Now Pena
Call jauaun
Devin Carrillo
Look At Erica's ASS Dat ass 🙄🍑🖐🏼👃🏾
Lit Kids
I'm watching Jake Paul
Errol Page
So funny 😊
Dr ChomperTV
Chance Sutton is gay for doing that
Justin Potter
Want an iPhone please and done
Christian Fontenot
Yasmine Segovia
Jake u love 49ers
YT3lit3GäMîÑG 6
hey yo jake whats your disney show called
Am Tharp
Oliver Roberts
There's nothing wrong with being gay
Addison Alexy
does your mom know jjullee
Laila _tatum3
Jake you make me so happy because I have a baby sister she's like 2 years old and I never see her because her mom took her away and it's been two years and she's just two years old now and I actually actually don't feel happy and then I come over here and you like so funny and so nice so it's like you're like I'm like your number one fan
Muffin Cake176
Chance has so many tattoos !!
Verrel 00
My first video that i watch from your channel is hoverboard tricks when 300k subs
Lps Hippopotamus
Hi I love you jake Paul
Grace Thomas
Chance was gonna throw a basketball hoop at the drone
Kassidy Holland
I lovvvvvveeè you so much
Laetitia Jane
haha the only wash 4 cars cause they have no more fans which are over 18
Jake Paul
Fuck your
Daniella Castillo
why Tessa said yes about the carwash in a bikini and she didn't do it
Kelly Tylerèr k
Ohioooooo like so Jake see's
Joseph Boer
I'm done that vid was sick
oblivious fedora
bruh you can see her butt stop exposing your girl friend
Skillzy boy
Areeba Ahmad
Whose watching this now when Jake isn't on Disney anymore?
Mario Baca
Mario Baca
linc in bio
Kyle Downes
U did that to drake houes
Dominican feen
Wolfgamer 297
Harvey Moss
Guys go to markie's video on his most popular and you will see behind the scene's of this video Jake blur's the kid with maverick merch out the video and stamps on his jumper.
Buttfeed Inc
Wtf is this shit
That Emmii
Eden Mulligan
Can we please talk about the fact that chance was wearing his socks while doing the car wash
Matt Sushi
Yo those stretch marks are crazy
Storm Kingi
hi Jake I have jump of a roof in a boot
Jordan Traurig
You guys have really neat handwriting
Becky Hibberd
Jake should have a gaming chanel
Lexi Morales
I did a long timd ago
Dylan Knight
This is Dylan knight and I subscribed.i watch bizarrdvark all the time and I am a huge fan of you!
Madison Bennett
How old is Eathen
Team Sophie
They're literally just filming Erika what pervs
Lancaster- Girl
It was funny when Anthony was running to the car
Jehan Faissal
I followed you on Instagram and I subscribed and gave this video a like and I clicked the bell
Keyra Ferreira
B a S i C G i R l
Those fucking sweatshirts are £50 each that poor kid Jake Paul your team is fucked up
Clash of Coc
I've done all it
Rhyler Woo
Lol dat boi should go to logans house it's done said
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