Elena Kardash
If you think its weird that she's 13 and watching My little pony, you don't know what bronies are, the main audience, *(not the target audience) seems to be 80.6% males from 16 to 25 so yeah It might be weird but that's because she's 13 and a girl.
Mark Silla
He really let himself go.
Silly but a little sad that Matt Leblanc revealed Monica's room just leads to behind the set
HH Show
57 Year Old James Bond
Perhaps not the best wording
Could I BE wearing any more clothes?
A Najjar
I dunno how many years passed by after the show called "friends" ended.. still, Matt LeBlanc couldn't find a job!!
How you doin?πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Joey was awesome!!
Gang Tom
The name of this video is kinda sadistic XD
Mary Ramos
I love friends more than my life. David,Matthew,Mattβ™₯
Raj Rana
How come every time I'm in the kitchen, you in the kitchen eaten in this goddamn refrigerator
Lyndsay Boyd
Matt has like PERFECT teeth!!
Th3 Madst3r
"Scram" lol.
angelika sinoy
is he on the set for friends? πŸ™†πŸ™†
Michelle W
How you Doin Matt? My girl is 13 too, but has seen the complete series 3 times. Loved sharing it with her.
Zita Lihu
He is so charming....
Freya Young
I'm 15 and my earliest memory is watching friends, and I swear I've seen every episode at least 15 times.
see I love matt leblanc because he's still funny, he's aged well, and he's a genuine person ! 10/10
Well Yea
Today they have good shows im not saying no BUT im 89'rs so friends will always be on the top for me
THOSE guys really did deserve the money they make with Friends... some other shows though...
lisa Jameson
Matt Leblanc is so real. Love that!
Meerna Mohamad
Is the part of him hurting his shoulder in the episode?
why he look so old
Gehrig Gecko
Gehrig Gecko
Friends I the best and I'm 13
Anna Goossens
Broadcast education average locate effectively yourself depth possession.
Bebe A-lizz
Can they ask them about something other than the show? I mean I know it's a huge part of their lives but there is a lot more to them!!
Harp Er
3:10 Jimmy asking the real questions. πŸ‘€
Sin SinaT
Jay Z is such a jerk. Whats your point man? Enough with the bullshit racism on everything. He seemed to be the racist by making an all black cast of friends.
Kylian Noel
silver Anyone watch one's better this vidfo ? ..
Jack Kelly, I'm a lawyer
LaBlanc is a goddamn national treasure.
Dharini S
When the next season on Episodes coming up??
Dominik No
Ducks is heads....cuz ducks have heads..
Nayra Lima
I don't think I can ever get enough of FRIENDS. Best sitcom ever.
Anton Kalliokoski
Wow. Not a Word about Top gear...
Mister Sweetness
Wait, I'm confused. Is his daughter 34 or 13?
For such a long time people seemed to forget about LeBlanc. He's made a pretty awesome comeback though. A bit of a slow build but now he's on talk shows more than any of the other five so he's doing great. And Matt, if you read any of these comments, know that there are those in a younger generation that think the grey is sexy as hell and would LOVE to meet you. More so now than before. We adore you!
Great story! Glad he mentioned Anthony Edwards. ER is such a fantastic show!
Christina B
he kinda reminds me of the rock when he talks? is that just me?
sv 93
Why do black people have to insert themselves into everything? I'm not saying it's okay when white people do it but imagine if white people did that everyone would be bitching about white people stealing someone else's culture or whatever.
Christopher Aparicio
the moment when jimmy shows matt the Jay z video he is like ok how am I going to take this. also very noticeable was the crowd's reaction. you could hear a pen drop. those white people were in shock or they could not imagine a show like friends be casted with people of color. jimmy and matt seemed shock too.
The Schuyler Sisters 333
Anybody else seen friends at least ten times?
Why does lol haunt me wherever I go..
3:46 how is that ironic though? Is he still channelling Joey all these years later and using big words that he doesn't know the meaning of :D.. "If we want to grab a bite before work we better get acrimonious"
Black people wanna be white so bad
Nikhil Kumar
I grew up watching Friends and i cant seem to accept these old men and woman lol
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