9 Emma Watson Facts That'll Give You Life

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Change the way you look at Hermione…

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so the good looking things runs in the family
Purple Sheep
'Emma Watson was born in Paris... and can speak French.'

That's obvious.
Mel Hyde
dang emma gettin her party on, seems so not like her haha
Grammar Nazi
True 9gagers already knew these facts though.
Not Existed
i know most of them
Bella Sparkes
Alex her brother was at my school he was a BOREDING STAFF AT MY SCHOOL this is 100percent tru but he bc every1 found out that he was well ALEX FING WATSON
Arnav Romeo Malhotra
I literally just watched Beauty and the Beast. Emma is BAE. 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
Pugs and Little Mix are bae
0:42 happy now?
Hermione Granger
wow she looks just like me
Le Hong Trang
WOW! I knew all of these facts! :)
Cutie Films
I knew them all but like one
Scary Lad Man
Her hugs in Harry give me life
Starcat :D
I'm already so gay for her, and now you tell me she speaks FRENCH! oh my
Kate Agapin
I already knew all of these
hamda sahal
where is her pinterest board link? i wanna check it out
Stella Chen
Emma Watson is my idol. She's smart and talented, not to mention beautiful. She's already done so much and she has so much longer to live. Oh and she was Hermione, one of my favorite characters ever. Emme Watson is amazing.
Gerard Palmer
saarah khan
omg watttt i loveeeee Emma if I went to the same university as her I'd try to be her best friend😭😭😭😭😭
myla hobbit
what a lovely person
mentally strange
I have no idea how somebody can choose to imitate Kim Kardashian, when there are female role models worth to look up to like Emma
Elisa Jacquet P.

1:04 Yeah !
Since she was born in Paris and speaks French shouldn't she being playing Belle in the Beauty & The Beast with a French accent since Belle & the story are French after all and she can do it rather than her usual Brit one ?
Kat Salvatore
I Wish Emma wasn't gonna play Belle.....becuz, she's cute but not that beautiful......tho😶
i found her pretty much average
Peabrain The only
Everyone calling is calling her hot. Me" Well I mean I guess she's attractive? I don't know ?" Btw I'm a girl
Chloë ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Apparently she got like 7 A*s and 2 As in her IGCSEs... HOW?!?!?!?
Rin Harudori
I'm pretty sure it's unhealthy to be this obsessive over Emma Watson.
Syra Gwen Gan
my idol is Emma Watson
just a spoonful of suga
yeah.....uhh.... hi alex😏
Treetop Gardens
Whenever someone says, "Get a life." I watch this video.
I love Emma!!
Treetop Gardens
Her long hair is more sexy the the pixie cut. Anyone agree?
Alice McFee
I like pixie cuts too. If I get my hair that short that's what I'd go for.
I actually like the journal idea, I might be doing that too.
Tabby Roberts
Emma's brother looks so much like mine that I just can't say he's ttractive because it feels so weird
Ashe Wood
i guess i no know how hot emma would be if she were a guy
Why does her brother look like Joey Graceffa?
Santosh Bhujang
she is king
AT A13 lover
How did Emma's "Pixie" haircut made her feel more sexy 😮 that one is the one i least like
White feminist
Tivian Engel
She has à book group in the internet where we discuss About books
Ella Olsen
Love her
Emma is so cute bless her
Natasha Kershaw
She did look a little bit French when she was younger, when you see her as a 5 year old brunette.
BriBri Brands
I love emma Watson so much
the phandom has spoken
Well, she's in Harry Potter and that's all I care about tbh :3
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