Guys Try The "Most Painful" Face Mask

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“It’s gonna rip my eyebrow off!"

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Samantha Felipe
lol the spanish quote got me weak. My mom always says that 😂
Shaney Zamora
"I don't feel any pain." was what I said when I started to peel this mask off my face.
elusivebutsatisfying T.
Gadiel is EVERYTHING 😂👐🏻
Saviola de Mello
love the Latin dude
Where can u get this from
Karly G.E.M.
Gadiel is getting a lot of love in the comment section of this Video. I like that :D
char loui
the guy in the black shirt is my fav
Hailey Rees
I died when they changed the music from metal to a lullaby for the (?) Hispanic
Like my mother always said to me growing up "Beauty is pain".
ariola granola
i was gonna buy this like a year ago jesus christ im glad i didnt
Luke Thomas
Does Gadriel do standup? His timing makes me laugh.
KillaBLACKOUT98 the arts
i wanna use this mask 4 some reason
Carmaleta Gonsalves
they copied buzzfeed
nona ihab
i liked the way that buzzfeed played calm music on that latino guy and loud adventrous music on the other 2 guys😂😂
Marshay Bizzell
Lmfao 'I'mma look sexy in a few minutes'
Monira Yusuf
wow I feel free hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Lindsey MAGpie
I have this mask, it's not that bad xD the black one from Facebook is way worse xD
Karl catacutan
This channel is not BuzzFeed
Coco Osborne
They all look like the moonface emojis.... hahaha 🌚 🌚 🌚
That guy with the beard bears a resemblance to Matthew McConaughey
Opal_MC Gaming
Now they know what we go through
But the mask doesn't even hurt??
When I read the title I was like.. oh great..also, that one guy who was like "I'm fine" and got very little pain
Hahahhaha when Gadiel says "si quieres moños bonitos, aguanta jalones" is so true, My mom always said that when i was little.
felicity cavazos
if its not the try guys, i dont want it 😤
Dawg are you black or Latino
sailor moon
I tried it, it didn't really work at all, nor did it hurt as much as I expected it would
Oroya T
Okay but seriously who's the Adam Levine look alike in the grey shirt??????
Brianna Rose
marshay owens
Cringe the way there applying it 😭
Cancerous bull shit And all else
Huh the only male video out of this God forsaken channel
Miranda Crocker
"Hi, im a scarecrow"
SIM freeplay
"I don't feel any pain 😇😇😈"
Samantha Leggett
The guy with the beard looks like a skinnier version of Adam Levine
Summer Gazunis
My mom uses that lmao
Oli Donohue
Some say the mask is still in Mike's beard to this day.
Bed, Books, & Scones
The Dominican dude is funny. Don't get rid of him pls !
That guy reminds me of the "no regert" guy from we're the millers. The way he talks man, its just like that dude
David Arnett
That probobly hurts as much as liquid latex
Diana Campos
Haha do I look younger I look younger 😂
Buzzfeed trying to change its name 😂
Just Luna
i just uploaded a video of myself trying this mask! Check it out!! Definitely did not have the same reaction! lol
KiraTheUsagii's Workshop
One is practically chilling, the rest are swearing like their life's depends on it XD
J Lynn
Lol the dominican dude is adorable and funny
Martha Cox
"i dont feel any pain"
gently peels off
Omg the guy with the withe shirt talks extremly hot 00:59
april frazer
worked well my sensitive oily skin and barely any pull on my skin
lee Valentine
You should apply the mask with a water splashed wet face tho
Seleena Risal
The guy at 2:58 looks like Adam Levine if he just sorta gave up on life.
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