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mulyanto sukardi
cara mencuci sepatu
md arshad
I love❤😘❤😘💞😍 it
Matea Gaspic
I love the part 31:19 to31:42
Minute 12:12 Putting food in a recycled plastic container is not a good idea. Plastic disintegrates in time or when under sunlight, releasing toxic micro-plastic, which is not good for health at all.
Alison Byrd
Do not try the projector I did and it was a waste of time
April Belue
How do I always end up on these?
Grow Leita
wow your cat is expensive iy only can be founded at jungle
แวน จ๋า
i am a child of god 9000
You or so cool
lou-anne toulouze
Crytal Kratz
Where did you get the paper from
عمر العزاوي
Yanko Yasar
Ne yasdın
Yanko Yasar
Nasıl yapıyon
Van Nguyen
wa name
Joy S
Zosia Górka
Pomysły są super ,ale muzyka nie
the cat looks like a cheetah
Jayden Montefalco
Can i request i want for room design plssss
Milica Maric
Ono sa kovertom od papira je prevara pokusala sam!😠😡😠
eric nunez
Prince Nightmare
23:34 what kind of paper is it?
zoe herald
5:37 was that cat from victorious on the picture
Rita Funn
Sum are fakei think..
Liji Ann Tampus
Hey guys please watch my videos just search "liji ann tampus" and dont forget to subscribe and like yhank you
XXxLpsTragicalWorriesxXX 1256
Deesh Kaur
Asma pup I agree mainly diys doesn't work
Anubhav Verma
Very nice I 😘it
Harikrishna Swamykan
Hi!. hero i likes your videos.. How to improve handwriting skills plz upload videos plz..
Ashton Smith
WOW 2 drinks for the price of 2 DRINKS most amazing offer 😂
islamic channel a
Christina Wagner
I like mister shamim very much Ali
I always see hacck on youtube in free time
អតីតា ធម្មា
I do like you all time
Karine Pitta
25:39 da pra usar como chapéu de Barbie
GunzaBlazin Channel
The day they find out how to edit
Rurin Otaku
Ian Emamdee
cool video
Kittie Mittie
How do you get the lens of because I thought I was able
to do it but I was not able to do it
I don't know why people miss thought the channel name "5-Minute Crafts" what they mean is that each craft can be made in less than 5 minutes. The video is 55 minutes long but the video has atleast 11 crafts in it...
FelloW PrAnK
Samira- DiyKanal
Wer spricht Deutsch dann liket den Kommentar❤️😂😂😂
Littlewipey Bun
Shelena Riris
aku sukA banget sama 5 minite sraft soalnya bagus aku sukaaaaaaa banget suerrrrr
Madysen Swain
cool video Helps me out
Techno Boy
Sudeep Acharya
Sudeep Acharya
Little miss DIY
Did anyone else notice her phone said November and this was posted in march?
Manju Shashi
Nice gud....
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