Guys Try The "Most Painful" Face Mask

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“It’s gonna rip my eyebrow off!"

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Oli Donohue
Some say the mask is still in Mike's beard to this day.
Bed, Books, & Scones
The Dominican dude is funny. Don't get rid of him pls !
That guy reminds me of the "no regert" guy from we're the millers. The way he talks man, its just like that dude
David Arnett
That probobly hurts as much as liquid latex
Diana Campos
Haha do I look younger I look younger 😂
Buzzfeed trying to change its name 😂
Just Luna
i just uploaded a video of myself trying this mask! Check it out!! Definitely did not have the same reaction! lol
KiraTheUsagii's Workshop
One is practically chilling, the rest are swearing like their life's depends on it XD
J Lynn
Lol the dominican dude is adorable and funny
Martha Cox
"i dont feel any pain"
gently peels off
Omg the guy with the withe shirt talks extremly hot 00:59
april frazer
worked well my sensitive oily skin and barely any pull on my skin
lee Valentine
You should apply the mask with a water splashed wet face tho
Seleena Risal
The guy at 2:58 looks like Adam Levine if he just sorta gave up on life.
Leslie Villena
Latino hurt bae guy 😂😂😂
Yourboi Skinnypenis
Ik a girl who gets triggered and she is 12 if you say "fight like A man"
Beverly Thacker
I have that mask..and it didnt hurt at all!
Beverly Thacker
I have that mask..and it didnt hurt at all!
George Harris
Glad to see Sharlto Copely getting his face out there
Sandra moi
I want that mask
Lil Baby Watermelon
the men swore more than the women...yup...more proof that we're more used to this than u
Özlem Benli
M&P tutorials
Men grow their facial hair for a month
Mery Austin
Si quieres moño bonito, aguanta jalones ♥
Danielle Fleurant
cringing at how messy they put it on 😂
Five Neddos
Next use it with super glue
Chelsea Bradford
isnt this just buzzfeed?
Buttsy Bobcat
why are men such babies
Ruby Diaz
The guy in the grey shirt kinda looks like Adam Levine
Choi Jaeho
damnnn! even those guys cant handle that thing. should try that out too?! ._.
Linda Russell
I do this very week and it doesn't hurt
Fernanda Sandoval
The boy who spoke Spanish is fine..😍
Asyk aMan
I want this mask
Potato Chan
Lol I'm watching this while wearing a face mask.
Women can deliver a baby but men can't peel off a face mask smh
Fanny Chamorro Pérez
Si quiere moño bonito aguanta jalones. Best quote ever!
Medina Salymbekova
the latino dude is my queen like he is GOALS AF
Habiba Khalaf
What's the name of the Hispanic guy?!
Cathy Yeung
Anyone feels satisfied to see they pulling the mask off
Jennifer Hill
I bought this mask and it did absolutely nothing! I think they have changed the formula :(
The Dominican guy has done this before lol
Filthy milk drinkers, only face mask is one worn to strike fear into heart of enemy. Real skin is hard and callus to fend against foe.
Vanessa Becerril
the darker skinned dude. i like.
su karaylı
1.00 the way he said it the voice was the sexiest possible omg!! but the sentence itself :D
when they changed the music for that one guy 😂😂😂
Bangtan Trashhh
When he said he was sweating like a horse, all I could think about was "J-HOOOOOOOOOOOOOPE !!!"
Dopkas A.
No se pq, pero I have feel such affection for Gadiel. He reminds me so much of the guys from I grew up with in the hood. (Upon re-reading, I feel the need to say to those who may not understand that I wrote the previous statement as a compliment.) Un monton de besoooooooos, tio;)
Hoh Hoho
Guys i have this mask- you shouldn't put it on the hairy part on face, actualtl its only on T zone and chin, it doesnt take out black pores just removes a bit of skin- thats it, at most the tiniest blackheads, strips works much better.
Paula Fernandes
That last comment from the bearded guy, thinking we use those mask to impress our so 😂😂
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