett
is a way to induce labor
YOO GO GET THEM I.Cs why are we watching Geoffrey for. GET THOSE LOYALTIES AND SQUARE TRADE :O
Christine Flint
Bad news guys, snow is coming again. Cold wet snow delays outdoor play. Sorry frisky Oliver. I
Π”Π°ΡˆΠΈΠ½ ΠΊΠ°Π½Π°Π» БыстрыС Π·Π²Ρ‘Π·Π΄Ρ‹ My little Pony
Very cool video!!!! You layk and subscription!!!!! Localista to Come and visit us
Jeff Somers
Jeff Somers
It is fake
Last Noobs
this is terrible sorry I am demented
LInh nguyen
can anyone explain to me wats the deal with this giraffe giving birth? like why is everyone so interested in this? wats the deal? i saw this trending on YT so im confused
Peggy Taylor
For who ever corrected me, Thank you. was unaware she was New York.
You want actual FACTS...go to the right sight, not the sites that is STEALING the Live Copyrighted Video Stream.
AprilTheGiraffe.com is the ONLY OFFICIAL site. AAP DOES NOT have Live Chat during the day. So you may THINK you are talking to AAP...BUT YOU ARE NOT.
Mark Haywood
did vet come in
Just wanted to let Admin know that reporting Jordan Animals for copyright violation only succeeded in getting them to change their name. They are now .....ready for this ....Animal Adventure Park US so they're stealing your name as well as your feed. Just reported them.
Vanessa McAfee
What is the name of the Vet? Tim? Seems like I saw a comment that said he had his own FB page?
Ship Creek
I just unsubscribed. I cant stand watching them in those tiny rooms continually walking back and forth. Im sure she ll be insane before the calf is born.
Shari Beil
April is a Couger β™‘β™‘β™‘ she's 15 & he's 5 β™‘β™‘β™‘
C Beck
That door should not have been open today. The high was only 58 & that was in the sun. Anything under 65 these animals risk hypothermia. They do not warm up like you and I do if they get a chill from a draft. They had that door open way too long
Ruth Moore
I thought we were going to get morning and evening and sometimes vet reports. Did I misunderstand? I got the part about labor starting and birth notice is that all?
Donna Weeks
Is this the live feed if not how do I find it
Madam Elizabeth
this is a fake page
Lord fartamor
I'm tired of this beingon the trending page
Shirley Cox
They had her door open today and she just went to the door for the sunshine on her. She would not go outside. She is not very sure footed right now and she stays in where it's safe for her and her soon to be calf.
I. Roy
Not live!
Steve Paul
Whenever I see her legs spread apart and that tail extended out, I say to myself "HERE WE GO!!!"
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