Overwatch Fans Get Transformed Into Their Main

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“If I could see I’d be the most deadly person in the room.” 

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_always_ homestuck
i am confusion?

tracer is a lesbean???
Genji Shimada
No Genji?
Dominic Almonte
0:01 you can see this was staged they have the costumes in the background CONVENENTLY the Heros every one knows and loves
Mr. Galactic
1:08 Pulse bomb...
Jeremy Estrada
i thought buzzfeed couldn't get any worse
"I'm always cosplaying from now on, this is the best feeling in the frigging world." yes gurl
solarlola 9
Is this a joke
tbh i think the soilder 76 was the best.
The GodOfDestruction
Male turning into male
Female turning into female

Male turning into female
jump start
What if your main was roadhog..
OC Fashion Police
Where my Zenyatta mains at?
Thi Kim Anh Tran
Where the friken hell is Genji?!?
fucking normies REEEEEEEEEEE
Jflo 1229
wait in the description they say “see” instead of “Z”
Rag Tag
To be honest? I love all of these???? Even the tracer????????
As a cosplayer (and huge overwatch fan) myself, it makes me really happy to see how happy these people are?? And its just so good sdghfkhgskghjr :')
вιтє мє
Oh god Tracers hair....
Alex Balog
"i need healing"
Alex Reyes
turn me into widow pls im a guy 😂😂
Lanstronaut 13
Sees thumbnail Oh cool cosplay-

This, this is Buzzed?

Why is there nobody who constantly gets yelled at for healing ;-;
Neon Green
the aryan chick should have done mercy
Is that Miranda from Amy's Baking Company or is it an extreme look alike?
Just here for your daily reminder:
Buzzfeed is cancer
Dominic Almonte
I think buzzfeed was trying to be trendy again and just googled Overwatch and said "hey a video idea that is cringy".
Kale Tantog
I’m a

Hanzo main (Seriously, I’m a Hanzo main. Pls don’t get mad, pls)
Roberto Andreas
A male Widow would have been hilarious!
Wolfey_ Wolf
If Tracer's pulse bomb was her chrono accelerator then she would be throwing and BLOWING UP THE VERY THING THAT KEEPS HER FROM NOT FADING FROM EXISTENCE
Oh Lord compel me I've had enough of thy
You can escort my payload in bed

If you know what I mean ;)
Oh Lord compel me I've had enough of thy
No one picked an edgy af charcter?
"Cosplay is the best feeling ever"
Of course the "gamer" girl mains fuckin d.va
Lutetzu King
any other hanzo mains out there
Roblox Otaku
Gayest Thing I've Seen
Dank Memes
Aaron Wallas
I’d want to be turned into Reaper tbh 🤣🤣🤣
Anna Vlogs
Where u at mercy? XD
Salsasam Gaming
too bad i cant float
Let's be honest they all wanted to be Reinhardt... but that would've been very time consuming... and expensive....
Trademe 718
That girl was thiccc
MR. Mikk
Problems. Male playing Tracer, calling her Chronal accelerator(?) a pulse bomb. D.Va is 19, that woman looked a lot older than that and it was painfully obvious. If you're a cosplayer, atleast know the character you're dressing as.
Rdogy 1000
We all have to admit...

Soldier 76 looks best.
no counterplay
Why is nobody talking how good that Soldier cosplay was???
He's not completely tracer we all know what he's missing BOOBS ITS THE BEST BODY PART girls you heard nothing if you tell anyone I will find you and basically burn your house down that easy in fact all girls know guys like boobs :3
Kénji Lescara
"Booty's on point"

Me: Cringes
I'm a Symmetra main, my friends.
No one pick genji

Hmmmmmmmm... Do these people play overwatch tho?
Milo The Cat
The dude dressing up as tracer is just weird
Wildwinged Wolfpride
These people are lucky af dude
•Superslime •
wait a minute.......

i main bastion how does this work?
Lizaness Content
The tracer hair is god awful
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