Top 5 Biggest EDITING MISTAKES In YouTubers Videos! (PewDiePie, FaZe Rug, TmarTn Scandal & More!)

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Top 5 Biggest Editing Mistakes In YouTube Videos! Mistakes YouTubers forgot to edit out! (PewDiePie, FaZe Rug, TmarTn Scandal, DramaAlert, Fake Song Lyric Text Prank!) Which one was the craziest?
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3. DramaAlert We got it wrong. - I'm sorry & will do better.
Keemstar Exposed - Makes 60 Year Old Streamer Cry (rsgloryandgold)
2. Robin Birrell Fake Song Lyric Text Prank On Ex Girlfriend Exposed
1. faze rug the whole situation

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{LSF} Axel
Dude the guy in the number one spot is a real piece of shit.

His brother asks him to take down the video that had some bits of his girlfriend that he didn't want seen and all that fucker cared about were his views.
Keemstar is an idiot
The old guy is nice I feel extremely bad🙏
Jayden Barrera
That old man made me really sad
Wolfie Gamer
The old guy is the saddest one , the old man is the nicest guy ever seen , he deserves peaceful ness
king gold
there was my last name on there
Lone wolfjack
When r u gonna do a face reveal
Papi Mama
I fell bad for that old man #heisnotmygrandpabutiwouldlovehimtobe also that's a fucking long hashtag
Heart Gold 79
I seen some huge editing mistakes on aimboters on tf2 but it’s mainly kids who were quite dumb thinking they could get away with using aimbot and banned one of the ppl recording it but little did they knew they did recorded and their video did get tons and tons of hate which they rightfully deserve
Fuck Keemstar! That horribly racist piece of shit needs to get bent!
Carla Cisneros
I feel bad for the old man
Alex hunt lol lmfao
Why tf is Rug crying about fighting with his brother tho? xD
PryZe E
I feel bad for that guys old guy who was blamed drama alert really fucked up
Jonathan H
How does keemstar know the star
Chris Schmitt
1. I hope they helped the old dude out afterwards.

2. Homeboy crying needs to be punched in the back of the head
Joshua g
Faze Rug’s brother sounds like one jealous/controlling mother fucker! It didn’t show his girl’s ass. Just her in some shorts.
Spiral Wave
Lol faze rug sucks ass
Hakon Sandvik
Obligation story sound question vital ah worth prospect Christian order fifteen.
Jarring Lake
You didn’t include jacksepticeyes undertale video where he goes to the toilet and forgets to cut that part
Hey everyone, in case you're all wondering, the old guy (rsgloryandgold on Twitch) is doing just fine and I'm actually watching him right now. So fuck the channel that did that to him but he seems to be doing okay 💙
Dorys Luck
the old guy 😭😭
KontaTheGamer r
Keemstar is a fuckup
1995Supra Black
That guy is a dick for leaving that video up of the dude's GF. I would kick his ass.
Jordy Jords
Wow crying because you ain't gonna get ad revenue hahahah
Bret Bertrsnf
What game is this lol
Maxmofo O
He looked up teens with big tits fucking pervert
click bait <3
Rick James
HAHAHAHA that faze kid is such a fuckin puss bag WAHHh hahah cry baby bitch
Rug is a little bitch for crying about it
Tha Young King 23
I hate pewdiepie but low key i think he did that for fun
Struck 2112
Holy shit, good video but way to many adds. There's more adds then when I used to watch movies on peach tree!
KK Playz
Did any one see the XVIDEOS thing on pewdiepies thingy it's a porn thing
Logan Courtney
Sub to me pleaseee!!!! Cod ww2, pvz gw2, fortnite, dbd, Friday the 13th, and vlogs coming soon
Schuyler Bowen
Oh my heart
That poor eldlerly gentleman.
for tge first one, thats why you use a different comouter/ laptop. not a frickin work/streaming pc!
Offical Evelin
want to hear a joke?

Read more
Drew Brown
Rug is a puss
Fusion Streaky
Wow that thumbnail is so believable.... I totally fell for it
Tom Ostrowski
That first one was onePurpose
What game is that
Secluded Moon
Who else thinks that faze rug is crying because he got beat up
Dominic Vitalie
Ummm what was her name malena? Need to do some research...
rica6330 rica6330
Let PewDiePie watch what he wants to watch
Fallen Angel
What game is that pls name
Prettyboykell 2
the old guy made me sad and cry 😭
This guy makes shit content
Lasse Grønning
Can we reach 9000 likes? gets 9000 dislikes
BrownieFactory Content
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