Sonny Loop
Dan Zhukov
When you try to look at the asian kid's paper during a test in school
Rajendra Nadarajan
Bruce aint no fighter. He never competed in any fighting tournaments. All those 'back alley fights' dont count. Its just stories. Bruce Lee is an ACTOR. Just like Jackie Chan/Jet Li. They are ACTORS. Keanu Reeves has some pretty impressive fight scenes in The Matrix Trilogy and John Wick. Doesnt mean he's gonna be the next UFC welterweight champion.....
Ef a arsylwi bywyd
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Another sexually repressed homo posts a video thinking it nows kung fu. This is Jeet Kune Do and you disrespect the master by calling it anything other. All forms of kung fu use interchangable techniques. Congratulations for spotting fists and strikes used in all forms. Fucking clown.
HiangHao Chan
The ones who disrespect wing Chun might shut up after watching this
aakash singh
amazingly fast
Gabriel Torralba
3:10 not my rodrick πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
christian luna
float like a butterfly but got squashed like a house fly.
Joseph Semil
fak yu?
Ramus FromPolska
Vijay Anand KJ
Bruce lee legend of legends
Chinese boxer!!!
*proceeds to kick the shit out him XD
Umar Elmouna
1:50 Bruce lee is like is that it?
Subhajit Mukherjee
this is jet kundo
Chinese boxing.. so you knock off your opponent and give him cancer?
Mera banner chor
This is actually Karate :D
Vu Le
Father...We meet again...
This is not Bruce Less be best
silent khan
pimp juice
ip mans teacher himself said that you can take the art of wing chun and mold it into your own style.there's no law that's states the style must be the same with all practioners.

ip mans sifu was taught by one of the really old time wing chun this must be dating back like 1800s.
1:57 his lats is like a fucking cobra
Air Espenilla
He literally has wings. Fuckin legend
Ernie Flores
dude those wings are where the power and speed are no had those wings like Bruce
C. Rodriguez81
Bruce Lee will always be the shit! These fools just didn't know his actual strength πŸ’―πŸ’ͺ
Meditated Mind
..You don't throw high kicks in Wing Chun..
Erdem Kaya
cobra chest
Jacob Lorenzo
I wish bruce lee was on kung Fu panda. imagine him talking in the movie and fighting.
Moses Megalli
Bruce lee was from a different planet.
When the vid is in slow motion I also set slow motion X0.25 to watch clearly.
William Maldonado
All of you should check out what Jackie Chan says about Bruce.. There is a video on youtube.
Even he recognize that Bruce was insanely fast.-
Taistoisitcon Merci
stop writing those titles to glorify bruce lee .. everyone can interpret himself without beeing brainwashed by a bruce lee fan
Rav3NouS Music
if I mapped all these moves onto my joystick, I still wouldn't have been able to press all of them within 1 sec
silent assassin
Bruce Lee is 1 of 1, the only one like he was.
Muhammad Salam
damn punch so fast..
Dennis Ly
Mohammad Ali vs Bruce lee who would win?
Majin L
"Now watch closely like these people" 3:06 Boi πŸ˜‚
Bernard Poon
He tea bagged the black dude
Kevin T
damn man, had to seat on the brother...
Ian Stump
He puts the Wing in Chun with those lats.
Were his moves sped up for the movies or real time?
Durga swaroop Perla
That's not wing chun!!
John Johnson
The 1970s had Bruce Lee while today's generation snowflake have faggot conor McGregor.
the realistic touch
terrible speed of master lee
LOL NightSauce
bruce lee get laid after this with that girl. bruce lee's dragon into her pussy
World War Now
Do you even win chun bro
I didn't know wolfman jack was in return of the dragon
VFX Ltdβ„’
It's so fast that when you pause and play at 0:56 u only see a blur
I thought this was his self made jeet kun do, not traditional wing chun.
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