Are starships faster in Star Wars or Star Trek?

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In just over two weeks the third entry to the Star Trek reboot is coming out: Star Trek Beyond. Out of my excitement for this Star Wars styled film, I began to wonder to myself: if the Enterprise was next to the millennium falcon… who would win in a race? Out of this seemingly simple question this video was created. Hello I’m Isaac from Wotso Videos and today we are going to determine if starships are faster in Star Wars or Star Trek.

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If you would like to do your own research on the Star Wars universe, I highly recommend Wookiepedia. The wiki distinguishes between canon and the legends of Star Wars and has been very reliable and helpful for me. 

I do not own the rights to Star Wars or Star Trek or any of the branding associated to the franchise. This video is meant for educational purposes which does not take away from the original works, but instead helps build understanding on the cinematic universe.

Fives the arc troper
look at that star wars won, what a suprise! (irony)
Yeah, this sounds about right. Even though I prefer Star Trek as entertainment, it should be fairly obvious. In Star Wars they first have a galactic republic followed by a galactic empire. In order to have a single government controlling such a large area you first need to be able to get from one side to the other easily. Something that is impossible for starfleet.
well it isn't quite as simplistic. are we comparing the speed of the ships while they are accelerating to enter hyperspace, or their speed through hyperspace?

the millennium falcon reaches 1.5 lightspeed before entering hyperspace, though after entering hyperspace it travels at 25,000 light years/day.

in star trek a warp bubble is created allowing for speeds beyond lightspeed, though factors that disrupt the warp bubble alters the speed quite a bit. the rule of thumb that is used is warp speed cubed times the speed of light. so 9.9 warp speed is about 970.3 the speed of light.

so 9,125,000 times lightspeed is faster than 970.3 times lightspeed. though as far as non hyperspace travel (allowing one to be able to interact with the universe) the difference is 1.5 lightspeed vs. 970.3 lightspeed. so with great limitations startrek can get faster in a fight (to do something like the picard maneuver), though for distance travel (again with great limitations) the faster ships are star wars. so in one circumstance one is faster, and in another the other is faster.
Odarris Dhaiti
Start wars is like checkers to chess (Star Trek)
Revista Antropologica Mas Cultura
Asked by Obi-Wan of his ship's speed, Solo quoted that the Hawk is capable of surpassing the speed of light by 0.5, and that "it ran through Kessel's corridor in less than twelve parsecs."
War Games Prototype
I think u forget.. the the alternate reality 1701 D enterprise dreadnaught could go to warp 13
star trek
except, at the end of Voyager, they had access to transwarp technology, which allows them to travel anywhere in the galaxy in a matter of minutes.
Wooyoung Kim
Fastest ship in star trek is uss voyager (quantum slipstream drive)
Anke Devos
A year in THE star wars univers is about 106 day s of 21 houres real speed is only 18622 times light speed slower . And no THE fastest ship in THE star trek univers at 100333.777 times THE speed of light is THE city ship ( trans warp ship from dashar in star trek voyager " dist origins" )
However THE fastest ship in all univers is THE tardis from docter who " its speed is 999 quadrilion times THE speed of light " THE poptus 1973 w ask bye tommen this is what docter who ansers......
Ben Sisko
Startrek is based on SCIENCE not fantasy unlike Starwars, so despite what the starwars fanboy is saying, Startrek ships are faster. There's no SCIENCE in any starwars movie, comic, or TV show to use as basis for him to draw these conclusions.
Yeah, but in Star Trek you don't need to mess around with bulkheads/airlocks #transporters
But is it faster than the USS Daedalus from stargate??
Bharat Justa
I guess the fastest ship would be Endurance from Interstellar. They did actually go to other galaxy through a worm hole. And in both Star Wars and Star Trek (movies) no one has gone to another galaxy.

And no one has power like 5th dimensional beings, ability to jump through time and make a black hole habitable.
Ivan Tobias
Wotso Videos you said that the Millenium Falcon flies at 25,000 light years a day. Then you said that it would take them 29 minutes. I think you need to get your own math right because 50,000 ly would be 2 days by my simple calculation....
Ivan Tobias
Warp drive measures speed vs the relative speed of light (speed of light as experience on Earth in stationary position).
Nothing is faster than the speed of light. If you were able to bend the rules of physics and actually fly at 100% light, you could cross(from your perspective) the entire observable universe in absolutely no time while on Earth 13.7 billions would pass...
50,000 ly / 25,000 ly per day = 2 days
Simon Fröhlich
Well.. there are certainly faster ways to get around in the star trek universe for instance slipstream or transwarp and even if, just look up star trek speed record, THAT is insane
Pearly Poo
star trek is way cooler though
Bayzid Rahman
This author of this video seriously lacks knowledge on Star Trek. The fastest ship in Star Trek is NOT the USS Prometheus.

The fastest ships are either the Borg cubes which use TRANSWARP drives or the QUANTUM SLIPSTREAM drive that was created by Species 116.

Both the transwarp drive and quantum slipstream drive are FASTER than the USS Prometheus.....much faster. Even the jury rigged Quantum slipstream drive that Voyager used went at 300 lights years per hour and that was a prototype...........
seems about right. though 29min is a bit fast. i thought like 5h or so
Stuart Thomas
Quantum Slipstream
Rob Jones
SLIPSTREAM, Star Trek is faster, bettered armed and armored and better trained. End of statement.
Avalon - Nightcore
Yes, but you don't count Quantum SleepStream or Transwarp? (Max transwarp is 20 times faster than warp!)
Douglas Tarbox
Hyper drives from SW, have a few downsides in comparison, first your completely blind and unable to change course while in transit. You can't operate them inside of gravity wells severaly limiting when and where they can even be operated.
Gunnar Wikegård Holmqvist
lol da 2nd fastest ship in sw is like 1000000 Times faster than the fastest in st!😂
solo said in Star Wars. its 0.5 faster than the speed of light. end of debate.
timo brenn
if i am correct, starwars uses hyperdrive (which is faster) so they would naturally be the winners.
and what starwars vessel has been everywhere in space at the same time.
Oisin Aeonn
Voyager [warp 9.975] 3.2x10^19km/h = 29000000000c
Millennium Falcon 4.8x10^15km/h = 44000000c
Jack Thompson
Actually, given the top speed in Star Trek, it would only take 1.2 seconds to reach Pluto from Earth.
21,473 times the speed of light is 3,993,978,000 miles per second. Distance from Earth to Pluto is 4,660,283,941 miles. Hence 1.16 seconds. Alpha Centari - 98 minutes.
But when you really think about it. Ships in Star Wars and Star Trek don't really travel anywhere near the speed of light considering ST uses a warp bubble to travel which means while in the warp bubble the ships really aren't traveling - the warp bubble is. And in SW they use Hyper Space to travel great distances which is similar to traveling through a worm hole. I mean, if you want to do some interesting comparisons every person that traveled through the Stargate in SG-1 traveled faster than anything in either Star Wars or Star Trek considering it was pretty much instant from point a to point B. If a ship was to actually attain light speed the ship would instantly turn into energy and disperse in all directions hence warp fields, hyperspace and worm holes.
marti play
suck on that star treck!
Basset Pepper
Enterprise would win look at Episode where none has gone before you bitch
To my knowledge, the fastest any ship could go in the Star Wars universe could get to the nearest galaxy in two days.
sajid akram
a zionist chasing money is faster than any starship or transwarp
Kyle Quinineza
you are a stwr wars fan and you are biasing it
Sam Roberson Jr
Star Wars ships travel at 100 X the speed of light normally. so Star Wars is a lot faster than Star Trek because they can't even get up to 10 X the speed of light. and the Melimun Falcon can hit .5 past the common light speed of 100 X the speed of light. it is the only way they can travel from one side of the GALAXY to the other. Also, Star Trek has only mapped a very small portion of their Galaxy whereas Star Wars has mapped the whole Galaxy except for the extream outer rim.
Davorin Jurišić
Battlestar Galactica's FTL jump drive FTW!!!!
You're comparing sci fi to fantasy. Not very fair but whatever.
29 minutes to the centre of the Galaxy, this is why Star Wars is garbage.
The Star Trek fastest ship is a Borg Cube. Well, at least cannon ships.

Many other Star Fleet ships are faster or just as fast as the Prometheus. In the STO time line, there are some very fast ships.

Also, I don't really trust those calculations.
Your math is laughably wrong. A 25KLY/day ship would take 2 days to travel 50KLY. A 21KC ship would take 2.4 years to travel 50KLY. So the ST ship is 1/438th the speed of the SW one.
Andrew Steel
Prometheus isnt the fastest ship in the star trek universe by far. its just the fastest federation ship. other races across the galaxy that are much older can travel across the galaxy just by beaming. others have exceeded the warp 10 barrier.
sirblockepic mcswaggins
Which is faster? They are set in different galaxies, meaning the star wars galaxy could be significantly bigger or smaller than the Milky Way. Anyway, even as a hardcore trekkie, I gotta say probably star wars (even though most of the ships are dustbins welded together - seriously, how do they survive re-entry), as they can hop about the galaxy like it's nothing, whilst with ST, the ships are all government - made and not for some lone wolf explorer, meaning they don't need to go fast
Star War galaxy is smaller than the solar system. Hence, they can travel across Galaxy in minutes.
Epic Warfare Gaming
It's obviously star trek because ships in star wars are impressively fast if they can go .5 past high-speed. That is 1.5 high-speed. Warp 9 in star trek is 1516 times the speed of light. Star wars is simply unrealistic.
Jeffrey Sykes
You also didn't factor in how Star Trek uses Warp travel and Star Wars uses Hyperspace jumps (similar to wormholes). Warp travel would be slower because it bends time and space around it, but the starting and ending points are still the same distance away. Wormholes basically bring two points in space and time beside each other and connect them with a 'bridge' if you will. So of course Star Wars would be faster, because they use more efficient (travel time and distance wise) than Star Trek.
You know the thing that makes Star Trek win over Star Wars... Star Trek has Q on their side and he is definitely more powerful than any Dark Side of the force wielder in the Star Wars Universe. In fact, if he wanted to, he could wipe out the whole Empire including Darth Vader and the Emperor with just a snap of his fingers!
John Keller
Somehow, ships can travel at least half the length of an entire spiral galaxy at "light speed" in Star Wars, so maybe SW is just kind of fudging the numbers a little bit? At least Star Trek makes some kind of effort to explain how fast they can go.
Josh Lexcelius
Um the federation star fleet ships still take months to get across the alpha qaundrant which is only 30% of the galaxy. While Star Wars ships only take a few days to get across the Star Wars galaxy. So that was an obvious answer
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