Jestem Wszędzie
Kto z Polski
Khurram Siyal
Mera ko baaut coca cola my favorite
little angel OMG
I like your vidio
كل شي وكلاشي
شل غباء حطيت s8قبل 19 دقيقه من ايفون7بلاس
Charlotte Berthier
Bimo Adi
this experiment crazy bung
Zendé Kiekens
The galaxy is better than the iphone ! I have 1 galaxy j5 gold he is very good...
salah chable
Suman Das
Josh Jordan
Are you giving the Phones away
Turkish Punch
Samsung S8+ I love This Phone Man !!!
Çokmu zenginsin yani bari bir tanesini bana verseydin I am gram Turky speak turksh
That how my friend lips look like at 3:30
Orospu çocukları
Yapılır mı lan bu telefonlara
Ericx Top03
That Ducati!
Mitachul Jannah
wowwwww amzing
Léna Szalontai
The iphone 7 pluss is rosegold?
You should drop them in a shit filled toilet because reality
Not that fair as you should have poured the coal out first then dropped the phones in at the same time as that few seconds might have made all of the difference
Sh Fawad Plz see this
Ish Leon Lion
Both are great phones
Abeel Choudry
Try with dry freezing with iPhone galaxy and Google pixle
Yo tengo el IPhone 6😋
Parth Bedse
Wastage of money and time
Parth Bedse
Give me your iphone or samsung galaxy s8+
nurhawa gassing
bo singgel
Ah Da
U are just wasting your money
Spencer Luu
How many Samsung vs Apple wars have there been in the comments btw I'm on team Samsung
Peters_ TvChannel
Wow pretty cool
Daffa Pratama
nice coyy
Dan The brick
fuck you
yafis vlogs
I have samusang s8+
yafis vlogs
Me da um iPhone
ChrisJ Fox
Hot water would be a very practical test imo...for the off chance that someone spills hot coffee/tea on their phone.
Around The-Word
For some reason these videos are relaxing
Karim Khalid
Please do the same test with the iPhone 8 or 8 plus please
Leandro Mendes
Hello apple pro
Leandro Mendes
No everything sansung pro
ALexis amaye
You got phones to waste can you send one to 620 North 16th Street Palatka Florida
Peshawa Sean
Hey cocacolA Hey siri Pliz
uri delgado
estupid men
lava hound lord
acıdım lan telefona
Gabriel 70
Me da o s8
More Hannah TV
Did anyone else notice the British ok!!
More Hannah TV
Biggest fan❤️❤️❤️
Md Ahmed
I phone 7+ best
Suzy Siviter
Can you test it in acid?, always dropping my phone into acid by accident.
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