Roman Reigns attacks Braun Strowman: Raw, May 8, 2017

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Although Braun Strowman was scheduled to battle Kalisto, he instead finds himself face-to-face with the returning Roman Reigns.


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Balwinder Khokhar
1 like=respect for Roman reigns
des clai
Roman reigns great 😀
Shashank Tiwari
Roman is all times champion
Shashank Tiwari
Roman is all times champion
Kchum Bahadur
I like roman reigns
joaquin melo
I love roman reigns
Oh shut up. Roman just made the match even more fascinating. And I hate Braun Strowman anyway.
md adil
Roman I love you
Bradford Rozewijn
roman the best👍
Girly1611 _
"Wether you want to admit it or not, RAW isn't the same without Roman Reigns"
Munish Tiwari
match was stupid until Roman came out and destroy stromen
md rabiulislam
Oswaldo Muñoz D
valen verga
Herb Murr
Roman is the man I'm apart of the Roman empire
Rasik Tp
roman 👍👍👍👍
Nima Lama
I love roman reings forever
TSU Teeza
Check out my vlog I did on this raw
tinh nguyen
love roman riegn
tinh nguyen
i love
Nasser Alnaimi
Hello I Love Roman regines
the face of strawman😂 he knows Roman hits hard
Vn Editz
that is it supb roman
mutaaga lemaota
Go Roman
Split arena is still better then just boos.
mr. youtuber
hahahaha roman is a my idol roman is a champion
tiger nature lover
i love you roman rigens
Harvinder Singh Chandi
Roman reigns very powerfull
Nirupma tripathi Dimpy
stromen is popular only because of Roman .... we all know it I personally don't like him but he is the guy who make stromen main event guy....
Astha Singh
love you Roman reigns
TheSquad Boyz
Braun strowman only fights people weaker and smaller than him he should fight people his size
Game Players
Roman Reigns🔝
Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose
This is Roman Reigns yard
Green Channel
At minute 1:58 the evidence of Fake WWE
Arman Malik
i love you roman reigns
Ranjit Tamang Moktan
roman is d best
Kenyan Sky
I mean he's my big dog and Jed not pathetic cowerd
Kenyan Sky
my big dog and he's my a pathetic covers he attacked him so yeah and i love Seth rolling and Roman so much it would be my dream to see them both
People say Roman can't wrestle, but it takes a special kind of talent to have a 4* match with Braun Strowman
i was there
sohail suhlery
I love every wrestler
Dihan Uddin
Ilhan Omar
Roman regns best superman wow we love you Roman
Андрей Макарчук
всем привет
Gaming Destroyer
Just like batista attacks mark henry
Chris Stormz
Romans Reigs hatred is the new Cena hatred or LeBron hatred, the cool thing
Taha Yusuf ÜLKER
1.57 no no no no no!!!!!
alex guzman
por qué lo abuchean :'(
Kaustav Pal
Roman Reigns ended the story of Brown Stroman
Braun:Monster among man
Roman:I Can I Will
Brock:The Beast
Me:What Ever
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