People Eat Their Own Face

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"That's really disconcerting."



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Mike Bubble
There's something about that guy that always makes me want to punch him. It's weird bc I'm not a violent person by FAR. He's just so freakin obnoxious. Even if he ever did keep his mouth shut, he'd still LOOK obnoxious. His face reminds me of a muscle that's flexed all the time. But when he DOES talk, it makes things worse bc he says the most obnoxious things. If I had ever met him, I truly don't think we'd get along. Well, at least I wouldn't be able to stand being around HIM... Unless he really acts differently OFF camera. SMH!
Mike Bubble
"I think it's chocolate" ROFL! Red Velvet cake IS chocolate. Just with coco powder and red food coloring.
Cookie Monster
what kinda drug were y'all high in when y'all came up with this idea
Andrea H
•The Awkward Querencia•
Golly I thought all of my favorite people are in different places but no GAHH THEY ARE IN ONE OML I LOVE THEM
I'm very concerned about Keith.
Kelsey Isherwood
Cheap wedding cake vs Expensive wedding cake 🎂🎂🎂🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🎂🎂🎂🎂
Mich freedom
Lmbo I honestly thought in the thumbnail that Keith was eating Ned' s head 😂😂😂 (This was before I saw the title)
Arianna Garcia
this video gives me anxiety for some weird reason
xX яσѕιє Xx
If this was Real cake is this how they would React
Riya Vivek
"This actually tastes like brains."....WTF Freddie?
Oksana Gegick
Has buzz feed ran out of ideas? lmao
Devil9 _Doll
This is how you kiss. Everyone,learn it!!!
Sheldon Cooper
Who else thought of putting Keith's glasses onto the cake?
Bessy Leonzo
Could've eaten the shoulders
jefff go to sleep
i want real blood
Kena Ash
This would be great for people into vore
Vegeta Black 342
Keith is a pie person not a cake person
Kinda reminds me of an old Jack in the Box commercial......

Mr. Box (to the chef): "Do not eat my face. Do NOT eat my face."
(scene cuts to the chef sitting at a bus-stop bench with an old lady)
Lady: ".... you ate his FACE?!!?!"
Nicco Is Kolechian
Looks like Keith's a.....KEITHibal... XDD
Keith WHYYYYYY!?!?

I'm dying
Goddess D
that momment when you realize you are so bored that you're watching ppl eat their own face...
Frozen Dino
"you taste really good."

Buzzfeed camera man 2017
Dominque S. C.
omg this is so weird
Beckett Frisch
3:04 gave me nightmares
Abdessalam Sy
02:33 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👻
Freya. xx
"Do I look crazy?"
Better Butter
i choked
Dalton Tree
keiths face is horrifying
2:32 come here!
Next up: Try guys eat cake versions of their dicks.
Keith just loves food
Don Paulino
And more murder at 2:04
Don Paulino
Murder at 2:00
Matthew Lacey
Dont you just love Keith?
"It actually taste like brains"
How do you know what that taste like?
This is going to be my birthday cake
raghood alqaisi
ohhkaaay so buzzfeed is still a life good to know
Hardeep Kaur Sadana
face +cake =fake
Tawnypelt 13
"That doesn't taste like skin." How does she know what skin tastes like?!
not trump
Ryan and Shane work right next to eachother I love that
Chintaman Bhor
when buzzfeed runs out of ideas
Keith, you traitor! you were in team pie! #debatable
samari sanchez
I love Keith. He's such a kid!😂
Alexis Mitchell
This is giving serious Hannibal Lector vibes.
amelia miyamoto
I knew that Keith was going to put his glasses on the cake
Samira Borbon
keith just made my day lol
Tara Jones
If you ate yourself would you get twice as big or dissappear?
Toxic Kitsune
I'd be the one to be like this is beautiful and I like don't wanna ruin it it but like-- and cut myself off and take a bite out of my own forehead
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