Liam Daniels
Isnt this movie a what-if
Robert Deffenbaugh
This movie doesn't make sense.
X-23 isn't Mexican and X-23 was an X-Men when there were many Mutants.
Luis Ceballos
Gmo Killed mutants? Umm pretty subliminal
Min Ha Kim
Logan's "motherfucking autotrucks" refers to the big cargo trucks that run by themselves, not Logan's pickup truck
Julius Ulit
Alpha Flight??
Sylk Starks
lets admit it, most of this movie made no sense, so they deemed it "its own universe", but it was still good
Sophia Beizaee
1:54 isn’t Scott Summers dead?
Tibet Songul
isnt logans real name jimmy?
Juicy Productions
Wow Wow Wow Mexican woman, Mexico City....The Donald is gona be maadd ! LOL (Excellent Movie )
Alistair Stormbreaker
this is in another universe not in the main Marvel Universe no this movie is incorrect about so many parts
Von Glover
In respect to Hugh Jackman,i feel he was the best actor to portray Wolverine in the new millenium. However,this character was the ultimate downfall of the X-Men franchise. The "Fox" version didnt come close to portraying Xaviers mutants-Cyclops killed by Jean Grey!? Let alone dying in the first place. The convoluted rosters,the rivalry of Magneto and Charles went on for 5 films and no showcase of the other interesting villians the X-Men faced in the Marvel Universe. Granted,First Class was an entertaining film,but even that couldnt save this beloved brand from the overuse of Wolverine. It was just too much exposure to the point the X-Men no longer mattered. I grew up reading the X-Men and always imagined they would get the film they truly deserved,instead i got an underused Juggernaut,which couldve been an X-Men film itself,a brief encounter with the Sentinels,the hype prior to the films release was better actually. Bishop with hardly any lines, let alone screentime,and killed off!? Sad. No Gambit/Rogue affair? Two of the best couples in Marvel never got to the big screen and that is a shame. Cyclops wasnt portrayed as the leader and tactician he always was,instead lost his job,and woman,to Wolverine. Mystique was overplayed and most importantly the teams didnt give you the true feeling of diverse mutants fron other countries. I can go on and on about the mass feedings of Logan over the course of these subpar films,but i will simply close with this: I hope i live to see the day Disney somehow aquiring the rights to X-Men and give it the reboot it most surely deserves at the same time becoming a part of the MCU without the X-Men being just about Wolverine. So far,Spidey came home,now all we need is the Fantastic 4 and the X-Men to follow.
Jeff Doe
dead pool is the only one that can break the 4th wall. The comics would have to have been made by dead pool. There is another dead pool movie coming with Cable. Dystopian futures follow cable everywhere. My guess is the two movies will be connected
2,666,000th view
Valeria Hernández Medina
Sooo William Minerva?
If Logan was younger, he could've easily defeated x-24
Night hippo
I hope there is another movie, we haven't got to see the reaction when quicksilver tells magneto he's his son
Louis Hernandez
The ones waiting in Canada are the "Alpha flight" Fox will now start a new type of film with the Alpha Flight or Gneration X. Since they've killed off X-men.
Warriors Gaming
I'm so mad they killed of LOGAN
Jason Fultz
I wondered the whole movie how Charles was even there. I know he said the movies are note meant to be connected but still Jean killed him in the last stand and this takes place years later. Did I miss something? Or is that just a result of them not having the movies connected?
Hugo L
Isn't cyclops dead?
logan is like last of us
Aaron Abrantes
Didn't Logan kill the mutants when he went into the future?? Like in the comic and movie
Jizelle Martinez
What if they're not running to a sanctuary but to a trap? And it ends all of them? I hope they do make a better end movie for the kids.
I hope that loagan is back on next movie
I Still Have A Question Wasn't X-23 In A Previous X-Men Movie ? Wouldn't That Make Her X-24 And The Clone Wolverine X-25 ?
Carl Lunnon
Deadpool 2 ends with hi. And cable rescuing the kids at the border!!! Please do this!!
good bye x-men
Sam Robinson
Marshall Becker
good movie just can't stand the lack of research into what ND looks like.
or those people in Canada are Alpha Flight
Jessica Lynch
logan cant die
jeri house
hopefully they make a sequel where storm survived and is the new teacher that would be perfect
Alex Miller
I think it would have been awesome for his brother to come and kick x24's ass.
newrockstars as in the release group?
Next movie name? (Suggestions)
Prajwal Gautam
After understanding your theory,
There's a contradictory point
How Caliban was not able to detect other
mutants on the northern side ?
(is his radar too weak~?)
Too much confusion everywhere
seira loyard
its deadpool who is waiting there
Jose Ogawa
uh. isn't Jean grey dead?
Jermaine D
since x23 is a kid with adamantium wouldn't that mean she can't grow and taller since the adamantium wouldn't grow with her?
Gary Maxion
The 7th mutant could have been Gambit. even of Origins: Wolverine never happened, Marvel still has a multiverse concept that practically dictates that Gambit will somehow meet the X-Men is some way. Maybe he saw Rogue naked and was like "She look like dee girl from da True Blood show on da TV. Gambit staying riiiiiight here."
Shayan Popal
Oh wait I know they all died in a nuke except for wolverine, Charles xavier, and X23
Electrifire XD
That's it, Logan hates Stan Lee.
[T]OnySi G.
"Looper" youtuber had a different theory. crossing the border to canada meant that its probably the Alpha Flight. The canadian version of x-men.
Paul Gloor
They were also being hunted. They were using Calivan "The Tracker" to sniff out mutants, as his ability seems to allow him to sense mutants. When they captured him it was alluded to that they had a history together.
Nikola Poiukov
and how did colossus die
couldnt at least storm of survived? :(
doug aussie
I would like to see an X24 Jackman clone do a terminator hunting down all those fugitive mutants.
Turkish translation please
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