One-on-One with Lt. Gen. Thomas Bergeson


ABC News' Martha Raddatz speaks with the deputy commander of U.S. Forces Korea as tensions rise between the U.S. and the reclusive North Korean regime.

Trump makes this country less safe.
Johnny Tek
There's nothing anyone can actually do (outside of the stuff one might expect in fiction) to stop North Korea from advancing its nuclear arms program. Economic sanctions are useless. Military action would risk existing nuclear weapons being leaked outside of North Korea in the ensuing chaos and into the hands of criminals and terrorists. Inciting the population into civil war carries the same risk as taking military action.

The only real solution atm is to play the long game and encourage North Korea to change peacefully and gradually, towards a more diplomacy-friendly version of its state. Nurture the globalization of their economy and open them up to cultural exchange with the rest of the world, so that future generations of their leadership will have a peaceful, responsible stance in world politics.
Get out whites. Get out from South Korea.
FeO Acero
A few countries USA has fucked up:
Yugoslavia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Egypt, Libya, Lebanon, Yemen, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Ukraine, Georgia, Vietnam, North Korea, the entire Central and South America.
felix mendez
Any plan that the US elaborates to deal with the North Korean "threat" has the "little inconvenience" that is could easily escalate into nuclear war with China and Russia. But I dont hear them talking how they are gonna protect their +300 millons in case of a nuclear exchange. Oh, wait, everything will work out fine for Amerikans, like in Hollywood movies, something miraculous will happen at the last moment, something that will spare them all. Fool me, why didnt I see it before.
Old Enough To Know Better
Gee Martha, If President Trump does not blab about his "military plans" what makes you think this deputy commander who does not sit at the decision table would have any idea what would happen? No matter how many ways you attempt to lure him into proclaiming ANY particular action or no action at all, he stays focused on his training and disappoints you at every dim wit question you ask. This is not reporting, this baiting and you just wasted his time, my time and thousands around the world who wondered wtf you could even ask this guy that would equal a story of interest. This is the LAST time i will ever tune in to ABC as i have stopped tuning into NBC CNN MSN FAKE NEWS NETWORKS! Get a real job!!!!
tomato totato
wow this gen looks so nervous.
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