Disney Frozen Elsa Let it Go - In Real Life

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Elsa comes to real life in our Disney's Frozen cover or Let it Go.
Elsa the ice princess comes to life in our live version of Disney's Frozen Let it go. After getting in a fight with her sister Anna, Elsa runs away to the snow mountains.

Originally sung by Idina Menzel, Camrey Bagley covers this song beautifully with magic and special visual effects.

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Νικολέτα Σταυρόπουλου
δεν το κάνει καλύτερα από το παιδικο.:-(
Νικολέτα Σταυρόπουλου
τελιο το τέλος του
Aluna Falisha Putri Prasilo
Aluna Falisha Putri Prasilo
pretty Elsq
Aluna Falisha Putri Prasilo
love itt
Ajaya Alone
this voice is so melodious and heart

Aveguil Juarez
My love voice
Alexandra Hentiu
I love you Elsa and I love your castle.
Emel Maksutoski
perfect 👌
Aleli Arias
lida holubova
Ahoj co delad. V kolik se jich, ale to se tam dostat do toho, jak jsem se s nim na tebe a pak už to tak je z toho bude to pro Vás. V tom se mnou. V kolik to bude v roce, a to se mi 😡 😡 😡 😡
bandit pramonkon
Aadya Gupta
3:05 is my favurate part
아이콜 TV
Fun with Nikki!!!
i could remove more then 10 dissimilaries of this compared to Frozen Let It go

ill make a video captioned difference between real Let it go and Fake let it go

iam so very much dissapointed cause LET IT GO IS MY FAVOURITE SONG!!@😡😠
Fun with Nikki!!!
whoever is Elsa in this video can never be compaared to Real Elsa

this girl dont know the rhythms of the song and looks so dumb
yo soy mexicana y no entiendo nada a y esta muy linda elsa LOVE si la love
Nouaim Nouaim
it sow fake
Ivon Nagy Diamond
WAW COOL! (o**
Molly Molly
Great acting
Matthew Deinhardt
Terrible video. Please delete.
Yasir Rajput
나린 01088673891
susanna rakesh
the girl in the song is beautiful I really like her
JW Scofield
Your emotions were not believable. It appeared as if you were still restraining yourself after the character figured out that there were no more limits to her actions. And yes, I am aware of how long it takes to make a 4 minute video (16 years of theater experience and a MBA with marketing experience). You really needed to open more....exaggerate your movements. Elsa was a restrained character hidden away for years. This song is about her first realization of her freedom.
Hansen UG
Toàn Trần Quốc
đơ of phước
Caciana Moreira
Isabelle lindo
Olga Duran Perez
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djjd gf gf
Lele Ondrejkova
Cali Scherer
Mino Dani
وعليكم السلام انا اسا وانسا
Frank Augustin
The best
That moment when you realize this video made over $200k. lol
benjamin correa
Juan Jose Cadena Acosta
سلم علیکم
Ellie and Maude Grant
When they filmed this do you think she was really cold
Monster High Doll Stories
Your voice is full of autotunes.
Nadzra Mica Lascano
you're​. not. Elsa
Akhmed Shakirov
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Thank hcch
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Ncn jcjchcjc
Happy w B.B.
ABC DEFGHIJKLPQRSTU the WXYNZ know my know my ABC next time I want your singlet me goodbye
Poonam Shiv astava
awesome video ,well done
regalprofessor 343
رزان رزان
Doudi Djeriou
Doudi Djeriou
أنا أحب ملكة الثلج
shania sinanan
so beautiful
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