Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus vs iPhone 7 Plus Coca-Cola FREEZE Test 15 Hours!

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Can Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus or iPhone 7 Plus Survive Being Frozen Solid in Coca-Cola? -35°C Freezer for 15 Hours!

Liquid Nitrogen vs S8:
S8+ vs 7+ DROP Test:
S8+ vs 7+ WATER Test:

Holicas Kamata
you are crazy but i like you video
Is it techrax or the phones shaking in their boots?
Antoinette Wiley
That cool
Maximiliano Palacios
A quien le interesa si resiste en coka cola o en el freezer, creo que nadie lo va a poner alli. Una verdadera estupides el video.
Win Leo
iphone win OKAY.
TrYHArD gamer
i want a s8
Felipe Vieira
au invés de estragar um íphone me da um de presente
07 sketches
i think that iphone 7 is fake because the home screen is rotating i think so
kennedy abad
Samsung services sucks. I bought a s8 and after 2 days I returned it after noticing a screen gap. It is big enough to insert few millimeters of of thin paper in it. After 15 days Samsung called me insisting that its not a factory defect and blame me for the gap. Now they refuse to replace my unit. It's my first Samsung device. I've been using iPhone ever since(although not the latest, I had 3GS, then switched to iPhone 4, and had been rocking an iPhone 6 before I bought that fucking s8
Huseyin Demir
ı am ıphone
pavan Navarat
nice Samsung $8+
pavan Navarat
nice Samsung $8+
Lloyd221 Games
Did he just say 35 degrees Celsius is freezing???
Mayelin Contreras
4:13 diabetes
David Vacarelu
oți boți
Minecraft Tutorial
good videos! do giveaway pleaseeeee
hay gente hablaispana aquí?
Daniele Alunni Ciubini
Red Black
da pra min ja que funcionou ????
Adil Sahbo
x i
Adil Sahbo
x i
Adil Sahbo
x i
Ti ma
LOVE samsung galaxy S8 yyyyyeeesss
Naga Boy
instead of damaging why don't you give me.
vooh was that white ducati panigale?
Coolmanbbx Boltz21doge
bro did you see tex rak or somthing he put it in for 24hours iPhone is going to win
Your stupidity is unbelievable
Ella Isaacs
Its so fascinating when the guy fires the thing on it and it melts
ayden durrett
wakes up in middle of night. (house on fire)
Superstar Vlogz
kelton it's everythingapplepro not gapple pro
كرار حيدر
الك ونة يل الاس 8
Polikron Gerdhuqi
Asenka Ahmedova
Hi today is my birthday i am 14 years old can we please get 14 likes thankyou very much ❤️️❤️️❤️️
Sadman Sakib
i phone always sucked
Sadman Sakib
bro ill suggest u to change ur youtubing name to samsung
Samsung Galaxy V
yoyiu figt the asfrod hihihuhu
Christina Frank
How do you get free apple products can you give one too me my phone is really bad for making videos I would want iPhone 6s
better if u give me those phones than ruining them..
I'm really glad I found this video for next time I decide to submerge my phone in Coke then freeze it for 15 hours and after that I can take A blowtorch to it but not before slamming it on the floor.
Khamzat Algeriev
i love samsung galsxy s 8+
Khamzat Algeriev
i love smsung
Bisar Eser
ķppook90o098oijiooií ertragbar
Amir Naeem
you should try coca cola 7up dew test
justin siddiq
its amazing bro 😱😱
hector ulises batalla alcantara
Put the two phones in car oil
Muh Alim
No Can For Tice
Aditya Rajware
what if they just blasted
Mahaveer U
2 bottles of coca cola "WASTED"
Franco Arana
Thanks I will do it tomorrow
OMG! Is he Techrax's brother???
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