SML Movie: Jeffy's Parents!

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Jeffy's Parents.

Reymundo Arellano
sees notification
*clicks on it as fast as a humming bird flaps it's wings*
Trinity Wilson
I want to adopt Jeffy he is so cute I cried like if you hate Jeffry’s real mom
Logan Everett
Barbara Elias
i would call cys
123 123
If Jerry's mom was my mom id call the police
Warrior Moontail
This is actually kinda sad
No I like the original owners know with that be Jeffrey
O: yay They seem Jeffrey I am now
): Jeffrey
Isabel Gonzalez
This is sad i am crying
This is the stupidest fucking shit of all ducking time
ungaming 5
Kill the shit out of her
Lovely Flower
Who expected this to be so sad
4AM Life Choices
i’d call the police department on her son of a b*tch *ss meth-head crack-addicted smokin self bc i dont take sh*t from no one . i cant believe jeffy went through all of that :((((
mohammed alnwasany
The question that you have written my answer is I will kill her
Yuan Vlogs
I just realize the note said jeffy is twelve but jeffy has a birthday at tha older videos called jeffrs birthday so that the day jeffys first birtday that is hes 13 birthday and the 2nd birthday the ecliped video so jekkys is now 14 well jeffy is close to puberty well i hope he have fun life with puberty
Mabel Loi
14:17 FBI HERE BOI 😂🤚🏻
Pastel Time
LOL i love how jeffys bib said I'm not eating that shit 😆😆😆😆😆
ZuBeS _
So sad
ZuBeS _
Ahhhhh she’s a man
Donnie Garcia
10:10 that's so funny🤣
McKinley Dixon
I would 360 no scope her bitch ass.
Baseball For life
I’d kill myself
I legit cryed and still am crying it made me so sad. I WOULD KICK HER A$$.LIKE LEGIT BEAT HERE UP
Maria Lopez
I will run awy
Jayden Blacksmith
Sad af
If Jeffry’s mom was my mom I would fucking kill myself
Dead Memes
If Jeffys mom was my mom than I would probably have left her by myself and lived with Mario anyways
Ultimate Productions
I would fuck dat bitch up!!!
Alex Agapito
In the night when the mom is sleeping I will kill her
Fabian Ortiz
I would shoot her with a assault machine gun
film city123
If jeffys Mom was my mom I would run away
film city123
This made me cry
Penut juice
i almost cried
CR7 Seth77
Ten likes Jeffry's mom dead
Duh_its_ Izzy
This video was so sad I cried because of jeffy
J mcasswipe A hole
I would slap that bitch
My Dad Was Donald Trump
Maddox Parkerson
If she was my mom I would call the cops 🚓 for child abuse and stealing the car 🚗
Indo Ruler
I would kick her in the pussy and run fast as fuck
if Jeffy's mom were my mom I would go to my local gun shop and get a Smith and Wesson 357.Magnum and become a soldier in the military and then I would take that gun and pistol whip her till she dies (if I shot her I would be a coward)
Samya Johnson
10 likes=96,000,000, bullets to Jeffey's Mom head!
Samya Johnson
I`d call theenpolice myself. Keontre Willams
Alivia Scoby
Is that glen part ments
SUB jr
Kendall Bosby
west jordan
Bro if she touches me yoooooo I swear.....
“I’m rich as fuck”
Savage Darzel11
I will give her infinity head shots with a machine gun🔫🔫🔫🔫🔫
Winter Peak613
Tooot toot Fuck Shit
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