Jimmy Kimmel Interviews Kellyanne Conway About Donald Trump Jr.

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According to the New York Times Donald Trump Jr., his brother in law Jared Kushner and Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort met with a Russian lawyer to hear what they thought would be information that could hurt Hillary Clinton. It’s all very fishy so we invited White House spokesperson Kellyanne Conway live via satellite to clear it all up.

Jimmy Kimmel Talks to Kids About Health Care https://youtu.be/15Lw7itoFwI

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Jimmy Kimmel Interviews Kellyanne Conway About Donald Trump Jr.

Pretty much accurate...
The looks were uncanny!Ha ha!
Super Sonic
David Hoback
These lefties are still SO upset! Oh , poor wittle cribaby dumbocrats!😭 SO said that Hillary the wicked witch from the west didn't become their president. Well, she is the
Jimmy is such a liberal. His bank robbing comparison is so not equal. That's why I don't watch anymore.
daughter of Dracula and Phyllis diller. Maybe she was The LYING' KING'S mistress. They look made for each other.
Conchita ! The Austrian drag queen..oh no, it's the American Conchita.Same absence of testosterone.
Andrea Lynch
I just wanna say, I love the beginning of the Kimmel show every night. Boy does he tell the truth about the Trump BS. Luv u Jimmy. You let the truth be told
Liberty Leslie
I was wondering why I quit following this guy....Talk about Misogyny ...SHEMAILS???
The FACT that the criminal activity was found on the DNC and connects Clinton or Odumpa WILL not go away. CHECKMATE. You should know by now who the Morons and Fakers are. The LEFT is dead and is in fact stinking from rot at this point. You're wasting your time watching these distractions from the real news. SAD LEFTISTS! I'm not surprised, Killary and Odumpa are the ones that brought these "The Russians" in in the first place. HELLO? WAKE UP PEOPLE! PATHETIC Kimmel!
Dean Labella
This was a waste of time. .
yo mamma
The foot is deep and the mouth is wide
Tanvir Hafiz
News bombshell: The Constitution already dwelt with this issue. It's affectionately called "Freedom of Assembly" also known as "freedom of association". Congress shall make no law infringing on anyone, even a Trump, from freely assembling with anyone. Unless, of course, we live in a Police State Deep State Dictatorship, where the Constitution no longer applies, and the guilty accuse the innocent of wrongdoing. Thumbs Down.
BIA beats
is this suposed to be funny ?
This is suppose to be funny?
Christopher N
He will likely be disappeared for this obscene, slanderous portrayal of the completely truthful and honorable Kellyanne Conway. Shame on Jimmy for having the gall to air this.
Jimmy Fallon is well known in the underground bestiality rings and the evidence is being fact checked and will soon be released. Rumor has is in the butt from monkeys is part of what he enjoys.. sick dude!
Yesenia Reaching The Youth
kellyane looks like she finally got some sleep.
Tony Carbone
Jimmy Kimmel's an a****
Tinh Le
I've never seen or heard any lawyer that's so stupid like Conway.
Saint Athiest
did Kellanna a CON'S way study under Joesph Goebbels or Pinocchio ?
James D. Wheeler
How that skank was EVER relevant I'll never know!
stone bird
I wonder if she knows the drugs are showing
mike mayer
all you liberals can do at this point is call a beautiful blonde woman names because your side lost. this is pathetic and funny to see the democratic arty crumble from their self stupidity.
Waiting for the Maxine Waters version of this. Won't happen 'cause Kimmel is a pussy.
that was fuckin great...kellyanne conjob...trumps blowtoy
Hugh Jass
Aww, poor pant-shitting crybabies still butthurt over losing the Presidency, Congress and Supreme Court. Now, they have to make sexist, misogynistic jokes about Kellyanne. Sad!
mary saw
For a man with a sick baby he is disgusting. The liberal titanic is going to sink soon.
Dead Purple
LOL, if you look at the guy interviewing Conway, you can see the emptiness in his eyes.
Patricia Golonsqui
Just like her
Danks Shepherd
l hope his kid dies.
mc pedigo
The con is here, for you, your obedience and your brain. Plus Colbert and Fallon. I don't LIKE nor SUBCRIBE.YOu are no Bennie Hill. TOmmy Maitland kicks you out of the park.
mc pedigo
Kimmel bits is for dogs. We love Sarah Silverman but pleaeeeese Jimmy disclose your meds, your salary, and your tax returns and yes, who is really paying you, each payment and when, and what you like most, bacon or pork butt.
more Liberal attacks .
let the record reflect Donald Trump Will go down as the Greatest President
Justacat Smith
You fuckin dumbasses, I have to admit it was funny.
Dana Sloan
Weed eyed motorized looking.
Barb Wallace
Poor Chris Cuomo was in a daze! How can ANYBODY follow one of her "answers"? I'm surprised her head doesn't spin around!
Sad Day For Comedy Making Fun Of A Woman's Face Beating A Dead Horse Into The Ground #WeakSauce
Cespedes Granderson the III
That was genius πŸ˜‚
Can you tell the difference ??? To be honest I couldn't
Captain Beefheart
She's looking real good today.
WOW! Didn't know Kimmel was so hateful towards women. It's disturbing.
Haywood Giablomi
I remember when she made her living as The Crypt Keeper.
Clifford Rouff
These people make a living on fake news. They destroy anyone as long as it promotes there making a living
That puppet scares me and makes me feel ill.
Jon Schmitt
brian lucas
Xomarah Dickison
She is a soulless snake and looks better than ever.
Alan Alexander
Satire not needed for Kellyanne and Trump. They make me laugh outloud as themselves.
Release the Kraken omg lol
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