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Owl love 2008
I don't have hot glue 😭😭
Ceci Oriente
For the hot glue dots you can use them as a prank. They look like candy. It would be really funny
Whats the song at 0:00 0:23 ??
Helen Piao
Does anyone else just watch this to pass time but doesn't really think 💭 they're going to do it
مسظب يديظرظظب
jayne Sandever
You are awsome and have you seen my friends videos if u have reply me please I am going to see my two sisters at scottland in 4 trains there and back tomorrow it's my brothers birthday and I have got pringels
Йорданка Николова
ong bee siing
I know a prank u take a straw u put hot glue at the bottum then u put it in a cup full of sweet drink then give it to yuor friend n then your friend won't be able to take a sip
jasmín Ýr
Halló my name is Jasmín and I love you vitjós bot my mom Don't leyfi mér að skera á þessi bönd
Alaa Wael
puppy stick 2.0 Laws
I hate ads then I can't see y'alls cool ideas 💡
Trinh Lê
Có ai là người việt ko
Jun Aidi
trom Trom
Laura Xherimeja
Cassandra Xuen
Can I use vaseline
madam nutilla
اني أسمي halla
Gel299 Hya
I like your videos

And please do more
Elie Zabeth
I have hot glue gun. But I don't no the right time to melt glue stick.what is the right time to melt glue stick.
Mixsy Matamala
Mixsy Matamala
Abubakar Ahmed
what is That cream which u aplied on bowl
sarah beauty corner
plzz subscribe to my channel . bcz I'm heart patient. plzzzzz
MLP Friendship Train Toy Surprises
love it !!!
Husky10156 Hawkinson
Quick I need a gift for my boyfriend 💋💑
Sude Buse Ertürk
i am turkish
song is very great
song name ?
Ava Girl47
My glue gun came with a stand💩
taranom nikmagham
چه بی مزه بود
Jessamine Espiritu
I love it
Tanzila Himel
who else I searching this is 2017
Feyza Yılmaz
bir türk yokmu
Deondra Smith
Diana Sandu
طوق الياسمين الياسمين
روووعة الأفكار وسهله للبنات 😻😻😻
hương ARMY
cover the bowl with fatty cream

sopshire sauce
what is fatty cream
TheKings OfYoutube
Could you at least you sound like your interested? Your voice sounds fake.
majid almakkawi
loved it
Areeba Nisar
Can we any cream
Claws Furball
"Don't pull the trigger"
Durpy Cat
You guys make the best and cutest hacks!
Tom holland Edits
Fatty cream
Oooo Oooo!
yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo I have a Glue yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Lubianka Reyes
Taylah Dean
It sounds like a computer game and this is terrible 🖕🏿you
House Of Hart Studios KarmaHart
what is fatty cream?
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