LOGAN Timeline Explained! (What Happened to the X-Men?)

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Logan big questions answered! What happened to the X-Men? Logan X-Men timeline explained! Logan ending breakdown. Why are X-Men comics in Logan?

Spoilers ahead!

Logan is now in theaters, with the final Wolverine performance by Hugh Jackman delivering a powerful farewell to the X-Men franchise. Erik Voss explains his theories for the film's big mysteries. What happened to the mutants and the X-Men? What was the Westchester incident mentioned in the film, and how was Charles Xavier involved? What is Eden and is it real? How does Logan fit in the X-Men timeline? And what is the secret meaning of the X-Men comic books in the film?

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john robertson
i liked this break down
Blue skull Leader
The toxins in the food is killing Logan just a Theory
Chris Carter Vol.1
7:46 that could be Sauron from the xmen comics. A little easter egg perhaps
Joshua Goodson
In the marvel series provided by Netflix they often pick up comic marvel comic books and action fidgures
Immortal Breed
R.I.P Logan
Moelasi Saunoa
I believe it's Jean that's leading eden lol I know there's no proof but Charles always pointed out in every movie that Jean is going to be his successor
Isnt Xavier posssed by the shadow king?
Vol deMort
Maybe Logan is the aftermath of the Biggest Charles Xavier seizure.
William Rohmeyer
way better than the last video i watched about this
Josh Dodds
Bailey Free Free
Great job!!
Ryan Smith
The films young mutants are made up of various members of the new mutants; not sure if this was done accidentally or purposefully, however it is the truth. Eden as far as i know was the name of the X Factor base. I am in no way an egg head on any of this. I am excited to see where these characters end up! This was the best i've seen Wolverine portrayed in respect to his comic run. Perhaps he will continue to survive in Marvels what if title.
no one is going to mention sabretooth. oh shit never mind. it's in the deleted scene
Question: What happened to the X-Men?

Answer: Marvel was forced to sell the film rights to the X-Men to FOX studios during a financial crisis
and FOX has been steadily ruining the X-Men ever since then.
Watch looper the ending of Logan explained it makes perfect sense
Gamer Stash
who is the other wolverine?
Mike Mcfarland
Eden was actually in Canada, a.k.a. even norther Dakota, the coordinates led to that fire watch tower and that was the rendezvous point for escaping mutants, very much echoing the underground railroad that helped escaping slaves find there way to Canada and freedom during the era of southern slavery and that is just absolutely beautiful.
i burst to tears at the end of the movie when Laura called Logan Daddy...and that last touch of turning the cross on logan's grave to a X...priceless
Fahad Mehar
Why Logan never wear costume ?
Mister CHEF
They should make movies focusing on Laura.
Reece Eyre
What happened to Magneto? That's what i wanna know cause they never mentioned it.
Hinotsuj Warrior
That moment when Professor X gets stabbed in the chest by X-24.
turns out the wolverines prophecy came true he died with his heart in his hand .😭
Carlos Onias
I Think that, restricting the mutants in USA but not in other countries would put the united States in some disadvantages in the world scenery. That part doesn't make sense in the stories.
Marco Cardin
Minute 6-7: a SECRET place which coordinates are in a comic book that everybody in the world can buy and read? WTF?
Poison Frog Gaming
lol good job talking for 3 minutes to make the video over ten minutes
Avan Salazar
I would thought what will happen in the next X-men i mean no storm no beast no every thing and charles is so old even logan :(
DreamCatcher Prints
It's Jean and Emma Frost, the ones that can survive Charles' seizure
Phoenix Gaming
So sad 😢
Jessica Nycole
I thought Logan was set after wolverine killed all the x men but that's how it was in the comments
Dennis Ferreira
awesome. so far
Tagana thorn
the person on the radio sound like a woman
joel end ellie ...the last of us
Kevin OnHeight100
what happened was there was no sanctuary, they all get caught and killed or imprisoned. X23 manages to escape with a few others.
^Next movie.
why they not try blood transfution from laura to logan...
Charles got killed by Jean how he appears in "Logan" ???
This movie is great. I just finished watching it at: https://plus.google.com/u/0/113358315563116938957/posts/We2aHDNPq9J
(Logan 2017 full HD here)
Louie Cruz
They should meet cable and bring laura to deadpool timeline haha LOL :D
Eric Summers
yeah this movie was great for certain generations
bourorga mohamed
we are growing up
Where is Magneto?
star dust
heard of leftist celebrities who threatened to move to Canada if Trump win?
Michael Nevitt
I'm am praying that rouge and Katie weren't one of those seven
Gemini Joey Salvacion
actually those comics were just made for the movie
Nicolás Zan
Iceman could have turned into Ice, and like that gain one of the best regenerative healing factors in the Universe.

I really don't see how they could kill him. Its more of a plot hole, but even when not tapping into his full potential he is an Omega Level mutant.

Maybe the Cinematic version is nerfed, and doesn't have those powers? idk.....
Aldair veles
what is killing logan
yamaneko lunardragon
Logan best thing:
It only proves how Magneto was right.
The End.
Nancy Feliciano
that's my theory too actually! I'm thinking that some mutants survived and are running a safe Haven in Canada. I kind of hope they make a part 2. I want closure for this LOL
It was only good because everything before it sucked. The movie was boring and my wife and I fell asleep. Anyone saying it is a great movie has to get a better life
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