Melissa McCarthy's Sean Spicer Performs "I Feel Pretty" for 'SNL' Promo | THR News

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Melissa McCarthy is getting a major makeover for her big Saturday Night Live hosting gig. In a promo for this weekend's episode, McCarthy lip-syncs to 'West Side Story's "I Feel Pretty" as she dances throughout the 'SNL' set to the hair and makeup team who transforms her into the lovely and beautiful ... White House press secretary Sean Spicer. 

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the joke was the American airlines part.
William Eric Wolff
Why did they change the words to the song?
Nicholas Brewer
She was good in Ghostbusters.
Carol Chan
can we have her take his place.
Bertha Martin
Melissa should get an award for the lying Spicer impersonation..she is tops !!!!
Traci Robarchek
Lol, I saw some lawn ornaments that show pic of Spicer hiding in the bushes. Half his face on a stick. They are on line. Check it out. I want one.
She's so good as Spicer !!
ugg ahh
Still don't like her!!!! YUUUUKKKKK
Tiffany Taylor
Melissa is the BEST
William Western
Since everyone who thinks Donald Trump is a disaster is a libtard, I was wondering what we should be calling his people. Godtards? Fascistards?
sean spicer NEVER feels like this song before press briefings. Npw is there a song that goes Kill me now, please.
pink pony
she is a better Spicer than he is.
Evy Edwards
Pure genius! From Sarah Huckabee-Sanders to Sean Spicer!!!
Jeannie Alviz
She is much better than Spicer.
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