All Time Low: Dirty Laundry [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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All Time Low's music video for 'Dirty Laundry' from the upcoming album Last Young Renegade - available June 2nd on Fueled By Ramen. 

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Directed by PTracy


I don't believe in saints,
They never make mistakes,
I know it's not my place,
Who am I to tell you that you need to change?

Her closet’s such a mess
Filled up with all the skeletons she's kept,
Nobody's perfect I confess,
But she's perfect enough
Without ever dressing up,

Dirty laundry is piling in her room
She's got her secrets
Yea I got mine too
I don't care about what you did
Only care about what we do
Dirty laundry looks good on you

Now here's some honesty
Sometimes I trip over your history
Wish I could change my mind
But it's the things I shouldn't see
That always catch my eye,

Dirty laundry is piling in her room
She's got her secrets
Yea I got mine too
I don't care about what you did
Only care about what we do
Dirty laundry looks good on you

Dirty laundry is piling in her room
She's got her secrets
Yea I got mine too
I don't care about what you did
Only care about what we do
Dirty laundry (looks good on you)
Dirty laundry (looks good on you)
Dirty laundry (looks good on you)

It looks good on you

Catriona Moffat
my theory: the people who are dressing him back up are the people he loves in life. You have the parents who he loves. But guess who is the last one. JACK. Jalex confirmed peeps.
Holy shit, it's actually a serious music video
huh, two songs that make up the name of both an artist and the song
I like how he was wearing the same t-shirt in the beginning and end of the video
Hannah Markmann
i can't believe i didn't notice last young renegade playing in the background at the beginning!
Did anyone else hear Last Young Renegade playing quietly in the beginning?
Rachel Joy Vargas
That jacket😍
Hal can't Jungle
Anyone remember weightless and Maria count me in the good days
Умар Дагаев
aph waluigi
ok but klance guys
Patrick Stumps Fedora |-/
IDK if anyone has commented about this already, but Last Young Renegade is playing in the launderette!!
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Mynn Tombing
Make a song called Jon Bellion and you're golden.
Zack Knight
So has no one noticed how in the last album 'Future Hearts' the symbol/logo that was in every video was the eye inside of a heart (heart being represented as red on playing cards) but in this video and the video for 'Last Young Renegade' the symbol (potentially new logo) has changed to a spade (from playing cards, being represented as black) and as we can already tell this new album is going to be a bit darker than the last one. I just thought I'd point it out because I find it rather intresting
chloe vogurt
"somewhere in neverland" .... i only love this all tim low...
eks com
go back to Hopeless Records fuckers! your music so fucking bad!!!
C.J Channel
jason cafone
that last chorus if only the entire song were like that
i really like this song. it might be a change from their older stuff, but it's definitely great and i'm looking forward to last young renegade
Hayli is Trendy
this is so gooooooood omgggggggg
Bryahna Wright
Haha nice Klance reference.
MintyDanɴ Luvs
its 2017 people need to stop singing about sex and start singing about laundry.
Ashley Love
When I first heard this song I didn't like it but I heard it in shuffle and I was like "omg I'm such a bitch for not liking it the first time" 😂
Hailey Smith
I had to listen to this 2788289493 times before noticing "last young renegade" playing at the beginning
Micheal Peters
wait are they on fbr now? or is it a partner thing cause hopeless records is good too and either way the switch IS smart but that means they loose yellow card AND atl :/ I like how much more breaking out of norm sound going on too but miss holly won't you turn me on stuff. they usually incorporate old just started sound in a couple songs
Vani Katara
Jack's guitar tho 😮
Dyllan McDonald

Rascal 210
is the first girl supposed to be Taylor from WATIC?
Mikee Quitalig

Nobody has a car like that and no damn washing machine
Dylan LikesOAA
So like. No matter if the people were good or bad to him, they all contributed to make him what he is today? That's what I got...
Wait ATL is on Hopeless Records? Did they switch labels to Fueled by Ramen??
bi ti es
what a time to be a live
what does this video exactly mean?
Gaming Universe
This song was made for people with OCD. I feel your pain.
Jo Parks
Last young renegades is playing in the beginning 😂
Anna Long
Are we not going to mention the fact he's in denim on denim at the end
cmon man, you are this successful and you still dont have a washing machine..
dirty laundry


my smol gay heart
Totally Spaced Out Right Now
finished watching 13 reasons why last night and i'm just now realising that this song totally relates to clay and hannah
Last young renegade is playing in the beginning
Cristiana Colangelo
funny how "last young renegade" is actually playing in the background at the beginning
Miranda Rink
other people noticed how last young renegade was playing at the start right
Me when I don't pick up my laundry off the always
was that his wife in the dress?
Taima Barakat
I love that they released this song first, because this album is different then the alternative rock we are used to them doing, and 3:15 was just showing that they still have that part of their music with them, but they are going to branch out.
I'm motivated to go to the laundromat now. Screw owning my own washing machine.
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