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Renna Velez
You have a video that how to put correctly your things in your case
andrea marrie
It's nice but we all knew this cuz we already watch this in your previous videos we want more!!
נילי מהמיק | NiliMeHaMik
Han Ly
Malu Borges
Love video
thanh phung
hello what you name
Amiyah Jackson
Why do you need to put a straw in a potato
Fox4ever owo

I've seen that hack
Hugo Pereira
Cara que comprou aquele negócio de tinta se vai por uma sacola para não sujar
Zara Kale
Is trik
Bleach Sauce
Except ive seen it in all of your other videos
I 've seen most of them🤔
Jane Robinson
You inspired me to do these amazing crafts💛💚💙💜💓
Jane Robinson
5:00 looked disgusting
Vasugnt Julakanti
J.E. Cooper
Nobody fucken cares if you have seen them already. Just shut up, it's getting very annoying.
edgariuxgaiming pijuxgaiming
Please subscribe my channel Please :(
And join my website http://edgariuxgaiming.fweb.lt
AR Williams
Sorry...I've said it once, I'll say it again...it's tacky, distracting from content and just ridiculous to have to be subjected to being assaulted with even beautifully done colorful tattoos when trying to pay attention and learn from a video. Not everyone appreciates the artistry! I'm an artist and genuinely see the beauty...but, NOT when attempting to pay close attention to a 'learning" video. As a side note, it would be bad enough to have one of my sons come through the door looking like an advert for a tattoo parlor, BUT MY DAUGHTER?!??!!! (if I had one) She would have to wear long sleeved shirt with a man's tee neckline...I honest to God would NOT be able to look at her.... So, don't anybody get all "offended", as just about EVERYONE is prone to do these days over NOTHING! It's just an opinion, ALL MINE!!WHY doesn't anyone one these great and valuable little videos RARELY EVER include exactly what's being used, and most importantly...A M O U N T S?? Geezzzzzz....
Tashonta Morris
Can the lounging bed sheet can be washable
Has anyone else seen all of these before
Ola's World
Yes.... Cut a shopping bag to make another bag....
Jihane's games
Harsh Rai
the girl in soap hack who was drinking coffee looks like Omkara of isqbaaz
Luka Međimorec
15:43 this girl has got an amazing tattoes 😄😢😍
Sri Vani
Please tell beach life hacks
MiaLovesCookies 2812
The “lounging bed” already exist because I bought one at a store like a month ago. I’m trying to hate on the video
Shopping bag cost 5p 10p or sometimes free
Gracie Graeber
Umm why would you ever need to stick a straw in a potato?
Δημητρης Δουρος
cool video
Julia Stącel
Kto z polski
Norah Genova
suman dhayal
Lil Flicka
Who else just watches the vids but never try them out😂😂😂😂
i've literally seen 00:00-26:46 in the last video
they should really do a draw my life
Kiwi Crystals
Pretty sure I have seen these before
F. Polomski
I love 5-Minute Crafts❤️
Grace Mendez
Love watching it
Charlotte Gamer
Does anyone else wonder what their house looks like?
Shirah Franker
Can you make Slime whittout gleu
Suran Korevaar
Maniakle Maniac
All in her othe videos. All useless. All will NEVER be used. Much hate.
Kyla Ann Sadueste
Stuck Violin Sonata No. 7 4th Movement 8:26
Lost Nocturne Op. 15 No. 1 In F Major 8:34
Heres a poem i made for 5-minute-crafts:
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Half of your life hacks don’t work,
And your mind clearly doesn’t too.

( i made this but feel free to use it )
Londyn Dean
My mom love s your mom tips thx 😆
I’ve seen literally every single one of these.
Peanut The Dragon
Anyone ever realize some of these are LIKE REAALY satisfying!?!? And that woman at 9:28 was like “ oooh yes plastic bags that’s so comfy to sleep on and that won’t annoy in the night when I toss and turn at all “
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