LOGAN Timeline Explained! (What Happened to the X-Men?)

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Logan big questions answered! What happened to the X-Men? Logan X-Men timeline explained! Logan ending breakdown. Why are X-Men comics in Logan?

Spoilers ahead!

Logan is now in theaters, with the final Wolverine performance by Hugh Jackman delivering a powerful farewell to the X-Men franchise. Erik Voss explains his theories for the film's big mysteries. What happened to the mutants and the X-Men? What was the Westchester incident mentioned in the film, and how was Charles Xavier involved? What is Eden and is it real? How does Logan fit in the X-Men timeline? And what is the secret meaning of the X-Men comic books in the film?

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The Greek Freak
Why does Charles Xavier is still alive when he died in X-Men The Last Stand?
CG 12 Productions
Here is my theory: The Person on the other side of the Radio was Cable or Deadpool. This was a setup for the XForce. And lets face it the Era of the Xmen is over and the Future of the Fox Mutant Universe is the XForce. The XForce will Probably be Cable, Deadpool, Collusus, NTWH, Domino, X23 and maybe Gambit.
Aaron Hilderbrand
think set up two things. alpha flight or magneto they both have place for mutants to be safe.
EAS videos
who thinks the kids should become​ the new x men and his daughter takes the lead
Weren't the Canadian equivalents (sorry it's been so long since I read the comics I can't remember their name) of the X-Men government supported? It would make sense for Canada to be a safe zone for mutants if so. Plus Canada has been the haven of choice in many a dystopian future America.
Was juckt Dich das
Hugh Mungus
Why does everyone like this sort of thing, dark-depressing future, hopelessness, heroes killing their friends, nothing working out, murder, gore and death of characters are the last thing I want to see in a superheroes final outing and everyone is all "this movie is so cool, it's everything I wanted".

Deadpool did the R-Rated thing without destroying the world or being depressing, this may be a good movie, but it's definitely not what how I wanted to see things end up.
Joanne Mercader
great movie
2 popular Teams in Marvel Universe

EVERYBODY SAY GOOD-BYE TO THE X-MEN...THEY ARE GONE(Screw the new generations, i don't care about them expect for that fat nigga((U know who i'm talking about))-)
Eastwood Westwood
Now they're gonna start producing a new movie series called"wolverina " for te next ten years .
NorthFireCraft - Clash Royale And More!
I Think Deadpool is the writer
wouldn't a little girl eventually grow out of her adamantium skeleton? seems like that would be some painful puberty
Rocco Reig
boi no one wanted this is was so bad
Was it only me that thought that Logan was boring
oscar Barcenas
we're is deadpool
Noah Ross
I want this movie to set place in some parallel universe
I wonder where deadpool is
Troi Johnsin
What about Morph. he was the only one to make him laugh.
Jamal Bell
logan killed all the xmen
There's one very simple reason why Eden will wind up being real: sequels. They can make another couple of movies based on this future timeline, where mutants are fighting to "come back". While they can't exactly reuse (many) existing characters who are dead, it can be a reboot based on new characters to keep the franchise going without regurgitating new storylines on the same 10 characters we've already seen.
Yohana Solomon
Is Logan going to be dead forever?
dead pool
Cyclops was the teacher of the young X-Men
Badaboop Badabeep
I hated seeing The Professor like that. When he got stabbed my eyes widened and I could've screamed "NO!" if my mom wasn't sleeping just behind me.
Karabo ManneZA
Laura looks like Gene Grey
Angela Roberts
the Logan movie is ruining everything for me. I thought I had the timeline figured out and now this
Yosef C
Jean was killed by logan in 3
jason kreider
why are people saying it was the adamantuim that was killing logan? he even explained it to his daughter that it was the bullet that shot him in wolverine​ orgins that caused his adamantuim poisoning. if it wasn't for the bullet he would still be alive.
The Gamer King
a simple way to stop charels powers was the cure from the 3rd movie(last stand)
guys i dont really know about x men movie but why wolverine lose his healing factors ?
questions, questions ,questions, questions, questions so much questions.
Awesome Lucario007
DYK the X-22 is Logan and X-1 is the super soldier Captain America
if wolverine gets replaced by another actor or by x23 im done with x-men
Grey Jedi
Scott dropped his glasses................................................
Lol, he says, "I think it is possible" like the all X-Mens are real in 2017 or are they?
I think jubilee would be the one who calls the kids because shes like Logan's side kick
Izabel Cairo
Why were they going to Canada
Devonte Williams
where the hell is quick silver when u need him😳😳
Lvl100MagiKarp Splash
Theres not much mutant in Logan but Best Logan focus
Dai mon
So what happened to Magneto and Mystic? Why didn't they come to help or even Deadpool for that matter?
Jacob Luck
I like your Eden theory, because Cyclops wouldn't want to be around Logan. But I could see him continuing Xavier's legacy as a teacher
Meghnath S
Superhero movie should not be about action always and logan has superbly portrayed the emosional part of superhero.This makes logan to stand out from rest of superhero movies.
Nick Feizabal
Where the hell is Magneto in this movie?! Is he dead? Please someone tell me if there is any detail in Logan about what happened to him.
yo is that gambit's face on the top left of the "comic book" in the movie? @7:45 sure does look like him
Rain Uchiha
what about alpha flight
Glen Bagnell
The X-Men died fighting Thanos... with the exception of Wolverine. I hope we will see this in Avengers Infinity War Part 1 or Gaurdians of the Galaxy Vol 2.
Aaron Barlow
They had Alpha Flight, pretty much Canadian X-Men in the 80's and 90's.
Roberto Ramirez
what a nerd
I'm hoping that it's Deadpool, but it'll more than likely be one of the original X-Men or Alpha Flight.
Philip Craven
Just had a thought that the water tower Charles Xavier lived in was some kind of metaphorical representation of Cerebro. Where he would normally detect the location of mutants all around him in the chamber, instead this was represented with bullet holes. These bullet hole represent the apocalyptic times and also allude to Charles effectively ,shooting' the x men in a way as he killed them. Cool.
Jordan Smith
Really can't believe he said it's cyclops talking no it's the Canada mutant team like a mix between x men and avengers they are like called alpha something
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