Top 4 Problems with iPhone X!

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The Apple iPhone X is an awesome device, but is far from perfect.
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Thanks to Dan for hooking me up with the phone!
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(Would have paid a lot more if it wasn't for him)

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Today we take a look at why I'm selling my iPhone X. It is a really cool device with a LOT of potential (and a beautiful screen, despite the notch), but the everyday problems that it runs into makes it an annoying phone to use as a daily driver. From compatibility to durability, it doesn't check all the boxes.

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ron cosby
"YOULL GET USED TO IT" The official catch phrase for the iPhone X lol
Fucken whiney bitch
Edward St.Andrew
So much whining. Cry cry cry
Antonio Griffin
You need the note 8
Amber Gadiare
IPhone 10* Not X!
Arranged Strongest Fastest
Really bad display screen iphone x in all features and design because of the Notch
Samboy Val
it should name iphone suXks
Samboy Val
wow...people isheep are just ignorant and just wasting money to the overrated and overpriced phone made from a very cheap labor.LOL
kuntal mandal
Hey how much do you wanna sell it for ???
Dirk Diggler
Embrace the future, that is the future. All will be fixed with software fixes. I love Android but that's all pastic too. ITS CALLED A CLEAR CASE!!
Jeremy Dismuke
Yeah.... The iPhone X is far from perfect but you're being very nit picky on these "issues". Talk about the lack of fast wireless charging or something serious. Getting used to a different style of OS or the fact that app developers haven't all re-written their apps in the first week is kinda silly... Oh and news flash, if you drop glass it will break. Crazy concept huh? It's almost like you just don't want to like the phone. "For a $1000+ I expect the phone to be perfect". No phone is perfect, no technology is perfect. If you LOOK for a problem you will find it. It's kinda common sense.
Apple Biggest fan
Is a new phone DUR
Rohit k Tech
awesome video man
i am inspired by you and started my own tech based youtube channel
here is my first video about the best smartwatch no1 g5
link address
Waggle RS
nice tattoo on your bicep
Lina Jacobs
Stream yell format hguczp lung obviously computer day.
People, Apple is finally doing something new, I admit, they aren’t doing very well, but they’re doing it. And you know what we do, we hate it, because a brand new design costs more money, it’s apps don’t work great(the phone hasn’t even been for sale for 3 months yet), and it doesn’t “feel good” in your hand. Really? You’re gonna sell a brand new Apple device because it doesn’t feel expensive enough? You want it to be plated in solid gold? The phone is expensive for what Apple put on the inside, not what is seen on the outside. Then I come down here, and people say they want the notch removed, where will they put the front camera then? Then you’ll complain because you can’t use the front camera.
JJBB 123
the only thing i dont like about mine is the fact it looks like an android😑
Please PLEASE.... Get rid of that UGLY blue shirt!!!! GO DEVILS :):).
I’m totally O.K. with the notch, and I like the new iPhone X. It’s that screen proportion... can’t watch a regular video at full screen. When u stretch it out, the top and bottoms get cut off! Major design flaw. Should take care of itself on the plus.
Susan Beauchamp
What phone are you going to get?
Apple just wants money
I was a Apple guy but I changed to a Samsung guy
P. Delv
This happens with all iPhones with they do a new phone. Why make a video of issues that you already know that this is a usual issue with all phones with the first come out. The apps will get updated.
nizam uddin
Fuck off
mix news
plzzz someone give me 1 dollar.
Aydin C.
fine video, that's the first generation of iPhone ten with a lot of problems 👺
Put a cover on it then
Kj 9090
There is an indian word for ur excuse it is ‘’Tu chutya he’’
Indigo Volt
Now that the iPhone x came out, the 7 or even the 8 night be on sale.
Which means I’ll be able to get a 6.
Thắng Trần
Can you give away this lop
Leyton Wightman
youre a whiney little bitch hey
Mr Donut
I plan on purchasing a new phone soon. I am really interested in the X but I am waiting to see if some of the problems get resolved with it and if not ima just get the 8
Your a dumbass! haha thumbs down forsure!
Muhammad Muneeb Asghar Khan
Tejas Vaishnav
I told don't buy things that is made in china.
Emile Hamwey
Sounds like you need a R A Z E R P H O N E
Knife hand
Matt Klein Films
awful video. Half of this is complete garbage.
I’ve been able to repair every iphone so far, but this one and the 8. That glass on the back makes it impossible.
Darren Connelly
Selling it after a few days? You can return it to Apple within 14 days
Florin Tauscher
Have you send everything Apple pros tests ?
Charles Martin
Alex Barnes
1. Shoulda known a full screen phone was going to need optimization before you paid $1000 for it
2. If you don't want a case, get a skin if you don't like the sides
3. Buy a skin if you don't think it's durable

idk why you bought it unless you were just looking for another video to make
Paul Chong
This is all true.
luis jesus
People are so dumb. Running to buy a shitty phone for 1000+ $. Don't you feel cheated?
Nazis Hunter
You love to be fucked by apple anyway
dThor Riven
iPhone X should be the bargain price
Osvaldo Monroy
Jesus Steve Jobs is rolling in his grave now 😔
CSGO Mafia
"My phone doesn't feel right" - "instagram logo a mm off "
Shit phone
Justin Koopmans
Meh.. The durability test form that company is a scam. They sell insurance..... duh let the phone break. If you look at the construction of the test you'll see that the phone does NOT make a free fall. the Apparatus pushes the phone to the ground. So yeah... if you THROW your iPhone X to the ground.. there's a 90 procent change it will break... if you drop it.. the percentage is waaaaaayyy lower..
You made me not want to buy an iPhone X. Maybe next year I'll get the.... XI?
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