10 Animated Scenes That Make Kids Feel Awkward Around Parents

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Animated kid films are a treat for the whole family more often than not. Combining clever humor, amazing characters and beautiful worlds, animation has the power to truly transport its viewers to another place in the most vibrant and creative way possible. Since it’s main demographic is children, many studios and animators slip in some crude humor or adult content in the films that will go under the radar of the young ones. But what happens when the penny drops and kids start getting the jokes? Such innocent films like Toy Story 2 and Toy Story 3, Tangled, Inside Out and even cult favorites like Atlantis: The Lost Empire start to look a whole less innocent. Whether it’s some “romantic” humor that’s a bit more grown up, to flaunting it anyway you can, these films have some moments that are sure to make kids feel a little awkward once they understand what the animators REALLY meant. From Incredibles references to a somebody named Tom who has a peeping problem to Zooptopia’ Judy referencing a bunny’s ability to multiply quickly, these films definitely had their moments that jacked up the awkward level once kids grew to get it. Perhaps even some parents shared in the awkwardness once they were faced with some unexpected questions at the dinner table. Leave it to the animators to have the last laugh!

Script by: Sean Gallagher
Voice Over by: Benjamin Harris

Edited by: Edgar Ortiz


zootopia | 0:35
Ratatouille | 1:30
Toy Story 3 | 2:29
The Incredibles | 3:26
Tangled | 4:27
Atlantis: The Lost Empire | 5:20
Toy Story 2 | 6:16
Inside Out | 7:19
Cars | 8:14
Despicable Me 2 | 9:06

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