LOGAN Timeline Explained! (What Happened to the X-Men?)

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Logan big questions answered! What happened to the X-Men? Logan X-Men timeline explained! Logan ending breakdown. Why are X-Men comics in Logan?

Spoilers ahead!

Logan is now in theaters, with the final Wolverine performance by Hugh Jackman delivering a powerful farewell to the X-Men franchise. Erik Voss explains his theories for the film's big mysteries. What happened to the mutants and the X-Men? What was the Westchester incident mentioned in the film, and how was Charles Xavier involved? What is Eden and is it real? How does Logan fit in the X-Men timeline? And what is the secret meaning of the X-Men comic books in the film?

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Attack Helicopter
Who else cried when wolverine was dying and Laura said daddy
saddest movies ever


Ice Thunder
I thought cyclops died
Humberto Lugo
this movie sucked. huge disappointment
Ian Ian
Why was he getting sick, was it because of the bullet or the food being poisoned
Patrice The Lizard
Is it only me who thought that tiger like was really clever, like it isn't a good thing but it just made me smile as it's such a small detail that makes so much sense. The films future it's self is also I really plausible future, another reason I find this film very hard to critic. Well the story also is amazing 😉
Alpha Omega
BEST!! wolverine movie ever...
DarkRavenant HQ
its weird how wolverine died by
Jimmy Pope
damn makes perfect sense
Logan Lesu
that was cool
jerry litthachack
Haha The writer is Deadpool
Luis Sanchez
Is logan is still a live
Where's magneto
it wasnt eden. The went to the movie-version of Magneto's Savage Lands..(hence the dinosaur on the cover of the comic book)
Lol why would Cyclops put the location of a secret Mutant sanctuary in a comic book where everyone can see?
Faizan Ahmed
i think deadpool gave the coordinates
I thought Scott died in X3?
Mohd Shamsul Ikram
I know who is in Eden - DEADPOOL...!!He will teach all that kids how to use mutant power...Hahahahahahahahaha.....
TheOriginal Helios
Alpha Flight movie please!!!
Harris Nazir
If they put a secret toxin that kills mutants, how did Charles not die by it then?
I Am Melon Lord
for me, the saddest part was Charles funeral, especially with Logan not knowing what to say, and only barely able to choke out "there's water"
Arman United
Best superhero movie ever I cried at the end I can't stop thinking about Logan. Whyyyyyyyy love wolverine
Nothing 8262
I think the movie was cool
RiseOFloganX Logan
i think everything is a WHAT IF comic.
Niall Bressette
alpha high elf
I think Deadpool wrote the comics, how else would he break the fourth wall.
At first I assumed Xavier had killed all the mutants by having a seizure while in Cerebro. Was actually kind of disappointing that didn't happen, I somehow enjoy the idea of Xavier killing every mutant by accident.
I hate how this is going to be the last movie in the Xmen/wolverine timeline
Max Johnson
She turn it to a x because wolverine is a x-men
Didn't the events of Days of Future Past undo X1-X3?
Kyle Maverick S. Asahan
It happens in Xmen last stand...when phoenix release his power and mutants died like dust fade away!!!
Nice theory but if Cyclops was alive I believe he would've had watched over Charles since he was a father to him before Logan but that's just me.
the mutants were human...eventually died of old age, natural causes, and or killed.
Marvel spiderman Parker
In the comic it had a cliff and at the secret base there was a cliff. Maybe the other x men died there.
Too bad our reality's Canada wants to harbor Muslims.
Shawn Pyke
colossus is an artist...
It was most like Beast (Hank) not Scott . Since they are friends and Hank was the the positive one of the lot , It could be very likely Hank is the one who wrote the comics not Scott. Also Scott would have probably died next to Phoenix during the professors seizure.
To this day 17 years later I still believe that they destroyed the character Rogue.
Steve Strickland
thought this movie was a waste of film
but the girl playing laura did a great job
Dom Kemp Films
This really makes sense thanks for the insight!
but if logan is in the timeline where it follows DOFP and Apocalypse, why is charles still patrick stewart and not McAvoy
Didn't watch the movie. Watched this anyways. Cash me outside.
Steven Van Dinh
Anyone else see Terio running in the forest
Deadpool is on the other side of the radio... He might "start" a new X-Men type of group? Hmm..
eduar ed
how can u say it was one of the best movies when proffesor die and logan???get out of here his worst movie ever come on lol
Joel Girard
I'd say moira mctagert made the comics
what about european mutants? we dont use corn shit here xD
Kyle Locke
I think Colossus would be more likely to be the comic source. Peter is an artist.
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