Nicky Knifestab
Poor Bill Nye! How did he get saddled with trying to protect the world from greed and stupidity? It's nice that one of my childhood heroes is still inspiring and protecting me all these years later, It's just too bad that he is forced to fight bullshit with reality. Nowadays bullshit seems to win every time.
You gullible simpletons are hilarious!
Greg Randall
If you listen close enough, a man will tell you what they are really after. In this case Bill d-Nye is lobbying for money to go to junk science like almost every academic department in this country in almost every school, it's junk <department name here> as well as most degrees coming out of our shit hole schools are save of course Law, Medicine, Economics, Mathematics, etc.
Christa Stempel
Hello, when I was a kid in the sixties, in northern Germany, Christmas was the time when the snow fell, and when we had consistent temperatures below minus, at least five degrees minus, because that was the time when the lake in our nearby park, had formed enough ice so that I could ice skate. I ice skated from the age of seven, every winter, and the winter started with enough snow to go snow boarding, and the ice on the lake was thick enough to skate, around Christmas time, every winter without fail. I lived overseas for many years, so I wasn't acutely observing how the climate had changed in the north of Germany, but when I returned in 2011, we had only a couple of weeks of snow and ice. Last winter, we literally only had a couple of days of snow, which melted within a day.
What I am trying to say is, it doesn't take a scientist to observe how our world is affected by climate change.
JustNYC •
Princeton University has fools like this on staff? Clearly their weakest sector is science.
Bill Nye for president 😆 get that orangutan out of office 😑
Peter Southern Boy
Bill Nye has a BS degree n Mechanical Engineering. That does NOT make him a "Scientist", and that does NOT make him a Climatologist.
jeff jantzer
flat earthers are more scientific than bill nye the faggot guy
Cristal Penguin
Bill Nye mechanical engineer and TV personality. William Happer Life long climate Scientist. Know who I would listen too.
Bill Nye The Pedo Guy
Riley Shepherd
Donald trump is the goat 🐐
Jay D
Bill Nye has his head so far up his ass he actually thinks that today we produce more carbon dioxide than ever, whereas, in the times of the dinosaur carbon dioxide was actually many times what it is today. I'd like idiot Bill Nye debate John Coleman on climate change. I believe Bill Nye wouldn't do it cause he knows he doesn't stand a chance against him.
Alexander Federowicz
Bill Nye is not qualified to refute this man, however he is bullying him with a gang up technique. Bill is an ASS !
My money was on Bill in a fight!! xD
It's funny how this is the same guy who says that there are way more than 2 natural genders.
Russell Slayton
samuel guzman
The whole time Happer is thinking, "I'm dying, I'm dying, fuck my dignity, I'm dying, just get money, I'm dying..."
Sky Way
A Nobel laureate in physics has just recently come out saying that Climate Change is a pseudo science

We also know that all the predictions of climate change alarmists have been grossly inaccurate. Major food shortages by the 80s, the flooding of England by the 2000s, the melting of the North Pole by 2013, to name a few.

These gross claims have never come true. ^^
bisdfa fads
yesessss daddy B
Tucker V
As a Christian I do in some ways believe in climate change. Is it something we should worry about 24/7? No. I was always told that as Christians we have the Bible and the stories in the Bible fit science. Meanwhile fellows like Bill Nye are making up a story for science.
J Urias
They no longer call it global warming, it's climate change. That way they're always right
Russell Slayton
holy shit does CNN ever interview someone who's voice isn't annoying as fuck?
They didn't give him any time at all to speak. A bunch of assertions and false numbers for man-made global warming. Worst bias I've ever seen. 4 against one, Bill only has to say "you are wrong" and you are a "denier". BUT GOOD FOR BILL ADMITTING GLOBAL WARMING IS POLITICAL. GOOD FOR BILL SAYING TO STOP SCIENCE THAT DOESN'T AGREE WITH HIM. Thanks for exposing yourself liars.
Bond 007
Loser Noob
the black dood looks bamboozled
Lee Brewer
Bill lives in his own world. The data, when non-filtered through the media - prvoes no global warming.

Don't believe it?

Google "Game Over, the IPCC quietly Admits Defeat." The IPCC - look it up - is THE scientific go to for global warming promoters. Read the data yourself. Their compiled reports showed no global warming at all to the point the UN took a vote as to whether or not to keep pushing the agenda (which they decided to do - "just in case" not to mention the money involved by the falsehood being pushed).
Andreas Kaufmann
Bill nye is a joke. Doesnt know what he is saying... "pls stop talking and move forward" exactly the attitude alarmist have. Want everyone to accept before discus it. Talking about "green energies" solar and wind (unreliable energies is the right term) and at the same time want to bann nuclear energy for no reason
Dana Hess
I think Bill's bow tie is a bit too tight. And he's NOT a scientist.
Brandon Douglass
all talk...
Liv Mocha
Whenever all the sheep are driven in a single direction you should be looking out for the butcher
See Jian Shin
how do they all stay so still when they are not talking
Asrat Mengesha
The space has no its own air.
Please do not tell us that air is something generated from space-scientists. Because true scientists have proven that air, both oxygen and carbon dioxide are released to space by plants. That means, all kinds of air including odorless and with odor ones, are leased to space by objects from earth.

So, the earth is created with important capacity to support life. Air is not created by itself, and the space is not field by layered gasses as wrong scientists tell us, that was just a myths.Why?
Because no one can tell us that some portion of air (co2,o2...) is released from plants and added to air in space. The space is nothing basically, cannot have its own air.
Teresa Kay
Bill Nye the non scientist guy. lol!!
Shannon Moore
global warming is the biggest lie in mankind's history ,, we spend millions on top if millions on a theory, ,, wouldn't you liberals rather that money go to something more pressing like facts that this country is in debt up to our ears ,, were is proof please show me some real proof ,,, its bullshit from liberals
Gabe Barouh
Y'all see that glitch when Bill Nye mentioned we have to get oil by military force::: ILLUMINATI:::
Thomas McKay
way to go @princetonuniversity #nailedit #fail
This video is a joke. The climate-change affirmers here adduce no science. Nye does nothing remotely like destroying Happer.
NO wonder I do not watch CNN! This Happer guy must be paid a lot by the Fossil fuel industry. IN fact, Happer looks like a fossil, now that I think of it.
The woman in the bottom left looks like she's trying to stare that guy to death.
Russell Slayton
Bill Nye the science guy entertains children, he knows nothing about GOD. real science bill nye is a novice.
Tim B
Bill Nye is equal to Pee Wee Herman, he's good for a laugh but I'm not going to get my news and legit info from them. He's wearing a big bow tie and jacket with leather sleeves, come on, he's a joke.

Bill Nye is no where near the level as Dr Harper, neither is that blonde shill who probably works from government grants so she's on hyping climate change.

I used to buy into man made climate change, until I wanted to figure out where this "97% of scientist agree" on man made climate change, and I found out its a government funded joke. It really doesn't take alot of time and research to find out the real facts about climate, and how man has zero to do with it.
Kendall Svengalis
FACT: If every human being disappeared from the face of the earth tomorrow and with them all the products of man's ingenuity, including industrial plants, motorized vehicles, airplanes, etc., we'd still have 99.84% of the same carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. There's only one reason why carbon dioxide has been demonized: it can be used by government as an instrument of control. This would not apply if we recognized that natural forces are the primary determinant of climate. So, to justify government control, and the Democrat agenda of corraling more "environmental" voters, carbon dioxide must be demonized as the cause of global warming. It's all BULLSHIT and a FRAUD.
Kendall Svengalis
Bill Nye is NOT a scientist. William Happer is an esteemed scientist with years of experimentation on CO2, something that Nye cannot begin to equal. Note that Nye makes silly political arguments, not scientific arguments. May Boeve is an activist, not a scientist. She spews nothing but nonsense. To think tnat Nye and Boeve are hyperventilating about a 0.24 increase in globally averaged temperatures from the late 1970s to the late 1990s, that has flatlined, from a statistically point of view, since late 1990s. Nye doesn't know a thing about science which is why he has to resort to ad hominem attacks. The "Science Guy" is a Airhead Guy.
Isaac Burtley
Wow. It's real sad to see Bill Nye this badly triggered talking down to William Happer. It's no wonder why the Clown News Network brought him on.
Justin Massie can see Bill Nye pop a metaphorical boner @03:24 LOL
Greg Randall
If I wasn't such a procrastinator I would have started a website for listing all the poor bastards who are going to rue the day they called all their friends, family and everyone else at school, work and everywhere else "flat earthers, deniers, non-scientists, idiots, retards." etc, etc. If they'd been a little more polite and a little less fascist, they'd be a lot more forgivable. I'd list each one of them where people can look up and/or list the people they know who have verbally abused them about AGW, Climate Change, Glacier Erosion, Flooding, Hurricanes, letting their cars idle too long, even eating meat! Unlike them, they will be pleased and ashamed how the Christians they know will forgive them and and not judge them. We'll be a better planet once this happens, and science will once again be better than it was before. Make Science Great Again!
is that dude dead?
Bill Nye is NOT a scientist. He is a mechanical engineer and stand up comedian. PLEASE don't listen to him about climate. Listen to Dr. Patrick Moore, Dr. Roy Spencer, and all the scientists of the International Conference on Climate Change.
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