Francisco Solis
why ONLY America can have Atomic bombs.? why.?
9 Rising
he's running for the border!!!!!!!!! ..... for the taco 99 cents at Roberto's
chill dude
He brought his family at the DMZ....why....?
Danny Tan
the issue is the North doesn't seems interested in unification they want to takeover South and be the supreme leader for all
Aljazeera is a pro terrorist organization.
Chimmi Loop
And Friday US tested another nuclear bomb. A provocation for the whole world.
Cosmo Joe
Japan is about to get a influx of korean refugees...if japan is still around
Sara Romo
I am not a trump fan but i respect pence for doing his job not like our dumbass president in mar-a-lago on vacation and golfing on our dime
evacuate Seoul , move out into the country and find shelter , be prepared...
Dexter White
Drop dead Pence
Uncle Ruckus
without north korea and the middle east the world would be peaceful
I supported Trump until now. Seeing Trump follow same Tony Blair style script as Hillary Clinton makes me sick. Those people who criticize him as some kind of buffoon, you're right after all
Santiago Bron
I don't blame the South Koreans

the orange orangutan is bought by the Bank of china.
Alvin Gabriel
S Korea and Japan are going to kill their Nations, holding hands with the wicked western elites?
sharon bollom
I pray to our Lord Jesus to protect Vice President and his family that is a very dangerous place North Korea could kill him so easy..
Louis C Pher
Trump is just making sure that South Korea keeps on being a good lap dog to the United States. No more president Park. She's going to jail. No more good little President letting the United States use South Korea as a doormat for hostile militarism in the region . The new South Korean candidates want good relations with North korea but the United States wants a subservient South Korea so they are campaigning for continued obedience from South Korea to the United States.
Pearman 500
I ❤️ Vice President Pence
Happy holidays everybody!
Shimshon Karbasi
Arabs Al Jazeera please stop working against USA please stop with Fake news to destroy USA Rats they are too many against us stop your anarchy STOP destroying USA Al Jazeera is headcordeard in Dubai an Sunni news and Press TV is Tehran Iran a Shia and Rats are DemocRats like Hussein Obama a RAT
69 Solo
Go North Korea go! Teach these people some lessons! <3
Brian Andrade
all of us in the us are fuckt
Tyler Harris
nice title
How can Pence know who is who when all their names are Kim?
NeveR BoW
Is it okay to give the Americans a taste of their own medicine?
If the answer is no, then why not???
Steven Monash 62
Number one bullshit
The real POTUS
Sad how far we have fallen
The Wanderer
So America can drop bombs on Syria and Afghanistan, but that's okay? USA are the terrorists and are creating all of this to prop up the military industrial complex and to take the focus off their faltering economy.
Mr J.S.
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