15 Lies Your School Told You

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Can you really see the Great Wall of China from space? Do we only use 10 per cent of our brainpower? Here is the truth behind 15 lies that your school told you.

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Script Written by: Ashton
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Robert King
Sense of Humour?
Sparkles the Unicorn
went to school abroad and they did not teach these lies in highschool.
like the worlds dumbest and fattest people, these were made in the USA .god bless america
That toilet one is bs. You really think people below the equator simply have different toilets? Then explain away the science, or the video where the guy takes a metal box with a hole in it, drains it north of the equator, then goes and drains it south of the equator, and they drain in different directions. You cant blame that on the toilet or shape.

Also evolution itself is a lie with no actual scientific proof to back it up. but you know, Im more interested in exposing the toilet bowl thing first lol.
gypsy knight
evolution is the biggest lie told in school
Why do u guys let this idiot melissa narrate in these vids, she is annoying.
Luke Skywalker
exactly. light penetrates the skin and blue is bounced back, therefore it is blue, not red.
nobletea 3400
the biggest lie we've been told is that were free and we have freedom of speech
Daedricfox Gaming
trey griswold
my school didn't tell me any of these😂😂
Wow there, the pilgrims did not leave England because of them being persecuted over religion, England had already had religious tolerance laws in for a long time. They left because England would not allow them to persecute others, and they were forced out of the Netherlands not couldn't find work.
I want my view back
Elijah Josef
but I'm sorry for all the comotion i caused on this video and all the 200+ people i wish that you would find God and i was just trying to show that's was fake
Elijah Josef
Thank you Matt Koyle, Boone Pool, Nirus X34, Leslie Garcia and Edward Jones for explaining and agreeing with me that there is a GOD, but Jayfue boii how do u believe in God and still disagree with me
Elijah Josef
don't let anyone here let your feel down because they just haven't learned that there is a GOD out there and they just need to find him in their hearts and the people who reply and are atheist don't reply that i haven't learned that isn't a god out there and I'm just a brain washed fucked,but I'm surprised all 106 who replied not counting the people who encouraged me and helped me and agreed with me about how I'm trying to change how you all think I'm not trying to do that I'm just trying to help you guys and understand that there is GOD out there i wish you all will find GOD in your hearts when the RAPTURE comes!:)
Elijah Josef
thank you to all who have agreed with me and that god is real!
Paul Cavigliano
Uh yeah, care to site your sources? What makes anything u say accurate?
Yea you only need 5% of yer DNA to make a clone, and the rest is junk DNA... lol
Hugh Jayness
Dafuq man. My teachers were dumb af!
m h
what about cars running off dead Dino juice
William Davidson
The church never thought the earth was flat. The Bible says the earth is round. Is. 40:22
Steven Miller
veritasium proved that water will flow in different directions depending on hemisphere, but it takes a very controlled test to see the effect. a toilet is based on designed and is to violent to see the water swirl in a way that would prove the hemisphere affects rotation of water. But in short the hemisphere does in fact have an effect of which direction the water flows
no wonder that donald trump gets voted in a society with such education
Also, glass is not a liquid. It is an amorphous solid.
Craig & Kimberly
also, Vikings didn't wear horn hats for war or at all lol except they used them for ceremonies and the scenery wouldn't be on a boat for anyone who cares ;)
I was already told most of these in school
Vincenzo Culotta
This video is so stupid..... some of the lies are true like the monkey one dumbo bimbo. and their explanations to some of the "lies" are flat out wrong and most of these we were never taught in school.... and the girl sounds like an snob.
Andrew Leite
did you guys took these facts from google?
Aaron Combar
Y'all must of gone to some shitty schools
Dzezik 23
I am not frrom USA. I have never heard this lies. Why are You telling this stupid lies to Your children You stupid Americans. Here In Europe we have different lies we teach our kids. But Your are very funny.
BumOn TheCorner
Where was the fucking pyramid in the videos image you hack click fucking bate... fuck u fuck u fuck u!
Groovitron Guild
Humans ARE apes. Fuckin scrubs.
Avery Couch
my school taught me about he viking part
We evolve from fish..we actually do
Mark Devernear
The idea that you only use 10 percent of your brain is more true than false. The idea that the brain is in total control of your body is not so far fetch. The dolphin has been proven to be smarter than human just for the reason that they can use 20 percent brain power. They can also use sonar and sophisticated means of communication. So let's see the facts for facts. Most of our greatest minds on this planet indeed use more than 10 percent, but for the average we don't. Proven fact the more you're open to learn, the more brain power you can use. Most of this video is crap and should be block for stupidity
Debra Sampson
Vikings were not the first to discover America either...... there were already people there. So....... I'm pretty sure you can't discover a place that is already populated.
So... is this a US thing?
Jeremiha Junior
i kind a like your voice tho
Except for the 5 senses thing, I heard none of these "lies" in school. I heard it from friends, from media that are scientific illiterates, from comic book/movie idiots, but never from school.
If you think the simpsons is "school", you should really reevaluate your definition of "school".
San Agustin
I need references, they can't pull this stuff from their poop chute
Kari Allen
The mohrs was there first
I go to an American school and I knew all of this so...
Uh, blood is also nearly black and may turn a ruddy and dark red when oxygenated. Try keeping your eyes open the next time you have blood drawn. Have a gander at the vial of freshly drawn blood that hasn't been over oxygenated.
# 1 is also a lie by omission. WE ARE STILL APES :P To be specific, Primates.
William Hurst
what a shit video...
TheEarthIsFlat !
I can't take any of this serious... All indoctrinated bullshit. None of this stuff is true either. Don't waste your time!
Buck Olsen
Lucy! You gotta lotta splainin to do.
emaster met
dont think pyramids make up for throwing jewish hebrew babies to crocodiles
This was dumb. If you're going to make allegations about statements that may or may not be true, you need to actually show evidence, not just say "evidence shows". Anyone can make a video like this if you're going to do it that way.
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