the piggy king
Uhhhh another list OOHHH TREND CRAVE CLICK
cool character in the game
GreenDiamond Green!
The first one is definitely a joke because he was doing some strange things with his mouth which you usually do when you want to laugh but you don't
Hyper Ignyte
I saw one in faze apex's video a couple months ago where I saw a pair of tits in it
Ramadhan Mulamula
why would he have his brother's girlfriend's area
What's the name of the game he's playing
Naked Rat
That old man didn't deserve this bullshit. That man was so sweet and all he wanted to do was play video games and make friends. I don't care if it was a mistake, the people who did that to him deserve some jail time... Cause I'm pretty sure that they broke some kind of rule.
iAimbot On
Pewdiepie's mistake was goldenπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
That last kid seems like a pussy, just take it off it's your brother and stop crying you little girl
Kota Gaming
Do a draw my life
Pizza Dude
But he got 50k likes
Kirblink Ness
Does anyone remember the girl who had 10 or 7 mac books and broke hers because it was scratched she had one for posting one for checking comments and more
Yandere Chan
Honestly I kinda wanted to cry with the old guy, he seemed so sad 😒. Hope he is doing good now
Edit: I see I'm not the only one hahah
Michael Carrillo
Drama alert needs to chill out
Micah Trammell
I am living under a rock... yay
Nomad Peeks
Natasha Siler
What game is he playing?
Robert Alaniz
The old guy has my heart
If u zoom on the 3rd clip PewDiePie's history full of porn
Loop Control
lol video is doing good bc you had a naked chick not u lol!
Pandora & Friends
xvideos....felix has good taste
Pandora & Friends
i miss the old youtube tagging i actually have to think
Ant 777
U will always stay in my prayers old guy sorry if I don't know your name but I appreciate u even if I don't know u bc I feel bad
Jumbo Burnsie
Hell yeah Xvideos is the shit
MB Cool Pug
Pause at 1:12 It So Cool
i think the girl who deleted system 32, i think she acted dumb on purpose because she's trying to sound dumb, just because of the way she's talking.
Dingo Boy21
I dont understand what happens at the tmartn csgo scandal part

Could someone please explain
Frastea .C
Kemstar doesn't feel like that all the time
[DC] Koolcat35
7:59 oh boo fucking hoo, you know that theirs people in the world who are crying because their starving or have cancer, and your sitting over here crying about a fucking video you uploaded to YouTube
Raging- Progress
Anything for views rug anything
Oh man
That old man made me tear up
That last one was also a little sad I feel bad for him
PengTingCalledJimmySaville -
More like ViewCrave
Yeezythe Savage
Ik that he apologized but I don't see how he could do that @rsgloryandgold like thatπŸ™
John Pettersen
Why does your brothers hoe ass girlfriend walk around the house with privates out? Gangbang?
MinePlodingZ Gaming
Yeah Yours
KwakLion 300
Surprised deji isn't on lmao. He has actual porn on a vid for a sec
What game is that
Senpai Sheets
I almost cried for that old man, my heart is melted.
Alex Fraites
What is this game I need I in my life
Mason HD
What about jackseptic eye he went to pee but he didn't edit it out so it was recording for about 2mins #BUSTED
Unbound Rival
Faze rug is a pussy
Lil _Fry
Pew die pie being him, it was 120% a joke/prank
Ezio Auditore
what game is this
50 thousandth like
Vital Fault
Why's yours not on here
Ethan Purshega
Logan Paul gave mark dohners room number away on accident
Do more, if you do I will kill myself :-)
jordan smith
I saw the faze rug video
punchthatlaptop gaming
There was a edeting mistake in a video and there was this ugly face in the corner
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