10 Egg Tricks

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10 Egg Cooking Tricks/Hacks/Tips

This video shows you 10 great tips to cook your eggs in new and innovative ways.
The egg tricks in the video are:

1. Herb & cheese fried egg hack
2. Eggs Devaux, aka airy egg hack
3. Bacon egg baskets 
4. Radioactive eggs trick
5. Pink egg heart trick
6. Herb poached egg hack
7. Toasted bread egg tip
8  Ying Yang Egg
9. Vegetable rings egg trick
10. The black egg trick

I hope you enjoyed these trick here are some more tips and tricks:

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Romson Nathaniel
Mkc maa ki chu motherchod
You have a nice Damaskus knife. Got it from Alec?
Michael Radnidge
He likes his eggs runny.. I respect that.
Rofl The Waffle
Oh and that wouldn't "impress a loved one. "
Rofl The Waffle
Is mayonnaise an instrument?
wrong side or internett again
Ilaria Graziano
Miha Games
life hack no trick
Kevin Phillips
A Damascus steel kitchen knife very nice
Bobby Vincent
I that knife Valerian Steel?
How can someone eat an egg when it's so liquid? Like it's running away, it's half alive..
Doctor Poop
Make a bitch lasagne
Kieran Kennedy
Someone please tell me wtf this guys accent is please
Drian G
Nice cutting skills
Warrior Catz
I liked this video
...ok great...
Abdur Rahman Usmani
Lovely... Mouthwatering...
the red panda
i guess thes egg trikes were eggtastic hahaha😂
you will become a great mom someday
Brilliant Post! Up here at Y&S FOOD! we adore to obtain this in our feeds. We build Travel & Food video clips and we are often discovering completely new inputs and so options. Cheers!
Vernando Buckner
It's RrrrAaaaWwwwww
me: I just used human blood instead of beetroot juice
dude: okay, great.
Do quail eggs taste the same as a normal egg
Mr. Nessuno
5:39 Like wine xD
I thought that was shampoo
Lilly Resto
or use food diy
okay now ive seen this.. please somebody make this for me n feed me.. il be ur gf for a day in return :)
Anthony G
Me: i just used human blood instead
Dude: okay, great.
Nadiv Kaspi
I also want to note: "10 Egg Tricks", "Add coloring to egg to make it... a different color." Not really a trick...
Nadiv Kaspi
What a shame. All he uses to lubricate his pans are spray oils. Also, some of these egg yolks are SO undercooked. Like monstrously. There is a difference between a soft yolk, and a raw yolk. You are serving raw yolks. You are bound to get some foodbourne illnesses.
Cooking Taste Mirchi
I thought u meant like........magic lol
Amy Khomsana
I use the misto too!
Nothing like a dry ass fuck piece of toast and 1 egg
I thought this video was gonna be terrible and clickbait...this dude was extremely educated on the matter and executed the recipes perfectly...he even put a Gopro in the boiling water... respect video added to favourites
fredy melendez
You need to cook little more those eggs.
fredy melendez
Nothing new
DanGaming 76
4:50 wow chicken can survived it
Big Smokton
Channel name How to make suhi video title 10 eggs tricks
Evil Smile 邪惡之笑
you cut the basil wrong
if you cut it correctly it should leave some juice
I'm disappointed I pressed 👎instead of 👍ಥ_ಥ by accident
Should be called 10 Things Never to Do with Eggs. Disgusting!
Roselyn Permejo
Katuwa naman mga tricks😁
This is great if you want your kids to eat healthy. COLOR YOUR EGGS WITH BEET JUICE!!!! :D
Perry the Platypus
10:42 once u thought everything has been “galaxy’d”
Shadow Mario 246
Not really egg tricks but good recipes.
“How to make sushi”
Bruh Them eyes tho
i can tell he likes runny eggs :/
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