Frisky Couple's Loud Love Making Distracts Challenger Players

Sarasota ChallengerATP Challenger TourTiafoeKruegersexgruntinggroaningneighboursfriskytennisatpatp world tourtennis sexlove makingloud love making.

Play at the Sarasota Challenger is interrupted by an amorous couple in a neighbouring apartment building. Frances Tiafoe and Mitchell Kruguer do their best to concentrate on the match at hand. Tiafoe, who says 'It can't be that good,' eventually wins 6-3, 6-2.


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Probably someone watching Sharapova highlights.
D Liburd
Balls deep.
Rafael Mertin
Had to have been kinda awkward for that kid lmao
Zatru Zatru
jajajaja xd
Keith Foo
Love means nothing in tennis.
I still hear it it's still going 😂
0:51 The true highlight of this video
Sagar Manohar
May be it was just another women's match on a nearby court
Daniel Nogareda
Forgot to close Redtube
Paul Murray
I've always said she has a great slice
Who let sharapova back on the tour?
That lady is getting grand-slammed
Julien Lebourdais
Freddy Krueger use razors with woman instead of watch his brother's loss...
Jaime Cerda-Farra
Sharapova was just training!
Rand U
horny fifteen!
Tennis addict 21
Game, sex and mattress: noisy woman.
Jehovah's witnesses praying
Pranav Mohanty
This was just objectively funny. 😂
Razvan Cosmin Enescu
I don't get it. Why did they stop?????
Anoop Kumar
and that child in orange
Commentator hahahaha

phone lol
Oops. My apologies to ATP, players of the match, and audience members. I will keep it down next time.
PeteBest HD
It can't be that good 😹😹😹
surprised I didn't see any dumb comments about a women's tournament going on next door
monimat monimat
I can't believe it's on official ATP channel.
Lucas M
She took an ace.
King of Tennis
Quite please..... QUITE PLEASE!! What the fuck is going o..... oh...
Miguel Mateo Rubio
One of the best moments in tennis history.
DwenruiWEI yt
Louis Lockwood
New balls please
Billy Neville
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