'Too Much Exposition Theatre' With Alec Baldwin

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Any Broadway schmo can develop characters over the course of an entire play. Only Stephen and Alec Baldwin can squeeze an entire epic into a single scene.

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Júlio Salotti
Stephen is great at doing this sort of thing!
Samsonian Pitydafool
The only thing I was surprised by on that one was the omission of a codpiece competition. Oh well, next time.
Vana Phill
Loved this!
Sista Foxy
Too funny. Alec and Stephen were definitely trippin' when they did this skit. Hehehe!
Bobbi Curtis
Colbert: " . . . when I was surrounded by three witches." Baldwin: "The sexy kind?" Colbert: "Is there any other?" Thank you, Stephen!
Jon Paradero
Stephen's British accent is just amazing, and same goes for Alec! :D
If you enjoyed this scene, seek out and watch season one of Upstart Crow - a Shakespeare comedy from the writers of Black Adder. 😁
This was funnier than anything SNL has ever produced.
Christopher Taylor
Alec Baldwin looks like Stephen Fry in this
♥ haha what a great show this is
A Roadie
Monkey Island eh?
Karl Williams
This is so fucking Monty Python-esque.
Love it.
Richard Knapp
very hammy but fun.
Somme Tinonme
To Pump or Not to Pump ?? .... That is the question ....
Yeah, I know it's all camp, but if Baldwin doesn't have time to learn his lines, couldja PLEASE at least give him some other prompter positions, so he's not talking to audience with every line? Even in satire, we'd like our characters to react to EACH OTHER, and not a rolling script, right?
South Park).
Jeweled Bird
I enjoyed this way too much.
Jacobean revenge tragedies need to make a comeback!
Kristine Maitland
Any Canadians out there born 1970 or earlier? One look at the thumbnail and I instantly thought "Wayne and Shuster".
the way the audience cheered for this piece - they knew they were in for something good (although bryan cranston is too hard an act to follow)
Catania hahaha I've been there! So random I love it.
the sexy kind? what other kind? XD
It's funny that early on, when Stephen says he doesn't think they have time, there's a lady in the audience who is like "Oh, come on!" like they weren't already doing an obvious bit.
Wow, Alec looks good in the ridiculous medieval courtier costume. Stephen, not so much...
J Dub
Alec Baldwin is a spouse beating drunkard piece of arrogant shit. Colbert is a wimpy, sorry ass excuse for a white man. In other words, liberal role models.
Stevo Churok
alec baldwin looks like Rip Torn in that get up
Jason Rougeau
Alec Baldwin is a queer who likes to kiss guys on the mouth. Hardly a role model for men.
Holden Caulfield Tralfamadorian
oh god! stephen looks like the burger king mascot!
Alec Baldwin made so many twelfth night references, Colbert had Macbeth and much ado about nothing refs
Shades of Ernie Kovac's crazy skits!!
lisa koola
hahahaa gawd it's hilarious
Jerica Lewis
why was i really all in this 🤣
Hippie Dachshunds
This makes me SO happy!
Gus Salazar
Was this supposed to be funny? when I saw the costumes and setting I thought that it was set up for something hilarious, but.....crickets.
Stéphane Lavergne
Colbert really looked like a young Michael Palin in that one!
Terrific! We want more.
Zarina A113
Every time they said "Nay cuz!" I was dying!!!
Josephine Thornton
I didn't know it was possible to teabag another man with ones ruff. I stand corrected.
"Now, basketball pump DO THINE ILL DEED" :D
Josephine Thornton
That was ridiculous and impressive and I hate that I want to know what happens to that family and their stupid castle.
seamus heaney
Funny sketch. However, while I can see Colbert holding his own on a London stage with real Shakespearean actors, Baldwin wouldn't last two minutes.
suan. noir
I swear Colbert could act with just his eyes. So expressive!
Chhaya Pawar
My God Baldwin looks so much like Sean Bean in this!
Grosser Salat
4:40 "I was just stopping by to pick up my basketball pump."
my favorite, so hilarious :)
Where is Alec Baldwin? And why is Donald Trump on the show?
Gregory Cooper
This is ridiculously funny!
Robert Bogan
"Now basketball pump do your ill deed" I'll need to use this later....
The Californians in ye olden times
Using "nay" instead of "no" REALLY needs to make a comeback. It just sounds so much more authoritative:)
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