10 Bollywood Actors who Died Young - You won't Believe!

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10 Bollywood Actors who Died Young - You won't Believe! 

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1. Vinod Mehra (13 Feb, 1945 to 30 Oct, 1990)
Due to heart attack at the age of 45 in 1990.

2. Divya Bharti (25 Feb, 1974 to 7 April, 1993)
She fell to her death from her fifth floor apartment 
in a Mumbai suburb on April 5th 1993.
Reason for her Death is still a Mystery.

3. Jiah Khan (20 Feb, 1988 to 3 June, 2013)
Committed Suicide in 3 June, 2013

4. Nirmal Pandey (10 Aug, 1962 to 18 Feb, 2010)
Died at age of 48 due to heart attack.

5. Sanjeev Kumar (9 July, 1938 to 6 Nov 1985)
Died at Age of 47 in 1985 due to major heart attack.

6. Geeta Bali (1930 to 21 Jan, 1965)
Died at age of 35 due to small pox in 1965.

7. Guru Dutt (9 July, 1925 to 10 Oct, 1964)
Died at age of 39 in 1964
Because of Accidental overdose of alcohol and sleeping pills.

8. Meena Kumari (1 Aug, 1932 to 31 March, 1972)
Died at the Age of only 37 in 1972 due to liver cirrhosis.

9. Smita Patil (17 Oct, 1955, to 13 Dec, 1986)
Died at Age of 31 on 1986 due to childbirth complications.

10. Madhubala (14 Feb, 1933 to 23 Feb 1969)
Because of Complex Heart Disease, 
Died at Age of only 36 in 1969.

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