Emma T.V :3
You are the bestπŸ˜‡
skyler 12901
You are so awesome I love you so much do more puns
Lucy John
Aiyana Martinez
your the best punny person ever better then the merrel twins
Llama xxQueen
The cheese scene I was like that is NACHO cheese -.- this is your cheese throws cheese box that is labeled"LIZA'S PROPERTY"
Michelle Shelfer
do a prank video
malek bahnas
you are the best lizza
malek bahnas
you are the best lizza
Socially Awkward Human
yo yo yickity yo
I Am Ecstatic
haha i get it haha
Katelynn DaPro
Puns:Hey Lettus talk about it: wow that was some salad joke:Man (physic)= i feel sick :when i get new glasses u know how pharmacy:Your not welcome in ma city:U put the dressing on that joke:Dont beat ur self:wow there some peak In craft:*Jokes*whyndid the fat man cross the road...(To n get to the icecream truck)"Lets si what else joke i have (muahah)
dat AlGot theres a key to the joke (funneh):Well There was ma city but now the city is nisse
Tatum Blattenberger
Lizza ❀️
pudao boonnao
Lizza your funny about the the colordiets
Ethan Phillips
Socially Awkward Human
yo my dudes whats up
Natalia Perez
I love her laugh
Bred God Squad
She could have said for a pun - u look absolutely radishing
Sarah Napier
I love lizza
Jasmine Williams
Hi I find you very appealing with your Puns
Shelby Roberts
I love you liza your soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo funny and cute
Batgirl Playz minecraft
Love you
shahana Yosef
I did what it said to in the discription box.
Socially Awkward Human
Ok guys no more commenting self promos on my videos its fucking annoying
Emma Kitchell
I wonder how many ppl saw her and don't know who she is and then that person goes on Youtube and be like. omg 😱 I saw a famous youtuber and did not know what the heck and start freaking out 😱😱😱😱😱😱
casey cameron
Lizza <3
David in the background πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Angele Moreno
Anielka Manco
Liza you are so punny!!! :) :) :)
Savannah Adams-Powell
i want you to do beansay song
Ashikaga Yoshiteru
hey dead people like skeletons like to pun-ched other peoples cause they have like a skeletons of them
Loretta Davis
do more videos 😁😁😁😁😁😁😊😊😊😊😊
Georgia Beard
i love watching your vids when in feeling down because they always cheer me up
Mr. Danger Noodle
Kenna Da Bear
you kitten😺 me olive puns
BeautyBeader Gaming

look in the description box
CrAzY Noodles
she is so funny that is why i subscribed to her
Sidney Dejilla
tangina mo ang korny mo
Cooper Menut
Rebecca Refino
Itsheyhey Love
i loved it love puns liked the vid btw
Sakura Owaki
Dude don't copy other people's video
Anna Blackmore
Lizza ❀
Nadia Fox
Groovy Gaming
looks like superwoman
Mary Sion
I love you lizza you are so amazing and your videos makes me so happy
Bella Hodson
My friend is the same! She has a pun for anything! It's funny tho...Liza is the best makes me laugh
Djana Harper
Hi lizza, u are really funny!!!! Iam actually new to youtube because my friend told me about your account and i cant stop watching your vids, ( i have watched most off them about ten times). please do some more driving with lizza and some more puns. #lizza
Kaitlin Athas
half of these weren't puns
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