15 Lies Your School Told You

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Can you really see the Great Wall of China from space? Do we only use 10 per cent of our brainpower? Here is the truth behind 15 lies that your school told you.

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Bálint Hizsnyan
What kind of schools do you have in NA? i mean dude i rly hope no school teaches this shit
Tiger liam
I already knew all of these also there was a statue it is thought hat an earthquake broke the wall so they left a statue of a horse which is the symbolof poseidon the god of earthquakes.
Hotaru Le Huynh
Who is the first person who invented the lightbulb?
Basil Refaey
since this video has been issued this year..... @Planet Dolan......... What are your resources???? what you said somehow factual.... especially about Edison... I don't know about Enestein !!!! anyway... if you be so kind tell me your resources!! because you are only a messenger who deliver messages to the public.....
Anonymous Person
#10 wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and they did not carry the stone they used BOATS
BOB cheesecake productions.
If you are too make a video about this get REAL evidence a lot of this is false.
Esmeralda Martinez
Who is mad
Esmeralda Martinez
Yup the light but edison fixed it
Esmeralda Martinez
They told me all of that is fake fuck school
I knew they are liar!!!
Doggyz channel
Well Columbus never try to prove that earth isn't round....He try to find way to India xD (water way...because history blah blah blah )
Stupid fact
Wait What??!!!!!😨 really it's a lie
I really love this channel
gabriel crandall
I learned none of these myths in school. You're title is misleading....
people still believe the slave thing
Mads Skjerve
woooooow. give us something intresting you fucking cunt.
Jerry dale
Really y'all? Are you still on baby food,? Put away the childish mind.
Jerry dale
Very generic
gou lal
My school never told the blood is blue
gou lal
Human and ape does not share any common ancestor. And its not 99%.... I was expecting something truth and interesting
Roundabowts Space Raceing Team
I like the wacky purple bird
if we are using 100% of are brain we are screwed as a race
Just because the forces of gravity are acting on the astronauts and the space station doesn’t mean there is gravity in space and technically they aren’t in space. They’re still in the atmosphere in the layer called the thermosphere
Nurul Karim Taj
I never think that Einstein were always fail math.I also fail math.But my two friends are genius. 1.Ajaz Rahman,2.Talha Hosaain.
Xxandrew xX
I think you telling lies
Buzz Hd
Because can’t be used at the beginning of a sentence 😡
Loading Delta
I didn’t even go to a school no school=no lies?
That One Dude
Space doesn't have gravity...The astronauts in orbit are are just moving faster than the curvature of the earth (meaning in a constant free fall) it's mimicking zero gravity.
Dutch B
We are still apes.
fish sticks
Christopher columbus also mass murdered a lot of native Americans
Mr. Marvelous
Humans do not use anywhere near all of their brain😂💀
Greg Eun
These are all technical. They didn't outright lie to you, it is a half lie
Vincent DeLoach
Sorry columbus
Vincent DeLoach
Boo columbus
Caleb Driscoll
I'm 14 and I don't belive nothing unless I see it
Happyzy -
Flo T
Most of these are wrong
Mika Svensson
LIVE 1 hour ==== https://go.twitch.tv/80smullet
The eygptions didn’t use 1000s of people they used primitive machines and gravity to lift tons of rocks to build the pyramids
Dele Alli
I knew about the Isaac Newton One
Jude Hendry
I just realized that In number 3 the virus “Trojan horse” is called that because of the massive horse that was built to let whoever inside the big wall thing😂😂
Azrael Z.
you forgot the theory of evolution
London Hockett
In the pirimids the had lights
Geen Naam
Im live in Holland
Edison didn't made electricity.Nikola Tesla did
I've seen that almost every American thinks that Edison is the guy that's responsiblle for our lights.Also Nikola Tesla was working on the electricity that we could have from air.He was close to make that BUT if that happend Thomas Edison would stop making menoy from electricity.Long story short Edison didn't made electricity that we are using today and because of him we still need to pay for that electricity.
what about how college is a scam
I was always told that if i put my mind to it, i can do it.

Fukn lies.
Hey, leave the whopper alone!
lucky H
This video is a LIE!!!!! Youtuber sucks
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