DIRTY ABANDONED MOTEL 1950's Cairo, Illinois

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DIRTY ABANDONED MOTEL, Built in the 50's, This may be the last MOTEL of this style left in Cairo, Illinois. The one time laundry and excersize area at this Motel is still full of stuff. Subscribe to Explore With us. Urban Decay, Rural Decay, Homes, Factories and Everything in between. 


Jerrell Thieke
You keep pronouncing the name wrong. It isn't pronounced like Cairo Egypt its like kero syrup.
joe kreitner
K row old morse motel.
very cool video coming there to film myself CJ THE TRAVELING MAN
Good history. Interesting place, ay? Motorways just outside of the same sad Cairo boast its own fascinating non-fiction: https://youtu.be/A8DLEIhqAfg
What a sad place, this Illinois.
Gregory Kammerud
Good old magic fingers for a quarter. Good times , man.
justabelgian gamer
yoow great video, that town looks really abandoned, i make Urbex vids to, i liked & subscribed
Heath Gross
I know a little bit about this property. As you now know it was named The Belvediere. It was in faceted owned by a husband and wife for many many years. Once the husband passed away the property fell into the hands of the Patel, "innkeepers". Once that happened no capital was reinvested in the property. It just continued to deteriorate from years of neglect. The motel never carried any national hotel chain name. The Days Inn trash cans were simply moved to this motel for use from another/larger hotel property that the Patels also owned. Basically they reused items here that could no longer be used there. To my knowledge this motel last operated as a functioning motel in 2014/2015. The reason the authentic Belvediere sign is not present in your footage is for the fact that it was the one remaining artifact at the motel that held any value. I have heard two conflicting stories on the roadside sign. One, collector purchased it to restore it, and two, that it was simply sold for the scrap metal. I would hope the first theory was correct. I, like you, love to visit abandoned properties, and in the case here in Cairo Illinois, virtually the entire city. My hope is that you found the other three roadside motels in Cairo to document on this trip. They too, hold a non narrated story to be shared. As for Cairo Illinois in general, I see why the locals are so protective of it. It is home to them with many memories. Those that remain in this city fight an uphill battle everyday. As an outsider it is very easy to see why this city will never prosper again. Simply stated, the very reason Cairo came to be is no longer needed in the modern era. I'm not saying that to be disrecptul to the city or the people who reside here it is just a business fact. The city is no longer needed for its waterway location and the modern day highway system simply created a way to pass this little city right by. There are some great people that still live in Cairo, and places like Shemell's BBQ and the NU Diner remind us that they haven't given up yet. There are still some beautiful city buildings and manorly estate homes to be seen as well. We always need to remind others that despite the deplorable condition of many places in this city, there are still some good things taking place. Lastly, on my visit to this city I could not have asked for the individuals living here to be nicer to me. I met and talked with four or five locals that were nothing short of inviting to me in their little city. My heart roots for those that still live here, this is their city, their home, their life. My only wish for them would be for the state to allocate funds to demolish the burned out homes and or business properties that are beyond repair. I know that wish will never be met simply based on the finances of the state of Illinois in general. Cairo being located where it is in the state makes it yet again, a city for state funds to pass it by. As for your video and documentation, thank you for sharing! It is easy for those that simply click on YouTube video's to complain about this or that that us explorer's share. I think you did a great job, especially for a property that at the time you knew little about. Keep up the good work my friend, and safe travels as we continue to explore, and share what we find with others.
curtis mccorkel
Amy Laughhunn
Learn to say the name of the town.
Urbex NY
Vibrating bed haha! Reminds me of the film: "Planes, Trains & Automobiles". The one scene where Steve Martin was bitching at John Candy: "You put beer on a vibrating bed. What did you think was gonna happen?!"
Kimberly Kistler
if you read on line what happened here it is all true, over race, that's why the town remains the way it is, we even talk to fire department guys that were in parking lot and there is no longer a fire department there they were from a county over, no animal control, almost the town is abandoned
Kimberly Kistler
I traveled out there with my kids to buy a Victorian home there, and left we got there in middle of the night from FL wild packs of digs run the street, no cell phone service, one pay phone, I went to a local place to eat I asked what happened here, it could be a place from the walking dead, the owner of house didn't want to do paperwork in town in fear of people knowing, it's crazy, needless to say we left
Annette Bisbee
That's pronounced, "Care...O" Driving me crazy! 🙈🙉🙊
Michael Coffey
Looks like it was neat at one time :)
Nancy Darling
Interesting video. Please do more.
I know a little bit about that place. That stand alone building was where the owners lived. Before in the early 50's it was privately owned by a husband and wife. Then when the husband passed it was sold a number of times to different families from India. In its last years it became a dump where junkies and hookers hung out at. I don't know if the city shut them down or the owners went bankrupt. But that's what I remember from it.
Olivia Joy
Audio sound is a bit off, & the old hotel ads were annoying LOL, hate commercial ads crap, otherwise, cool vid
Ryan Olsen
It was called the ghetto uncomfort inn.
Linda Stokes
Tony, I'm loving your work these days. Keep 'm coming!!
Andy Dawg
much love from Ireland aswel 🙏
Andy Dawg
love the videos... do you ever run into wild animals on your explorations? ✌
Sheri Ward
cool video. too bad things are left to rot like that.
deshae richardson
John Rodgers
Hi Tony ; I enjoy your videos . Is there any way you can kill some of the base on your audio.
When listening with headphones , quite irritating ! Thanks
Most of the one story motels like this that you see are older than you think. The majority were built in the '30s and '40s when people started to go on road trips in their cars (think Route 66 era). It's hard to tell how old this one is as it has been remodeled with new doors, etc. Usually you can tell the age based on doors, trim and windows. There are a few in my area that have been well taken care of and are very nice. I would love to own one of these old motels. The building you couldn't get into is much older and looks like it was last used as a restaurant or bar or maybe both.
Sue Girling
Hi tony, the motel is called "The Belvedere" here is some pics back in the day, https://www.flickr.com/photos/josepha/sets/72157604127268553/ I love research so if you ever need any done give me a shout ;) xx
Motels like this remind me of a simpler time.. very nostalgic
Ruth Walton
nooooo tried a vibrating chair once and I got sea sick. I would go for a non vibrating bed and a radio 😂😂😂
Max Zomboni
Google Street View From October 2013 and August 2014 shows it was open and operating as the Belvedere Motel. By November 2015 the sign was gone and it looked just like it does in your video. There is one black and white postcard on eBay showing Belvedere Motel from the early 1960s. It sad to see these old 1950s motels closing down. Once they are gone, the only option is to pay $50, $60, $70 a night to stay at Supper 8.
Cynthia Rose
I really enjoyed the video. I remember seeing this motel in 60s and 70s as a kid. I never was inside it. what happened to the cool neon sign that said Belvrdere Motel and had a huge arrow on it. Looked like it was gone. I haven't been to Cairo since around 1980. I used to live on 37th street. we moved to Chicago suburbs in 1966. Such a sad town now. The videos are great. Thanks and hope you make more. Cindy Rose
Gennie Jefferson
Enjoyed that very much. There are a lot of buildings in Mo. vacated. Why did people move out? Crime
pecan baby 3107
So sad to let it go to rot like that. Why don't they fix it up or make it liveable for people for low rent.
kathy crutcher
Wow someone really trashed that place huh?
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