Are starships faster in Star Wars or Star Trek?

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In just over two weeks the third entry to the Star Trek reboot is coming out: Star Trek Beyond. Out of my excitement for this Star Wars styled film, I began to wonder to myself: if the Enterprise was next to the millennium falcon… who would win in a race? Out of this seemingly simple question this video was created. Hello I’m Isaac from Wotso Videos and today we are going to determine if starships are faster in Star Wars or Star Trek.

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If you would like to do your own research on the Star Wars universe, I highly recommend Wookiepedia. The wiki distinguishes between canon and the legends of Star Wars and has been very reliable and helpful for me. 

I do not own the rights to Star Wars or Star Trek or any of the branding associated to the franchise. This video is meant for educational purposes which does not take away from the original works, but instead helps build understanding on the cinematic universe.

Marshall Pope
There's just one variable you forgot to factor in: how much time and effort it always took Han & Chewie to actually "Make the jump to light speed" "I gotta get those calculations just right or we'll fly right into a star or something." And like 5-10 minutes later, they're off.Whereas in Star Trek, they're all: "engage". That's a considerable head start for Star Fleet.
lydia trevelyan
lol.... travel time leaves star wars the win however the comparisons made in the video say the falcon is that fast , it isnt. hyperdrives push the vehicle into hyperspace. travel in such a dimensional space is theoretically far faster because OF said dimension NOT because of the falcon, which can go .5 past light speed.very very very slow compared to warp speeds that happen in real space not hyperspace. even the non warp impulse engine speeds easily outpace anything demonstrated in star wars non hyperspace. star wars ships travel by way of hyperspace. hyperspace travel is fast even with slow realspace engine speeds like .5 past lightspeed. in speed. the hyperdrive is the ONLY advantage star wars has technology-wise and that is NOT fast travel in real space just in another dimension . in realspace star trek ships are far superior in speed both at warp and impulse. however if we are just talking travel time and distance by dimension hopping then we can easily agree that star wars wins.
Star Trek Discovery just created the Spore drive. Anywhere in the galaxy in one jump, instantaneously
Jared Jams
Ha. I got an ad for lightsaber toys
the red baron
what about the slip stream technology that the borg use ? isnt that faster than lightspeed?
Ryan Gunn
Inb4 I vote Star Wars. Fairly certain they bounce around the galaxy on a regular basis far faster than what nearly any physical race in Trek can achieve.
Still. You need to compare to Voyager using the Transwarp o slipstream drives..
Scott Yang
If think about it in a more realistic term (I know it's kind of idiotic......), certain technologies in SW universe are INSANELY advanced. For example, how do they achieve artificial gravity on small ships, like the one they travel in Rogue One? Those small, bordering on tiny, Jedi star fighters in episode 2 and 3 sure look like they have nice on-board gravity, evidenced by the status of character's robes. And to think that that thin a hull could handle space flight and entry of atmosphere, sometimes even while they are in combat doing insane maneuvers? That's fantasy level of hull material.
Also, when the ships do those insane maneuvers, how do they handle inertia? At least in ST they had the curtsy of siting "inertial dampeners" although it's only as realistic, and convenient, as the "Heisenberg compensators".

But in some other areas, SW technology seems rather weirdly out of proportion. For example they don't even have ship-wide data network or some sort of LAN, and data has to be downloaded onto a disk and PHYSICALLY passed-on. And other than the droids of trade federation, no one seems to be using any guided weaponry? And while they can project shields over a whole PLANET, their capital ships sure look like are shooting at a pretty close range.

Despite all these quibbles, it would be more than fantastic if we can have anything remotely approaching those technologies. Just image how our life could be.......
Philippe Alain
New stupid "Star Trek" films (kelvin stupid timeline, or Jar Jar Abrams / Kurtzman / Orci stupid timeline) are not representative of what is Star Trek.
Xavarius Quest
A little education...
Galaxies. They come in different sizes...some only a few thousand ly across, others millions of ly across. We only know ST is in our galaxy. We don't know anything about the galaxy in SW. So the continued reference to "travel across a galaxy" is moot if we don't know which galaxy we are talking about.

Distribution. Stars are not equally distributed within a galaxy therefore any habitable planets may be unequally distributed. Within SW galaxy we know nothing of this distribution.

Distance. Parsec is a distance not a speed or a time. To make the Kessel Run in 12 parsecs means Han found a shorter route which translates to a faster time. It might also mean that he can get around obstacles in the hyperspace corridor more easily because of the ships design so he can take chances others can't.
Also, parsec is a term base on Earth dimensions...funny that it is used in another galaxy.

SW could occur in a galaxy the size of our quadrant where habitable planets are closely grouped making travel within and "across" a galaxy fairly easy.
I like how the falcon can travel 25000 light years and then makes a 50000 light year trip in 29 minutes.
How do you make a 50,000 light year round trip in 29 minutes at a speed of 25,000 light years per day? Wouldn't that take two days?
Jim Hamrick
Bottom line is Hans Solo clearly said point 5 past light speed, end of discussion.
Marco Polo
I think your math is abit off, you just stated moments ago the Millenium Falcon could cover 25,000ly a day, and so it would take 2 days to reach the middle of the Milky Way galaxy, but then you said 30 minutes? whut. Either way its a ridiculously fast speed. Now if you could compare the Millenium Falcon to the fastest ship in the Star Trek universe ahem the Borg. Or even more outrageous, the episode where the Enterprise D made it outside the galaxy with the help of the traveller.
Victor Nikolai
And Nerdbitching starts now
What About Trans Warp And Quantum Slipstream Drive In Star Trek Are They Faster Star Wars ???
Colton Turner
So you're telling me the Millenium Falcon goes 9 million times the speed of light, yet Han Solo at retirement age has the reaction time to stop a few thousand feet above the surface of a plant he's about to ram into?
Some ships in star trek time travel :)plus jump from one side of the galaxy to other:)
But the fastest thing in star trek is the Q not to mention they are like gods
Choadatios Toad
How is .9 past lightspeed faster than which you can't do that anyway it's physically impossible. Where is warp drive gets around that by warping space time by pulling space time in in front of you and expanding it behind you while leaving you in a bubble of normal space-time. If the Millennium Falcon were real and It Go .9999999999 of C, the trip for Han Solo due to the time dilation and relativistic effects, would seem almost instantaneous. But it would take him literally 50 thousand years. You can compare to Technologies. One's a real technology that we will most likely be able to obtain in the next hundred and fifty years Star Trek's pretty prophetic I don't like the nuclear war part but Star Wars is just sheer bullshit. So you really can't make a comparison. Put it to you this way Star Trek is realistic in one way Starfleet has been around for many years and humans by the time that the series has been around say picard and janeway's time period. They've only explored around 11% of the Galaxy. The Galaxy is very fucking big this idea of being able to Traverse from where we are thirty thousand light-years into Sagittarius A is literally impossible to think of being able to do within a few minutes less than a half an hour. Star Wars uses the technology they call hyperspace they make the jump into hyperspace which is sort of like Subspace for Star Trek but that's for communications because you really can't travel with in Subspace which is a real Theory by the way about being below the fabric of space-time in other words like in a wormhole. Hyperspace though it's totally non-existent at least as far as We Know and how you going to get into it then leave it explain the technology or the energy levels necessary to do so. In Star Trek they explain how much energy is necessary to create a warp bubble and how they have to keep the warp bubble stable and then they can start warping space time in order to move it's a lot of energy it requires exotic materials which we would call negative matter but they called dilithium and it would require a lot of normal energy equivalent to a nuclear bomb in order to form the warp bubble. As far as relatively speaking , in the formula E=mc² a kilogram of plutonium for example fissioned another words actually cut in half and turned into beryllium and some other element around that size maybe helium-3 or something wood yield about 21 kilotons of energy. Doctor David I think is Sparro is his name got energy levels for a stable warp bubble and the actual manipulation of space-time down to the energy of mass equal to the mass of a small car and not talking fissioned, but completely transformed into energy look at it understand E=mc² energy is equivalent to Mass at the speed of light squared which is this much energy8.98755179 × 1016m2 / s2 that is 9 with 16 zeros on the back of it roughly. And that's the energy in joules that's a lot of fucking energy now you take that figure and applying it to the mass of a small car and that's what it takes to form a warp bubble dr. Alcubierre at first thought it would take the energy equivalent of the mass of Jupiter but NASA has since made it doable as far as energy is concerned. Another words what I'm trying to say here is Star Trek's real science applied the science fiction there's no dilithium crystals. But warp drive is a real thing that we will attain one day. Hyperspace is a figment of George Lucas's imagination along with getting somewhere in 12 parsecs 😂😂😂😂
Choadatios Toad
How can you make the comparison question mark Star Trek is based on actual real physics including the warp drive Alcubierre drive. Star Trek is based on I think something called hyperspace which is not real Theory much less any kind of attainable technology. You know Han Solo says that the Millennium Falcon can make the Kessel Run I think it is in 12 parsecs a parsec is a measure of distance it's about 3.2 some odd light years it's not a measure of time.
omar tarek
john tracy
I thought the Falcon's speed was more like 7 to 8 light years per second.
xc5647321 xc5647321
Star Trek is likely slower on average but faster on occasion. Examples of faster have been whenever that 3 fingered Traveler alien took Enterprise D to the edge of existence in minutes, and whenever Reggie Barclay was enhanced and sent to in seconds across the galaxy. I was told by a real nerd that Enterprise D whenever it was first running from Q in the pilot episodes was redlining at about 12,000 times the velocity of light, regardless how they call it with "warp".
Ben Avetissian
It was a fair video about a race but in all other ways star trek is Superior to star wars
starwars ships travel at light speed. Star trek uses warp this is always faster than light speed. It generates a field to bend space and emerge on the other side of said space in an instance. Meaning I could get from earth to pluto in a couple minutes using warp. Light speed would take about 7 hours.
Kilometer Bob
going geek here
in the Star trek: Voyager episode Thresh hold (SE 2 ep 15). Lieutenant Tom Paris (Robert Duncan McNeill) travels at warp 10 on the new Cochrane scale which in the show he states he had seen everything at every point in space, and the shuttle's database similarly contains a massive amount of information about the Delta Quadrant. at this speed a ship in the star trek universe could travel between galaxy in a few seconds impossible in star wars. so maybe next time do some research
star ship uss exelsior can fly transwarp , its more times faster than warp 9.9
in one episode from voyager thay say on transwarp you can fly to each point in les seconds
Oisin Murphy
Star Trek is well thought out consistent while the science is Star Wars is nonsense mixed in with spiritual bullshit. Star Trek is proper sci-fi, Star Wars is a western in space.
Ken Donohue
I you want to buy a good and fast ship to travel in, I would recommend a certain blue police box. ;)
Taylor Bucannon
sorry Star Trek,s slip stream dive is faster than anything. Slip stream drives allow a star ship to travel from 1 quadrant to the other with in minutes so millinum falcan is slow compeard to that.
Oswald Rich
I hate you so much what is wrong with you!!!! 😠

jk thank you for the info
Christian Bowman
If you knew anything about Star Trek you would know that a Borg cube can go at warp 10 and can travel across the galaxy in seconds. Compare a Borg cube to the millennium falcon. A Borg cube could probably travel the the center to the galaxy in 29 seconds. Talk about lack of research... not to mention his math is completely wrong.
That Troller
If I were to choose hyperspace or warp drives, I would choose warp. Hyperspace drives requires calculations and a hyperspace route that may have taken centuries to map. With warp, just activate it and you're moving!
Lieutenant Nomad
What about Trans Warp?
Daniel Mefford
fantasy the logical reason for star wars ships moving so fast around there galaxy is that there galaxy is super small.
star trek is sci fiction meaning the tech is possible, star wars is sci fantasy. i still enjoy star wars but when it comes to logical tech star trek is the winner .dont even get me started on trans warp and slipstream speeds.
Dank God -Carlo- Zamasu
The math is very....iffy...
Hyperdrive is faster but it works by not going straight but pathfinding specific routes.

And Star trek obviouslly is very inconsistant with the speed.
Michael Hamar
x x
Absolute nonsense! Anyone who has read any of the canon knows that the galaxy which Star Wars takes place is tiny compared to that of the Milky Way. That is why they seemed to travel so fast across it.
he is also forgetting that Star wars uses Hyperspace corridors whuch are basically shortcuts through space, not thr same as warp drive. Also Star Trek has access to "trans warp" or "subspace corridors" and wormholes which make travel even faster. Star wars is all fantasy and all its tech is made up like fantasy, thats what makes it fun to watch. Star Trek tech is based in theory of what we know right now ( except warp drive...scientists are sure it's impossible) which is what makes it interesting. if we want pure speed then either the Tardis or the ship from the Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy are the absolute fastest being instantaneous and time related.
All that ambiguous as hell 'lightspeed' technology and the Falcon still doesn't have wireless headsets. Every time i see these falcon v enterprise type videos the speed of the falcon changes, almost as if the fan boys simply want it to be faster, whereas trek velocities are consistent. 'one and half time past light speed' means lightspeed times one and a half, NOT MILLIONS OF TIMES FASTER.
Miguel Delgado
I know this video isn't new but you have to remember that their ftl systems are different. using hyperspace the flacon and every star wars ship is faster because they don't travel through normal space. This is more comparable to slip stream In Star trek which does get them across the Galaxy much faster. Warp speed is not comparable.

For a race you'd have to compare the flacon top speed minus the hyperdrive and for Star trek you want to is the speed of full impulse. Since both systems are considered sub light speed.
warp theory says the ship itself isnt moving, but the space around it is. also in star wars they travel "faster than the speed of light" because they travel through hyperspace
Stagnant Colt
lol "what a piece of JUNK" hahaha
Criminally low prices
this is so incorrect it hurts. Starwars ships travel using hyperspace which is essentially a tunnel in space. this cuts tons of time off their trip. that being said they move sublight in normal space. Warp speed travels in normal space, therefore, the Falcon is not only slower than the Prometheus it cant ego a fraction of the speed.
RHINOguy24 4
Quantum slipstream drive?
Kane Peterson
The Borg are very fast, using transwarp. Their timescales for crossing the galaxy may be equivalent to in Star Wars and they are present in all four quadrants, I think.
Jim Green
21,473 X the speed of light? That's nothing! Star Wars is hands down faster. First off, Voyager expected the trip back to earth from the far side of the galaxy to take 75 years, or 1000 light years per year, i.e., about 1 every 8 hours. They had been doing interstellar travel for about 300 years when Janeway and Picard were around. But, Star Wars had been traveling faster than light for 25-30,000 years. Tatooine had been settled 12,000 years before the birth of Luke Skywalker. They could zip across the galaxy in 12-24 hours. I saw it figured somewhere recently that they could travel 60 million times the speed of light, which works out to almost 2 light years per second. End of contest!
BillyBobJoe the3rd
a borg Cube can go warp 50
it's really sad that you are looking at a ship that is based as much in science as ships from Star Trek and comparing them to ships that even Lucas said he had no idea about how anything is Star Wars actually Works. I don't mind these B.S. Comparisons but the Falcon doesn't even have a way to explain how it would stop a spec of dust from destroying her at the speed of light. Again, you are taking a Franchise based as much in science as they could get, from TOS up until Voyager and trying to Justify comparing anything from a franchise that was designed as a "Modern day Fairy Tale" (that is how everyone explained the Star Wars Franchise from the start).
Curt Ray
There's a huge problem with that math and he is a star war fan
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