Matt LeBlanc Reveals Stunt Fail While Shooting Friends

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Matt reveals how he dislocated his shoulder shooting an episode of 'Friends.'

3rd Grader Performs Tom Brady Birthday Tribute

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Matt LeBlanc Reveals Stunt Fail While Shooting Friends

Natalie McAuley
Omg joey looks so different
Emma Schmitz
throat break session alleged valuable factory reduce gesture.
7 Maxxx
Joey is my favourite
Wow. That backstory to Joey's actual shoulder injury! I just watched that episode. Am on Friends marathon! Seeing "Joey" now and the "Joey" in the show makes me realise time really does not wait for men. Kinda sad. :*(
Andrea Louisse
I still watch friends everyday ☺️
He got older
the best part is that the episode is actually called "the one where no one's ready"
5:48 He was a hero for dislocating his shoulder on a TV show??? What a moron!
renad h
he is old now , it hurts my heart :(
Damn his voice is hella deep
Χρύσα A
James Ellis Osborne III
Catalogue des livres, dessins et estampes de la bibliothèque de ... J.-B. Huzard
James Ellis Osborne III
Matt LeBlanc Is Head Of The Absolutely Not Armenian Kardashian Family.
Frozen Warpcore
Joey is still cool
Emily Klepke
What's wrong with MLP! I'm 23 and I love it xD
Camille Bautista
Hos facial expressions are still very Joey. Especially that one with the nod and his mouth.
How you doin?
Nicholas Goodfellow
I never knew he was actually hurt with the episodes where he wears a sling
amanda beronilla
Could I BE wearing any more clothes?
Buddy Bill
Matt Leblanc could play Don Vito if they made a remake
Jack Challenge
Should have looked in a mirror and seen Dr. Drake Ramoray
YouTube need to have some type of alert system which lets you get alerts anytime the cast of friends go on chat shows.
'how you got three women to marry you, i'll never know'
Salam Kalam
Me in real life the same as Joey in all departments....
Ellen Shayesteh
man he gained weight
Rifka Mutiara Syifa
3:12 "Those are my own. Yeah." OMG SO JOEY <3
Ian O'brien
Chandler bing " woah that was a short message!"
susan brandt
What a great guy! I always love hearing him being interviewed.
Tye Cranton
He's really boring in real life
Matt transferd into 3:14 into joey it was really weird lol
Nikita Cavalier
Nothing better than hearing a "behind the scenes" story we haven't heard before.
Alain Bruno
One of the best actors of all times 👏👏
Friends is always talked about because it's still better than most of the sitcoms now...
I am 22. Born in Germany to Turkish parents. I somehow doubt anyone in my family really watched friends. And even if they did, probably only a couple episodes in German (which is horrible tbh, always stick to the original, people!).

Anyway... I never understood they hype and wondered why people loved it so much and if it really was that good. So... I just finished it recently. I loved it. And I miss it already....
Emma Noel
Matt LeBlanc aged like wine👏
Ece Yarbakan
Omg he is GORGEOUS
karthik narayanan Giriprasad
Season 3 Episode 2 watch at 8:03
Egill Ragnarsson
Why is it that every time Matt Le Blanc goes on a talk show they gotta talk about Friends???
Poke Mon
Stop black washing shows
mitch lola
Didnt love Friends, but always loved fantasized about a nite with Matt Leblanc, his hott built body and well shaped nose/nostrils. a real mouthful
he tells his daughter don't eat that rude evil father
I'm the new generation that is discovering it, i'm 18 yo and i'm completely into it. I've finished today and my heart and brain are cracked out. Friends was an era, is part of the tvseries history and it will never ever get old.
Michael Helmkamp
The episode where he dislocated his shoulder is "The One Where No One's Ready" and the episode where he is wearing his cast is "The One With The Metaphorical Tunnel."
John Molina
Just finished watching that episode.
How you doin'?
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