Bill Nye Destroys climate change-denying Trump adviser William Happer

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Appearing on CNN’s New Day, prior to Saturday’s Science March in Washington, D.C., “Science Guy” Bill Nye delivered a stern lecture to a climate-denying science adviser to President Donald Trump while also scolding CNN for having the man on.

Host Victor Blackwell began by introducing physicist William Happer, who has advised Trump on the environment, and who attempted to explain to the CNN audience that climate change is a “myth” and that the world is actually getting “greener.”

“There’s this myth that’s developed around carbon dioxide that it’s a pollutant, but you and I both exhale carbon dioxide with every breath. Each of us emits about two pounds of carbon dioxide a day, so are we polluting the planet?” Happer explained. “Carbon dioxide is a perfectly natural gas, it’s just like water vapor, it’s something that plants love. They grow better with more carbon dioxide, and you can see the greening of the earth already from the additional carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.”

Asked to respond, Nye seemed exasperated from the start.

“What he claims to not understand is the rate. it’s the speed at which we’re adding carbon dioxide,” Nye began. “And I will say, much as I love the CNN, you’re doing a disservice by having one climate change skeptic and not 97 or 98 scientists or engineers concerned about climate change.”

James W
Bill Nye is a sham, fake scientist bankrolled by liberal institutions. My advice to anyone is to go watch various US Senators (Ted Cruz) questioning scientists and institutions about Climate them snake oil salesman squirm folks.
ॐ Jordan Gould
Sooner or later climate change will become so obvious that governments will be forced to build sustainable energy plants throughout the world
People who don't accept climate change should be banned from using mobile phones and the internet, 'cos you can't just selectively accept science, 'ya know.
Martin Mörsch
Its amazing how this guy can play stupid in National TV...
GamerDares Wins
Pfft Nye is a skidmark on the pants of actual science.

he is a mechanical engineer, Dolph lundgren is technically more qualified than Nye.
GamerDares Wins
If global warming is happening then explain the 60% increase of the Antarctic.
I mean, I'm just curious what everyone thinks we're going to do when all the ff are used up, despite how long it takes. hmm maybe some kind of energy that is...renewable maybe? idk I'm not a scientist
Darren Muihead
Yes climate change is real, but it's not a result of CO2 emissions, the climate is constantly undergoing change throughout history, the idea that CO2 emissions cause temperatures to rise is idiotic our CO2 emissions have increased exponentially but the climate rises gradually. Before you reply I'm uneducated actually look it up, yes climate change is real, but it's not because of our Co2 emissions. And solar panels and wind turbines are way too expensive and inefficient, they aren't a reliable source of energy.
Global warming is natural and not man made. Climate change is through the cycles of the sun. Look at the temperature in the Middle Ages, a lot hotter than it is right now
William Happer sounds like a complete puppet. His comparison of the Munich agreement and the Paris Climate agreement is mind numbing.
Matt Vliet
Waves Do Not Stop. Wind Does Not Stop. The Sun Does Not Stop. Free Energy. Kill Oil.
very fake news
David Laughlin
Bill looks like he's hyperventilating and about to shit his pants every time Happer speaks. I like the argumentum ad populum that Bill pulled out of his ass when chastising CNN for daring to allow an individual with a dissenting opinion on their show. I guess "mob rule" is Bill Nye's preferred ice cream flavor (or maybe it's "mob orgy," I'm not sure which makes his sex junk tingle). I'm not a "climate change denier," as Nye pejoratively calls people skeptical of the climate models, but Bill made nothing but ambiguous assertions, appeals to authority, arguments from majority, argumentum ad baculum, and a slew of other fallacious shit that I couldn't be fucked to seriously entertain. This fucker needs to take his bachelor's-degree-in-engineering-having ass back to the drawing board, because it's pretty damn apparent he's nothing more than a mouthpiece parroting a poorly-written script - he probably knows as much about climate change as the "climate change deniers" he loves to denigrate. The only thing Bill Nye has "destroyed" recently is his air of credibility, which itself was built on an edifice of bullshit.
Bring in neil degrastyson! He will destroy the shit out of him
The BadMan
physicist versus a mechanical engineer LMAO, yeh i'll believe the physicist when it comes to science over the fraud that is bill nye.
Dolph Lungdren has more science degrees than bill fraud nye the fascist guy.
james rust
Experimental data going back hundreds of thousand of years show carbon dioxide changes don't cause temperature changes. The planet is presently in approximate 500-year cycles of warming and cooling. We are in the what is called the Current Warming Period 1850-present, preceding was the Little Ice Age 1350-1850, which followed the Medieval Warming Period 900-1350, etc. We had warming from 1910-1940 with no carbon dioxide changes; sleight cooling from 1950-1975 with increasing carbon dioxide, some warming from 1975-1998, no warming from 1998-2014 with increasing carbon dioxide. The U. S. is blessed with hundreds of years supply of inexpensive, geographically distributed coal, natural gas, and oil. The alarmists want to replace this with renewable energy sources of solar, wind, ethanol from corn, other biofuels, biomass (wood), etc. The renewable sources are expensive, unreliable, require vast land areas, require mandates and subsidies for their development, and don't create income due to severance taxes and royalties.

Abandoning fossil fuels will lower our living standards back to early 19th century and consign developing nations to perpetual poverty.

James H. Rust, professor of nuclear engineering (ret. Georgia Tech)
"Sir, with some respect"
dotdot dot
Bill Nye is one of the few members of the older generation who actually has adapted his views according to the changes in earth. The rest just doze off and believe the earth will stay the same
Nye is nothing but a charlatan. He's not a scientist and he's no longer an engineer (hasn't been for over 30 years). So, I don't understand why some of you braindead zombies erroneously point out that he's an engineer when he is not (as if it's going to give him credibility on a subject in which he has no expertise). He's nothing but a celebrity who popularizes leftist propaganda.
Jack The Gack
Yeah carbon dioxide is natural, so were the previous extinction events that were BECAUSE of carbon dioxide and killed hundreds of species. Also, snake venom is natural, that doesn't make it good
James Gerhard
seriously who the fuck voted trump
Megawatt Apps
You can have a PH.D and still be retarded
Hellothere _1
People also emit poop every day, it's perfectly natural but that doesn't mean having it everywhere is a good idea.

How can people possibly look at the "CO2 is natural" argument and think that it makes sense in any way.
did anyone notice that bill nye didn't even disprove the guy? and did he just say "science is political"?
Bill Conley
Bill Bye is a Moron.
Max Langlois
every educated person believes that climate change is real but I don't think that it's a problem for the federal government to figure out right at this moment. if we put changes into effect to "save the earth" then all 3rd world countries will never Catch up with the rest of us. they won't be able to industrialize if we start putting restrictions. and by the way science is not political. in fact it is the exact opposite.
vas voo.koh.teach
Thank you Bill Nye
Johnny Tekstar
Bill Nye, is so full of shit !!!!!!!!! He has as much credibility as Obuttface, Hitlery, Bill Clinton, and Al Gore. They're just pushing the lie, in order to tax American citizens with a global tax from the U.N. It's total Bullshit.
Simon Olesen
Bill Nye is a TOTAL sellout, nothing more than a shill for special interests and his show on netflix is a sad shadow of times gone past.
kieran plays
this is what happens when memes go to far
Statutory Ape
Bill nye has lost his fucking mind.
Bobby Cesspool
You should alter your title a bit, Bill Nye ignores the opinion of an actual physicist who's been studying climate change data for decades...
Being Alyx
"It's based on flawed computer modeling,' 5:00
Me: You are a flawed human being
I literally said that. Seriously though? Carbon dioxide isn't a pollutant? Your body expells it because it is a toxin, much like farts. Farts, feces, burps, and urine are all chemical toxins your body is getting rid of one way or another. Your body gathers these harmful poisions and toxins and gets rid of them to help the body. Carbon dioxide is a invisible gas toxin that takes up the space for oxygen molecules in your blood cells. Carbon Dioxide suffocates you slowly. A pollutant is something that harms organisms. Carbon dioxide harms oxygen breathing organisms.
Sorry for that rant but it just annoyed me as a man of science that someone would be so naive as to say that CO2 isn't harmful but useful
Whos mans is this?
This kind of public spruking is Bill Nyes' Green initiative, and by green , he means money.
Crispy Pigletey cv D
fuck trump #berniesanders2020
Bill Nye only made a fool of himself. The actual scientist on the bottom said he AGREES climate ALWAYS changes. He is just saying humans are not causing it and even if we did it is doing NOTHING to harm us. Bill Nye is being a complete idiot and acting like this guy is denying science when he is the only scientist on the actual debate. Bill Nye only has an engineering degree, nothing in science so why the FUCK would anyone take his word over an actual scientist. It is borderline psychotic.
Robert Mantel
Science is not political you idiot. Bill Nye the greenback guy. Happer isn't cherry picking. all the models run hot.
damian humphrey
Happer sounds like the voice on my Mac when I want it to narrate actions or the voice of the guy on my Tom Tom. It's too funny! Oh, and he is also a paid spokeman from a think-tank paid by dark money to continue this nonsense!
Captain Random
climate change is a hoax. if you can prove it's to be 100% legit, I WILL believe you
Bill Nye is a political pseudoscience hack. He doesn't talk about CFCs or HCFCs, he's not talking about Methane. He's only talking about CO2, which is obviously a blatant attack on the oil industry. This debate is nothing more than a policy war and a tax scam. Talk about real factors, and I'll start to listen.
Jonathan Smoak
The title of this video is a joke. Nye, raises his voice with conviction. That's it. That's all he has. Silly, just silly.
Ash Smith
Bill keeps on eating shit. He's probably on the down low with the other fake scientist De Grasshole.
no views
Bill Nye go fuck yourself.
no views
Global warming is bullshit.
no views
Bill Nye is an actor you dumb fucks.
Trump administration is a nightmare that gets worse and worse. Thankfully it doesn't seem to last very long now and it mustn't - big stakes are in our hands and time is running out.
Jamie Reese
haha "science has nothing to worry about with trump" hahahahahahahahaha how'd that work out
Mark Ziegler
No one said co2 was a pollutant. They said it was a greenhouse gas.
Elite Ethan
Bill gives the camera the eyes and eyebrows of Satan
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