I Made My Own Custom Makeup

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This is what dreams are made of.

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Giella Cosmetics https://giella.com/ !

\- cerys -/
square chin goals.
Pauline Mei
It'd be better if Safiya/Saf did this
this is such an awesome idea
Twenty øne Bugies
her face makes me uncomfortable...
Bro, It's Kass.
i love that gloss
Madeline Draws
I literally have the gloss she has and I got it for $2.00
kyla ashafa
I want to be her!😂😂
Taylor Levin
id go there all the time just to get asmr from the lady
Like this if that's cool
Julie Sarah
Didnt they forget concealer
Val D
I would've loved seen this same experience but with dark skin also🤷🏽‍♀️
ChenkySkengG WnTn
did anyone watch this and never bought anything featured in the video
Softix Softix
Error 404. Saf not found.
Noor Ali Hassanzada
The nail polish she got is the same color she's already wearing
Lps peacemaker
I really want to do this but, I'm so poor. 😞
She took this opportunity to create a red nail polish identical to the one she's wearing in this video?
Margoggle YT
I think this thing is expensive
Am I her clone?
Beth Stephenson
MakeupMadi 99
It pisses me off that she literally wears the same outfit every single video she is in like the same choker and black shirt
a does the art
All I could think of was candy
mariea muñeton
I really enjoyed this 💞💞
Lanh Via
im get FREE Kylie LipKit using this site, it's free of charge and easy working: http://zi.ma/45icj2/?selected=2?U3Q7E4Z5
The Chrissy girl is annoying. This would've been a great video if she didn't ruin it with her super perky fake happy white girl way of talking. It's like, is this Buzzfeed or AsNTM?
Litte Sparkelz
What do u mean "I made" she didn't make it
Lemon ade
I have one question: how much does it cost?
Hillaree Harper
I noticed the blue undertone error you told us
Lizbeth Ruiz
I wonder how much money it is
linda kazibwe
The person making the makeup reminds me of miss Madigan
Madinah Hasan
Why is she searching so much of the product on her hands, especially the lip pencil.
Sarah Reyaz Cassim
omg I want to go to this place!!!!!!!
Alessandra Crisha Carlos
Drama Queen
Who's that girl? Is she in any video before other than this???
I was more amazed that she could pour into the tiny openings without spilling a drop. So not me.
but can she do this for black women?
Tiana Rea
Love this
Syrena Webb
how much does all that cost? so cool!
Lakshmi Lakshman
Is Chrissy new to Buzzfeed cause I haven't seen her much
Lim Wei Min
no holo nail polish? Sad
Carolyn M
It's literally the same she already had on her nails😂
Mya Collado
She is so lucky
David Whiteley
Witch Craft!!!!!
Gracie Thompson
Did yall see the woman's lip stick I kinda looks like she might have wiped it off or summ
I wish they told how much each product would cost to make them.
Diana D
I love everything about this
wow just copied safs video😑
Kpop Trash
I like her, stop comparing saf to her and keep saying mean things to this new lady. Saf is already gone if you do not like this new girl then go and watch saf's channel why are you even here if you dislike her 😂
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