iPhone 7 Home Button--plus wine.

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Mark Yates
There is nearly no difference whatsoever between 1080p 60fps and 720 60fps.

There isn't much more between 480p and 720p 60 fps lol. YouTube has always fudged resolutions. They're much lower than they claim.
Kerex Asri
I'm thinking that i2c_TOUCH_TO, is for touch ID enable and i2c_TOUCH_BI is for home button enable. and the rest of the other pin is importance, because other pin look like some kind of power rail for the chip and for touch sensor io pin. I believe if you delete i2c_TOUCH_TO pin you will lost touch id but not home button.
Kerex Asri
I'm just can't stop hahaha at this moment 00:16:35
Device Mechanix
Also, don't forget... Public schools are driven by the government... You know the same ones we are trying to help with Right to Fix? Politicians are to Education, as Politicians are to Right to Fix. These people are who help decide what is taught in the schools... Guess who helps them decide this? Special interest (Big business, testing/text companies, colleges, religious etc...), exactly the same as Right to Fix. The answer isn't to get rid of the teachers or public education, its to revamp teacher education programs and funding structures. You know in the end its not about what is good for the kids, its about how many kids you can get. Just like its not right to limit people from fixing their own shit. Each individual brings money, and if the powers that be have their way, they will try to do it for as little cost as possible, and with as much as pre-packaged education as possible. The more they are allowed to privatize the more they will profit... Just like corporations trying to keep all the profits for themselves... Corporations and politicians are the enemy in this case.
Andy Fairbairn
I get the impression from this you'd be a very loud drunk when out drinking Jessa!!!
Piotr Porada
@2:08:00 <insert monty python "this sketch is too silly" here>
Hi Jessa please explain to the students that voltage and
current are inversely proportional i.e.: If you have your psu set to 12 limit
and currant set to 2amps if your current rises from a normal 0.300ma to the
full 2amps you will find that your voltage will drop down almost to zero
because if you have a fixed voltage and current if I goes up V will go down proportionally.

Thanks for the clip.
Nanoc Berger
From 1:18:00 to 1:24:40 there is only silence and a static picture on screen. So now you can skip it if you want.
This also starts at 2:36:20 and stops at 2:42:18, because of camera having a empty battery.

For those that watch the whole ting, there is the occasional background noise (footsteps etc.)
clinton livingstone
Already done transfer of turtle chip still no good looking in wrong place guys.ive emailed the issue it's under the Touch ID it's self
Louis Rossmann
2:11:33 drunk ipad rehab is best ipad rehab
from where that i can get like these schematics
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