Matt LeBlanc Reveals Stunt Fail While Shooting Friends

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Matt reveals how he dislocated his shoulder shooting an episode of 'Friends.'

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Matt LeBlanc Reveals Stunt Fail While Shooting Friends

123sing Msp
He literally hasn’t changed at all, dye his hair black again and he’ll look the same
he looks so old with that hair lol
Lets talk about Episodes
Nabila Mulyady
Who writes these questions... Was cringing lmao. Even the responses to Matt's answers were zzz ugh
Shreya Shah
How you DHOIN
camxy xo
Just finished watching bratyaley then came to this
Brayan Duran
title would sound very bad out of context...
Erza Scarlet Art
My little Pony is awesome :D
Pura Periculo
OMG I love his hair
Pura Periculo
They should of named that show niggas
Mocha Cappuccino
Watching anything FRIENDS related on youtube. Anyone want to order pizza? I'll get the Joey Special.
You should put spoiler alerts in this stuff. I'm still on season 1 and suddenly I see Joey 20 years older! I WASN'T READY FOR THIS
Farah happy
YESSSS πŸ–πŸ–πŸ– we still watch friends and we are still BIG fans πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
Soraya Alami
the one where no one's ready is my fav actually hahahah
Elijah Marshall
Information worry allow breathe construction protest cry page sky landing.
Matt LeBlanc always seems a little put off when asked questions about "friends". And I guess that makes sense since he's now 50 and when friends ended he was 37. That's 13 years of being in the acting business that very few people ask him about and even if they do, the conversation quickly goes back to friends. Playing an iconic character at a young age can sometimes be a huge burden to actors. Problem is they can never predict and even if they could, who's gonna pass on being rich and incredibly famous during their mid 20's-30's.
Madie Leigh
His voice is still the same!!! Dr. Drake❀️❀️
christie verbeek
He's still so0o0o0o0o0o0 cute omg
Rhona Reid
Ironically I watched that very episode today!!
Leyla Salim ATHIE
Jumping on the bed!! LMAOOOO
Cory Lee
So weird seeing him after only watching him on Friends all the way through, 2 times in the last 2 years. He's grown up!
Justin Beckman
Dont worry joey we have 30yr olds watching my little pony in real life
A wallflower
Chandler and I :)
Not Chandler and Joey
Not Mathew and I
moonwalker for life
Where is that Blooper
ambroz palir
Michie Warrioh
Michie Warrioh
I have Lil pony cup n joey
highview seeker
it makes me sad to hear joey speaking with a old man voice
Delilah Deleware
I’m 11 and friends is my life
Petru Stoian
i don't really care about this Matt Leblanc....I WANT JOEY
Apoorv Sharma
So good to see him remembering the episode name :)
I'm 15 and I grew up watching friends. I've literally seen the whole series from start to finish about 20 times. I still watch it if it comes on tv even if I know exactly what happens in the episode
Looks like andy Garcia
dode alabdan
I'm in lovvvveee with him! even though he became older he's still the same joey :(
Mr Pool
Oh mommy, oh daddy, I am a big ol' baddy
Violet Rose
Looks like an Italian mature hot man
Sarkastic Chik
Hey! It's Ken Adams ✌🏽
Natalie McAuley
Omg joey looks so different
Emma Schmitz
throat break session alleged valuable factory reduce gesture.
7 Maxxx
Joey is my favourite
Wow. That backstory to Joey's actual shoulder injury! I just watched that episode. Am on Friends marathon! Seeing "Joey" now and the "Joey" in the show makes me realise time really does not wait for men. Kinda sad. :*(
Andrea Louisse
I still watch friends everyday ☺️
He got older
the best part is that the episode is actually called "the one where no one's ready"
5:48 He was a hero for dislocating his shoulder on a TV show??? What a moron!
renad h
he is old now , it hurts my heart :(
Damn his voice is hella deep
Χρύσα A
Frozen Warpcore
Joey is still cool
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