I BOUGHT MY ROOMMATE A $20,000 ROLEX! (surprise)

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I’m a 22 year old kid living in Hollywood. I make comedy vids, travel a lot, and I have a pretty colorful parrot named Maverick. This is my life.

Teh may ling
This was on my birthday
Why SoWeak
Thats what brothers do .... FIGHT EACH OTHERS :D
adnan ad
they are so homo to mutch fighting and hugging
Frederick Santana
Can't even afford a 1000 dollar watch for myself...
Ruby Mosley
your so nice to him
amaan786 vlogs and stuff
Can you get me a ropex
(logang for life)
maite figueroa
👋 👋 👋 subscribe to mindofrez pranks and vlogs
maite figueroa
👋 👋 👋 subscribe to mindofrez pranks and vlogs
maite figueroa
👋 👋 👋 subscribe to mindofrez pranks and vlogs
maite figueroa
👋 👋 👋 subscribe to mindofrez pranks and vlogs
Sarah Kendall
Can I have that watch so I can break it please please or give me my parrot back I lost him before I moved
Sarah Kendall
Slide on the slippery floor and break plates on every single vlog
The Atomic Waffle
Logan: what did you do to get the dwarf mafia so pissed off?
Evan: they get mad so easily because they're short tempered.

One of my favorite jokes
Ethan Amazing vlogs
Welp he almost killed Kong when he threw Evan!
Bollywood Movies
The people who put a thumbs down that is bad that is really rude.
Ruben Munoz
I'm starting to like you more than jake xd
kevin montenegro
hermoso cuando logan regala el reloj jaja la reaccion
osl20 loftin
That would be the best thing
osl20 loftin
Man if only i could meet you
osl20 loftin
Yo man your vids are inspiring/lit logang
Beach Family
Johnson Carry Moccasin
1 like = dwarf mamba
1 like = Logan Paul
Evan is my favorite dwarf he is hilarious 😂😂
Mohammed elzanaty
I hate you came Bahrain than I well love you logan
Mohammed elzanaty
plz came in bahrain
ആന പിണ്ഡം
Evan is a awesome guy
Romilia Pineda
It’s fucking micdonpds five star 😂😂😂😂
Anthony Hall
Evan got attacked by toddlers
SkyclonerGaming 23
Where is my Rolex
Omc team
Logan is the nicest man on the planet he spent $20,000
Just for his friend.🙃
Omc team
Can I have one I live in Africa and I am using a computer somebody forgot by a plant
dominique arispe
“It sucks again” Ay quit your whining” there’s kids in Africa “ tha tha that doesn’t make any sense there’s kids all over the world
Sosa Hall
logan your page is fucking awesome and your merch is comfortable
Sosa Hall
get down on your knees dammit!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂💀
Sosa Hall
wen they pulled up to petco i literally died
Sosa Hall
if logan pull up to goodwill to go shopping for evan im gonna be in tears laughing
Sosa Hall
i want a midget bestfriend now😭
Sosa Hall
the part where evan came in i already knew shit was finna go down
angelica muralles
# evean beast up logann
ruby rider
that is nice
Blake Hurdle
poor kong
Luke_Playz !
Best vid ever just like mine lol!
Mariss Sterķis
i love you team 10 you are the best im gana bay your backpack and shirt or hoodie
Jackie Good
Evan is cute
Maria Aguilar
No lie I was is Mexico and I saw some that looked just like Evan 😩
scott altro
Logang for life
Jade Green
Am I the only one crying when Logan gave Evan the Rolex
Azarina M Nadzri
I still dont know how evan drive a car
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