Cyclops is dead and so is Phoenix. Kids are talking to someone from Alpha Flight, most likely
Megan Conner
I believe the person on the phone could have possibly been a member of Alpha Flight.
Hulian Sells Sandals
Here's what doesn't make sense about the X-Men continuity:
So, Logan says that he wants to kill himself using an adamantium bullet, yet in Origins he was shot in the head TWICE with an adamantium bullet and it doesn't kill him, only wipes his memory. Speaking of that, Deadpool gets stabbed through the head with a knife in his own movie, but his memory is just fine. Also, why does Logan need an adamantium bullet to kill himself? Why couldn't he just stab himself with his own claws?
only thing that doesn’t fit the timeline is how xavier walks in origins and last stand , unless it was just a mistake and they didn’t think they would keep going with the backstory which is just sloppy
S.N Kousthubha
then, what about the mutants in other countries of the world, and also the mutants who are born to "normal people"?
Eric Witte
Funny how they use real life food and water manipulation for the back story.
Luis Torre
why are the "experiments" considered to be Mutants? can someone explain that to me please
Dean Butt
Nathaniel essex of essex corp is mr sinister, a human augmented by apocalype, he goes on to clone jean gray and force cyclops to have a child with the clone. The name of that child is cable, cloned jean goes on to become dark pheonix, so this film is making that future all to possible.
Boss Some
There is a second one get the IMDb app and look for the sequel
Tessa Taylor
Cyclopes isn't dead?
Prime No. 6
nah its funnier to think the author of the comics is Magneto plus he'd name a mutants only sanctuary"Eden"
Xxfreemanx x103107
i want to join the nerd family and get a wolverine action figure
Xxfreemanx x103107
Shutkevych Vitalii
wait, didn't Jean kill Professor and Logan killed her after that?:)
No i dont think it is cyclops i think it is the Canadian super team that was in the x men comics in the 70s
The Corrupted I Am
Wolverine killed them all by mistake because psycho whoever brain washed him to think that they were his enemies, but after psycho reversed his brain washing powers Wolverine realized that he killed off his team. So he got depressed towards he tried to run himself over with an incoming train but his attempt failed because his skeleton is made up of Pro-Adamantium. But then he swore to never take out his claws.
Takura Kurewaseka
common Canada, annoys Wolverine. Sounds like a code for "Deadpool"
Munkhtushig Batjargal
What if the anti mutant toxin is the reason why wolverine's healing factor is weak?
Logan isn't the x-men timeline its totally different
David O
"many of us were around that age when we first saw the comics" what?
Already knew most of this, but its still fun to watch.
Diego Saputra
How did he still get the adamantium fang???
Matt gg
I still just don't get this timeline
Richard Asumadu
I'm just wondering, how much did Kenny Smith donate?
reggie gimmix
it's all very sad... why didn't they all just join the Avengers. At least they wouldn't be hunted down.... or Is it just a north, south / east coast, west coast thing. ;)
Victoria Everglot
i got nothing against patrick stewart but yes seeing him in this movie was so broke my heart how sad he was and really disable i love charles xavier - GET James McAvoy to do it lol maybe i be less sad but yes both actors still makes me sad in some ways because they are both amazing for Professor X
Ayush Banik
Wait....I know everything about X MEN....but, in THE WOLVERINE, Logan lost his Adamantium claws....but then in X MEN DAYS OF FUTURE PAST, how did he get them back??
What happened to quicksilver? I liked Evan peter's quicksilver :(
Jamon Robinson
The Canadian mutants could be the Alpha Flights
Edwin Flores
This explanation sounds a little bit real. Nice scenes 🙂
Emma okwuadi
i would love to see an older X-23 take on the mantle from Hugh in the movies
Ryan Huff
I'm confused did the events of this movie also get reset by days of Future past? Or is this after that?
Lobo X
Some surviving members of Alpha Flight or descendants of, may have been welcoming them to Canada
Freeze frame just made me realise the irony of vicious mutant lil girl wearing T shirt with unicorn and rainbow.
Blackout Blitz2007
What If Logan faked his death? (I wish so)
Hans Sjoberg
Date rapists.
Hans Sjoberg
Greg Adami is a Nazi. Get out, racist.
Saad Fr
Charles Xavier has many gifts he died once then he came back. I think he is still alive.
Pablo Romero
why does comic rogue need help when falling?? isn't she able to fly??? if not.... then is a comic based on movie rogue, not our comics.
mike campbell
From what i understand is that logans healing facto9r is wearing off and that he is aging as fast or faster than a non mutant, I think this may be the last we see of wolverine for a few years but he isnt dead in the MCU, he will comeback but i am guessing someone else will take over the character.
Wesley Harris
I think the idea of x 23 having an adamantium skeleton is pretty silly since it would stop her from growing normally.
house of M explains what happen to all the mutants
Read the comic books
Joao's World
I had a plush
why didnt the food kill Professer x or caliban?
It Wasn't Me......It Wasn't Me... :(
Ian Brannan
The Eden they refer too is likely some kind of trickle down of the Canadian governments program that led to Alpha Flight. Just my 2 cents worth on this
Miranda perez
What if it was magneto he's always having or trying to build a mutant only cities
But why male models?
Matt Helton
Is it possible his "poisoning" is related to the gene-therapy from what was placed in the water/food and NOT because of his skeleton's metal. Caliban only says he's sick from something inside him and everyone seems to point to his skeleton as the cause. Logan went from 1880s -> 2020s or whatever year this movie takes place in and didn't really age at all. Suddenly, this shit is added to the water/food and he starts aging normally and losing his power. I don't think the Weapon X conversation is to blame for his loss of his power or his aging.

The same thing is happening to Professor X. Professor X is having trouble controlling his power. Likely the poison affecting Logan and other mutants is affecting him but because his power is brain-related he starts to have seizures and Alzheimer's.

I think the stuff in the water/food is the cause for Professor X's "WMD" status and what's causing Logan to lose his power and age like a normal person. Maybe I'm missing something but I don't know why his metal skeleton is being blamed when he's had it since the 60s and shown no signs of diminished healing capacity.
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