Snake Targets Motorcyclist

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Occurred on April 16, 2017 / Lampang, Thailand

"A wild snake almost bit a motorcyclist."

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1st YouTuber
copy paste video......piggy boy
it was trying to protect itself. it's not hunting.
de Villiers de Villiers
I'm the idiot wondering why this guy is filming the bike
I've had it with these mother fucking snakes, in my mother fucking lane
Rare footage of leafy attacking idubbbz (GONE WRONG)
He was not trying to hurt the man.
He was committing suicide
mul box
kkkkkkkkkkk sou um brasileiro gostoso kkkkkkk vai se fuder africaaaaaaaa
Dat Wun Asian Boi
Ha! The cunt got run over!
Dodging haters and negativity like.....
Snakes are the Indians
kim yon yung snake
Mr Diablolord
Poor snake. He jumped fast and died a Virgin.
The snake didn't target anything, he drove a few centimetres next to it and it tried to defend itself
Holy shit what's with the dislikes??
Hit like if you had watched this video earlier in Facebook.
frank santiago
pallas de Rondoni 2014
The nigga later came back and ate it.
Renats V
Why they are filming motorcyclist in first place?
watch my channel for awesome videos
generic username
Viralwhore still stealing videos and claiming they own the rights to them I see.
Yulisa Carrillo
No entendí ??
102nds daily
Clearly wasn't a fan of "Sons Of Anarcy".
epsilon cat
I'm a snaaaaaaaake, I'm a slippery snaaaaaake , still got that ass tho !
Vishav Dalmotra
snake was trying to suicide , coz it just failed in JEE Mains..
this is how they practice ''heel clicker'' in Thailand.
rishabh srivastava
josip stalin
0:06 me trying to crawl out of bed on a sunday
Danny Nguyen
Did it take anyone else couple replays to find where the snake was originally?
Jaime L Ojeda
RIP Snake
The motorcycle is just too savage
nattatron dreamrl
snake what's happen....snake...??? SNNNNAAAAAKKEEEEE....!!!!!
Ljupka Meloska
WTF!?!?! they can DO THAT
Satya Patriotic
subscribe me guyz
Satya Patriotic
help me grow
Satya Patriotic
viralhog help me growing my channel
Abhijit Shukla
Snake was like "Surprise"
Car was like "Surprise Motherfucker"
Miguel Ramos
jump snake fail 😂😂😂😂
kunal gaur
Choodlebug 123
How is this #8 on trending
Y pensar que esto está en tendencias en mi país :/
#Bolsonaro Presidente 2018 BR
Idiotas que aún graban en vertical
Luana Mendes
From all the sympathetic comments, I'm worried that this snake will become a meme...
Georj U
Snake died under the car @ 0:05
Mokshan Bhoir
RIP snake..
Randy Orton
You came to read comments... so read...
The Night Hob
Amazing. That snake could of easily jammed up his spokes. Very lucky indeed.
Dudhwala Sufiyan
see what I uploded
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