Roman Reigns attacks Braun Strowman: Raw, May 8, 2017

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Although Braun Strowman was scheduled to battle Kalisto, he instead finds himself face-to-face with the returning Roman Reigns.


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Jared Ecken
funny how everybody hates reigns when he is the most interesting and best wrestler
Faiz Alajdaa
roman reigns is the strongest man in the world..........
P Kr Mondal
waiting for the time when bron beats roman
Md mustafa
Leo 4House
Roman Is Best👍 🦂+🦁
Arif Erisz
Uzair Naik
small dog leaves big dogs yard
Zlatan Da bomb
Wenger out???
umesh vijrani
Bring back ryback to make it a triple threat match..
& for universal championship.. It should be ryback vs roman vs strawmen vs BROCK LESNAR
Nick Jethwani
Braun Strowman vs. Roman Reigns - Hell in a Cell!
Nishanth B
Roman is the best...👍
Muhammad Antoni
rmrMrMmrs 7reltserWTyler
hulk hogan just bought wcw
Ferdy _
Braun deserve it idc cause braun molested roman every night on raw and he deserve this
I wish he had a better finisher than that stupid punch and spear.
Jack Sadiki
thank u #roman. believe that he is the Guy. #Strowman sucks
Braun got what he deserved after all he did to Roman
mukhtar ilyasu
Strowman deserve this.
Obaid Hamza
Roman you are awesome 👊👊💪💪
shazrey ilhan
1:58 wow that sure look real
Harry Lama
aich big dog 🤗🤗🤗
Darth Titan
i love roman he is a beast
Jitesh Meena
very good roman
David Zimmermann
Love Roman reigns ❤
Bijay Sitaula
Roman Baahubali is back.
Finally Braun has been stopped
Jetsiel Serrano
I started watching WWE again recently after a year and half, why does everyone hate roman now...
Nicol Recalde
bray wyatt is the next undertaker not roman reigns
Jerry Lor
Booooo! Roman Reigns!
Looks like I'll need some pepper to go with the amount of salt I've seen from Roman haters.
Doomguy 64
Am I the only one tired of Braun Stroman? I mean at first it was fine after wrestlemania, but i gotta applaud Roman for this one.
That guy Scrolling through the comments
How do you defeat the big dog? You get the squirrel and attack him when he's distracted.
Anna Zadi
roman reigns why gotta be such a savage
Keenan and Carters plush channel Plush channel
Thank you roman
miguel gaming/vlogs
romen sucks
Rated Ss
Strowman please keep undertaker fame
chandrashekhar kumar yadav
I love Roman
So who's the good guy here besides Kalisto?
Carl McCray
Roman draws crowds face the facts
Er boro
Roman vs braun in extreme rules is coming
Michael F
superman punches look so cheesy
lilman boss
It rlly doesn't look like kalisto
pls cm punk come back
Danny O
Wenger out
Holt Hazel
The 4k dislike must be the idiotic smarks who try to ruin wrestling.just because they think Roman isn't good
Denis Kemboi
notice the guy at 2:34 with a placard written Wenger Out.... hahahaa..
Princes Empire
Romen the great
Dormammu Endoworld
Is there anyone else who thinks that Braun Stroman is a bad loser, apart from me
Pushpa Raj Pushpa Raj
Roman is super stars
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