Guys Try The "Most Painful" Face Mask

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“It’s gonna rip my eyebrow off!"

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Why isnt Eugene from try guys in this?
Jasmine Young
highway heritage thus edge equation past look wrist conscious.
jun li
Those two guys are like:#%&<<$^^÷/&!!!!! It buuuuuurns!!!!!

And that one guy is like:ahhhhhhh......
Jack Pamplona
How many channel does buzzfeed have?
aehr lynn
I feel joy when I see the outsmarted guy in pain
Kimberly Hansen
"I'm sweating like a horse" O
Macintoshgetti But without Ravioli
where can i buy this?
Rip Mike
Caged Bird
The skinny dude gives off a sort of creepy pedo vibe..
Eduardo 夶ɪɴσя
Nusrat Qazi
I'm sweating like a horse 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Fluttershy xDiscord2016
I'm gonna be an X-Men at the end of this

That white shirted guy looks like Snapchats inventor Evan Spiegel, and Dan from Whats(Inside). Also Unbox therapys Ryan looks kinda of same. Imagine if they really are one people who just lives four different lives? 🤯😂
SV Vlogs
I came here for gadiel lol
Ancient-alien- princess
The Hispanic dude is sooo hot
Jo Jackson
“Do I️ look like a scarecrow”.Nah you look like Steve Nash on meth
Morally_ Bankrupt
Brown dude has beautiful skin already, man
Medical Doll
See.. the black guy probably shaves his face lol. Point proven.
Medical Doll
They should've shaved beforehand. With all the tiny hairs we have on our face, that's what causes the pain. Duuhhhh.
Heather K.
The music changes as they're taking the mask off gets me every time
Chris Qiao
What was boldy called originally?
Andrea Crystal
Holy fuuuuuuuu- cuts to intro
Nicholas Tilford
OMG that dude with the facial hair looks like a prize you'd win at the county fair... CLEAN yourself up and shape your facial hair and comb your hair. You look unprofessional, even for BuzzFeed.
Lillian Patricia Cancino Campos
"si quiere el moño bonito, aguanta jaloneo" 😂😂😂 LOVE IT
Rahmani Dewi
i really like what the last man said "If you've got someone that love you for your personality keep that one"
i wish i found him soon..
Justin Lee
give me some of these hahaha hate blackheads
Nancy John
Great !!! This is so phenomenal!!! That is very impressive information! I love it. You really did a super job with the Skin Care! I use to do buy online Skin Care as its time saving.
Nadine Spek
The guy with the beard has such a nice voice 😍
Hannah Banana Binns
"This is wonderful. I feel pretty" he said as he shed a few tears... but in a cool way
IF YOU GET THAT LAST BIT I FREAKING LOVE U.. If not, ur cool too ig...
Mark Robertson
It’s not painful I use that
Niamh Biggs
2:18. Pause. Your welcome.
Zen Guy
anyone else finish watching them suffer and think:

"i need it"

no? thats cool.
Emily Gaming
Two are screaming. One is blissfully enjoying the process.
Anabelle S
Dude... pigs have pores.
Natasha B
I want it.
Happy Cat27
Girls donate hair for the first time
Sofa BaconPancakes
I want to get this and try it
The outdo song sound like something Joris Delacroix would make
Mark Lorenz
1:56 I'm crying I'm crying, this is wonderful I feel pretty 😂😂😂 basically most girls out there
Connie Orea
Si quiere moño bonito aguanta jalones jajajaj love it
Sofia Gettman
I want to try this
If I ever try this, good thing I have a high pain tolerance. I don't have any piercings anymore. But I once had my ears pierced 9 times, and my lip 2 times, and it felt good!
Maxim Mees
really ? try sfx makeup and try to pull of the liquid latax still not bad but is not pleasant at all
Chelsea Flint
There needs to be more of mike on buzzfeed
Galactic Artworks
You don't do it that slowely, it's like taking off a bandaid, you gotta do it fast
Haylee Beth
I love Gadriel 💗
Miles Younger TV
Love this guys, would you catch the train, go to the supermarket or walk your dog whilst wearing one? I tried!
that one dude with perfect skin had me DYING because he felt no pain
Cutie Pie
Tbh i think they get paid more for doing these sort of things
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