Eva Godfrey
Elite Gaming
Click bait
Solaire of Astora
1 likes equals one dislike for CM launcher
That old man is so cute makes me wanna cry
Spencer Taylor
I still feel bad for rs gold
deathbot entertainment
I make editing mistakes
Gibson Bates
what game are you playing in the background?
faze rug's a bitch!
John Nathan
Tmartn2 is so dumb
I feel like if pewdiepie let his browser history on YouTube, and it went past his editing process, than it was most likely a joke. But it was 4 years ago, so who cares anymore.
Ayomide Folowosele
OMG I'm subscribed to Emma vs Robin!!!!!
Ash-_- Karisma
OMFG I feel so bad for the old guy because I cried when I all that
Flame Burst
Damn Rug, never knew money means more than your family.
Metal Pig
pls tell me what game are u playing
No offense but your for honor skills need some work
You forgot faze agony for faking 100 man kill feed collaterals
FreshDiss Tracks
good video man keep it up
Elite Soulfly
Please let me know if I missed other big mistakes so I can make videos and earn money without working as hard
Maine Baldemor
1:21 doesnt make sence where did you get this stuff?? its not on the pewds video? (1:12).. like what the fuck??? im not blind
Javier Sandoval Junior
In 3 I feel bad for the old guy
The old man made me CRY 😭
Adapt FPV
Fuck Faze Rug
Abdullah Ahmed
Honestly I feel sooo bad for the old guy and this is why we shouldn't believe shit that keemstar says cause half of the time his news is all a ball of fake facts and shit so he can get views and become famous and when he gets caught he sheds the tears of a crocodile and pretends to be a little bitch when in reality he is just a mother fuckin heartless piece of shit
Christian paredes
That first one was fake I paused it and looked it was about the game tags and console
Owen Washington
I think Pewdiepie did that on purpose... lol
Isaac Camp
What about the one from pewdipie when he said the "N" (ni**)
Dylan Pritchard
I think the pewdiepie one is totally fake and he did it on purpose
Xvideos for life
Its Dyl
Who's here for faze rug 👻
K Walking
Add Domo and Crissy now 😔
Noodly Adly
I figured Jacksepticeye would be in here because he forgot to edit out his 1 minute pee break while playing Undertale but it didn't cause any drama it was just funny
LowkeyLogan Logan
That old guy playing games was so adorable i feel really bad for him
swashin panda
jacksepticeye undertale he wint to poop and he fought to cut the time in between
The old guy 😔
Keegan Johnston
no shit it was doing good there was pussy in it 8:25
Jay Montmire
Roses are red
Grass is red
Trees are red
O shit my garden is on fire.
Danny Gutierrez
What game is that
David kassa
Lol how does this have 2 mil views. but 1 mil subs
Travis Roberson
one of Lance Stewart's videos where he pranked his girlfriend where he put marker on his girlfrends eyebrows
the hole at the center of everything jse
does anyone remember when jackseptickeye left the room in a video but did edit it out?
Ariel Lopez
Faz rugs was just sad
Matthew Rowley
Tanner Braungardt's address was left in a video
scootalose Y.T.
That old guy didn't deserve that hate :(
the keemstar part he only did this as a roast or to be funny which i thought it was funny and all and people only say fucked up shit but not seriously about it.
poor rug
dark prince
yes u
I remembered a twitch streamer masturbating on stream
The Lone Cheerio
how did faze rug have a picture of jackies vj
Visual Dexter
Jose Hermes
Drama alert fucked up people's personal life man .... leave that fucker broke please... do it for this old guy that got his life messed up ... please .
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