Are starships faster in Star Wars or Star Trek?

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In just over two weeks the third entry to the Star Trek reboot is coming out: Star Trek Beyond. Out of my excitement for this Star Wars styled film, I began to wonder to myself: if the Enterprise was next to the millennium falcon… who would win in a race? Out of this seemingly simple question this video was created. Hello I’m Isaac from Wotso Videos and today we are going to determine if starships are faster in Star Wars or Star Trek.

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If you would like to do your own research on the Star Wars universe, I highly recommend Wookiepedia. The wiki distinguishes between canon and the legends of Star Wars and has been very reliable and helpful for me. 

I do not own the rights to Star Wars or Star Trek or any of the branding associated to the franchise. This video is meant for educational purposes which does not take away from the original works, but instead helps build understanding on the cinematic universe.

RHINOguy24 4
Quantum slipstream drive?
Kane Peterson
The Borg are very fast, using transwarp. Their timescales for crossing the galaxy may be equivalent to in Star Wars and they are present in all four quadrants, I think.
Jim Green
21,473 X the speed of light? That's nothing! Star Wars is hands down faster. First off, Voyager expected the trip back to earth from the far side of the galaxy to take 75 years, or 1000 light years per year, i.e., about 1 every 8 hours. They had been doing interstellar travel for about 300 years when Janeway and Picard were around. But, Star Wars had been traveling faster than light for 25-30,000 years. Tatooine had been settled 12,000 years before the birth of Luke Skywalker. They could zip across the galaxy in 12-24 hours. I saw it figured somewhere recently that they could travel 60 million times the speed of light, which works out to almost 2 light years per second. End of contest!
batman jeff42
a borg Cube can go warp 50
it's really sad that you are looking at a ship that is based as much in science as ships from Star Trek and comparing them to ships that even Lucas said he had no idea about how anything is Star Wars actually Works. I don't mind these B.S. Comparisons but the Falcon doesn't even have a way to explain how it would stop a spec of dust from destroying her at the speed of light. Again, you are taking a Franchise based as much in science as they could get, from TOS up until Voyager and trying to Justify comparing anything from a franchise that was designed as a "Modern day Fairy Tale" (that is how everyone explained the Star Wars Franchise from the start).
Curt Ray
There's a huge problem with that math and he is a star war fan
Andi M
The next generation of Star Trek ships trevel with Warp 10. Time to cross the milky way and the complete universe is 0.0
So the star wars ship can get to the other side of the galaxy 24 mins.? If that's the case we can colonized galaxy from far distance that we can go to for hours or days mind blowing we can go anywhere but still I won't ever forget where I'm from and that's Planet Earth
Johnny Ray
Yet the millennium falcon had no transporters or shields, or quantum torpedoes.
Johnny Ray
what about Excelsior class starships that had transwarp Drive
Johnny Ray
Meaning Star Trek is more realistic.
Benjamin Berteaux
Yeah but star wars ship mostly travel on hyperspace routes. not out of them, where as star trek ships can travel anywhere.
Suffolk Hammer
star trek is far superior in every way to star wars.
My 1978 Ford Capri with vinyl roof and one wing covered in red oxide primer goes faster than this.
Taylor Bucannon
argue this we now have silpstream drive in starships So this makes the facons speed obselete
Phoenix Swanson
It's because Star Wars is a Type 3 civilization​ and Star Trek is Type 2 civilization
Lil Green Alien
I wonder why they even made this video. Like if star wars or star trek wanted they could make a ship that goes nonillions light years per second
Lil Green Alien
I wonder why they even made this video. Like if star wars or star trek wanted they could make a ship that goes nonillions light years per second
In Star Trek a transwarp drive was developed. Transwarp is infinite velocity. A ship travelling at transwarp is everywhere in the universe at once. That includes a galaxy far, far away.
the uss vengeance did warp 11
Brian Pietrucha
ummmm there is a faster star trek ship.
Ericonan Brah
Does this mean that Star Trek weapons would be totally useless vs any shielded ship in Star Wars?
Alton Kilbourne
Jason Josephson
all this is wrong..2 ships...the fastest ship in the galaxy is the one not playing Justin bieber...the other ship internals go mental and the warp drive carnt take it no more so it travels so fast to just fall apart getting away so fast..yeah boyyeeee
.5 past light speed pretty much tells us it goes 1.5 warp. All that other crap is unneeded since he flat out says how fast it goes.
Jason Smith
Wait....but the Traveler in Star Trek can go to any ship and travel over a billion light years in minutes...
Jason Smith
Bad math..... Shouldn't matter where in the universe... the speed of light should be constant should it not? You could use any number as X = Y... So .5 past light speed should be all you need to know.
Adam Travis
he forgot the USS vengeance and the Falcon can't go the distance because of its power source qnd the vengeance can get there in 1 hour at half its speed.
Bill Matthews
I thought that in Star Wars they used jump drive technology. They could achieve light speed, but to traverse great distances they would have to jump, like Obi Wan did in SW ep. 2.
In legend their is much faster ships than the falcon. Also you need to look at their hyperspace speed:) Go Star Wars!! :)
Joe Knopick
Why so quick in the Star Wars universe comparatively speaking? Lucas's universe has over 30 thousand years of history, a longtime to make advanced travel technology, even with slow gradual development. Where Starfleet, has just under 500 years and is a much younger time period of technological development. Also The Galactic Republic has tech from various cultures and societies spanning 100's of thousands of races worlds and cultures over that 30+ thousand years. Trek, well just a few hundred in a relatively smaller area of space, a mere sliver compared to Lucas's universe. Plus your comparing Tribbles to Gungans anyway.
they all forgot the warp 10 ship .... you know the ship that could be everywhere instantly.
Andre Martel
The Star Wars Math does not make any sense,
nick sykes
Paranormal Encyclopedia
The Empire covers the better part of a galaxy. The Federation is one part of a quadrant of the galaxy. Heck in ESB we see the entire rebel fleet cooling its heels beyond the edege of the galaxy a feet no federation ship could manage. Never mind ships going from the core of the galaxy to its edges in a matter of hours. Star Trek has advantages on Star Wars but speed isn't one of them.
Miquel Mor Gomez
pero el USS.Enterprise a sido capaz de saltarse 4 galaxias en 1 segundo . Y el USS.Voyager a sido capaz de hacer 9000 añosluz en 3 segundos
Miquel Mor Gomez
The Golden Banana
or the original enterprise in "that which survives" when she went to warp 14.1
The Golden Banana
you forgot the all good things enterprise, which has 3 nacelles and can go to at least warp 13
Mitchell Bewick
Gary Meyers
Star Wars, obviously. There were multiple times where Star Wars ships seemed to have been at their destination almost instantaneously. That said, Star Trek is far more developed in terms of describing how it is achieved. And it is also far more realistic. Star Wars is all over the places in cannon and in legends. Although in Star Trek, there are multiple omnipotent beings in existence. Both franchises have their idiocy and realism though.
Jayan Patel
what is faster the tardis or the millennium falcon?
Star trek got Transwarp so you can go instant where you want. Voyager Threshold Season 2 Episode 15
Jeff Tank
He's comparing Federation technology only. What about Borg transwarp or quantum slipstream?
HrabCOrp Ua
Wait. How phasers can be fired in warp? 1:23. Just noticed.
Keep it cannon, in the star trek series and the star wars films they state the speed of the ships. Adding the math a fan did based on a star chart in the film is NOT cannon. Lucas did not build his star chart to scale, it was a design choice. The fastest ship is the falcon it does .5 past light speed, you showed the clip itself, you do injustice to the franchise by attempting to correct that. I might add that the fastest a ship has travelled in Star Trek is transwarp, the enterprise is one of many ships that has achieved transwarp, went from one end on the galaxy to the other in around 20 seconds with Wesley crusher at the helm. I love star wars and star trek, but respect the cannon if your going to force them to compete for some kind of glory.
Fives the arc troper
look at that star wars won, what a suprise! (irony)
Yeah, this sounds about right. Even though I prefer Star Trek as entertainment, it should be fairly obvious. In Star Wars they first have a galactic republic followed by a galactic empire. In order to have a single government controlling such a large area you first need to be able to get from one side to the other easily. Something that is impossible for starfleet.
well it isn't quite as simplistic. are we comparing the speed of the ships while they are accelerating to enter hyperspace, or their speed through hyperspace?

the millennium falcon reaches 1.5 lightspeed before entering hyperspace, though after entering hyperspace it travels at 25,000 light years/day.

in star trek a warp bubble is created allowing for speeds beyond lightspeed, though factors that disrupt the warp bubble alters the speed quite a bit. the rule of thumb that is used is warp speed cubed times the speed of light. so 9.9 warp speed is about 970.3 the speed of light.

so 9,125,000 times lightspeed is faster than 970.3 times lightspeed. though as far as non hyperspace travel (allowing one to be able to interact with the universe) the difference is 1.5 lightspeed vs. 970.3 lightspeed. so with great limitations startrek can get faster in a fight (to do something like the picard maneuver), though for distance travel (again with great limitations) the faster ships are star wars. so in one circumstance one is faster, and in another the other is faster.
Odarris Dhaiti
Start wars is like checkers to chess (Star Trek)
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