Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus vs iPhone 7 Plus Coca-Cola FREEZE Test 15 Hours!

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Can Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus or iPhone 7 Plus Survive Being Frozen Solid in Coca-Cola? -35°C Freezer for 15 Hours!

Liquid Nitrogen vs S8:
S8+ vs 7+ DROP Test:
S8+ vs 7+ WATER Test:

Ali Mohammed-Ali
Matt 3sty
Meli potevi regalare
naser shafi
When you are sponsored by iphone,samsung and coca cola
suyog chhatre
Of course this is insane yet he wanna show how hard both phone can survive n how strong they hv built.
Vinay Gireesh
how are they still alive
Sf Fs
6 s and s7 de aynısı miror
Ana Amorim
Men crazy Ho my good
Burak Bilik
bana ver o telefonlari
allin ghozali
#erikathaynara # Silva
Emveisde vcs estragarem esses celulares menda um
Christina AG.
"Good luck and good night", sounds like the Dying Light haha
havvanur aydın
Samsung candir
Provat Alam
it is an greate video✌
Provat Alam
Jazky Pratama Pratama Jazky
lose samsung s8
Cihan Ertaş
gemer fiole جيمر فيول
Hi i am really one of your biggest fans and i want to ask for a request you do not reply to me please is to give me a phone from iphon or samsung s7 or s8 if you accept tell me give you the address i beg you please reply
Hussain Khamis
isimsiz bir genç
Türkler beğensin sayımızı bilelim😁✌😁
Nıhad Iov
both is excellent. Which I choose? :(
Pressed 'Like'!!!
Eric Vazquez
They're facing their worst adversary, diabetes 😂😂😂
Alex Evdokimov
kendall jenner: TRIGGERED
Do nothing
s8 ♡♡
Arely A.M
Lo que es tener dinero y hacer babosadas😂
Can I have the I phone 7 plus plzzz I beg u
Pom Chhitchhei
I love it
Feruza Burxanova
я так и не понял этот 7 плбс водонепроницаемый
lgenda of royale
oh is prtty good
Start King Wow Gemar
galaxsy s8 win
ahmed craft
العربي يعطيني لايك
Gustavo Santana
Só uma pessoa podre de rica pra vc fazer isso
Kuba Urbaniak
samsung needs to be shit because phone tht come out in 2016 is better then phone in 2017 and please dont tell me that they dident have time to make s8 better then iphone 7+
Erdem Aslan
vay amk niye bi şey olmadı
Adam V
2:15 this bike is yours???😱😱😱oh my god this is insane
Sandeep Charleston
Most of the YouTubers test these phones and at last they smash or they will ruin the phones, but you are the only guy I have seen, who’s not ruining these stuff, I loved the way you do this.. PEACE ✌️
Alxndr K
2:15 is that a Ducati 899?
Sisuru Nipun
Laughing Monkey
i love ur channel very much but plz share my channel on urs and plz subscribe to it.......
SL Cyber
hikzzzzzz the video is fantasticcccccccccccc
Abo Zaem Allala
He Boss
samsung galaxy s8+ vs nokia 6
Samed Gürbüz
vay anasını be
Jaden Menezes
He put the s8 earlier
You destroying cell phones, and I'm here without a cell phone because they stole it from me :(
bel video
life hacker
6:34 guys see that he never opened the camera app... Nd still there is camera on his windows... He may be faking... Am not sure
Diego Silva
no puedo creer lo que hace, yo quiero un samsung S8, jajaja
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