what the hell did these people vote in.
Bongo Dave
Sean is such a liar. LOL!
Doyle Hargrove
Sean u kick ass !! Stay strong 💪
Biting the hand, he's biting the hand.
Arief Rochelle
Trump uses Hannitys big chin as his cock holster
princeofd 666
Liberal/socialist/communist scum were given the biggest kick in the teeth on November 8th, 2016. They were told Crooked Hillary had a 98% chance of becoming President (and with the support of almost the entire fraudulent MSM , who would have argued against it?). Clinton and her supporters were crushed by their own delusions - badly. They can deal with it and do better or go suck Caitlyn Jenner's cock.
John Greene
Just the facts.......Not to worry. The US got rid of the Clintons by voting now they wil get rid of Trump. Time for the youth to make American great again. Cause people like Hannity only want ratings to sell books and go on speech tours.
John Greene
Hannity is sounding more like Russia Today then ever. Putin's new group is fox news.
John Greene
fake news nope. the truth will come out. Trump will be gone in one year
John Greene
Lies lies Lies
does hannity remember a segment on his show criticizing President Obama for using gray poupon?
Trump creates this bizarre drama himself. Lets not forget that from day 1 he lied about crowd size of his innauguration and never let it go. From that day on he has just been getting more crazy.
nobody's gonna let him get away with all of his lies! this is so dumb and a display of cowardice.
Abbe Satty
Sean Hannity: Shut your up! You only fit as Banana Republic propaganda. Oh! Did I say Shut up?
Tea Tard
Sean Hannity is one of the most reprehensible people in this country. His "entertainment" show spreads lies, division and hatred all of which he does to earn a living. A truly despicable and deeply immoral man.
Look at these psycho Drumphster Divers gleefully promoting the steps towards fascism and the death of democracy and the "great" America that they are so fond of saying they want to get back to. Remind us all again, when was the time that America repressed the First Amendment?
It is a crying shame that our THE WHOLE COUNTRY'S president has to treat the press like children since they continue to act as children punish them as such. If you reply "he isn't MY president" then you need to leave America because the very fact you live here makes him so.
Dave Dee
Is that what Putin wants him to do?
FOX - the world in witch lies and fake news mix, it always amazes me how Fox is always always twisting thing to outright lies..
These assholes sure can dish it, but they can't take it LOL
z delany
wait the ratings is a clear example of the American people watching the press conferences.....so how is that not a good thing
William Perry
If Hannity wants the White House to stop talking to the WH Press Corps, is he also OK with Trump not coming on his show and other Fox News shows again and sitting down for softball interviews?. What's good for the goose is good for the gander. Hannity will probably see no inconsistency with Trump talking to him for an hour yet denying a reporter from, say, CBS or the NY Times asking Trump or his press secretary even one question.
William Perry
Hannity better hope Trump can survive this because otherwise he, Hannity, will look like a fool. Just like he did after rancher Bundy emerged as a bigot. The day before he was cheering Bundy as a great American hero. Then he dropped the story entirely, as if his previous fawning coverage never existed.
brian mcintyre
I love fox idiot rant.
michael hunter
Pious Christians voted for a man with a leaked tape where
he bragged about sexual assault
Todd Southgate
Even Goebbels would cringe at what Hannity is doing.
ray bee
I agree..... what he tweets is the real news of what he is saying and doing...... not what some channels say he said or what he meant...... sick em donald you can and will do it ....... bring down the corrupt house of cards in washington.... Trump 2020
Cheraghali Lorestani
Trump is King of Lies
Cheraghali Lorestani
Trump is King of Lies
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