The Mercedes SLR Is the Forgotten $500,000 Supercar

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The Mercedes-McLaren SLR cost $500,000 only a few years ago -- about the same as the Ferrari Enzo and Porsche Carrera GT. Here's a closer look at the SLR.

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Arun Narasimhan
That engine sound is deliberately reminiscent of a Messerschmidt
Sat in one... never ever seen such cheap nasty sprayed chrome plastic
Jason Schrum
I just fell in love with the SLR @ 12:40.........D*mn you, Doug
I love this car.
Brian Numme
The hood on my '87 Saab 900 opened the same way.
sandas turner
nakul singh
Gospodin Pendula
Nice 1
Caiden Wichert
I think it's insane for its time
I didn't forget
This car is so ugly omg
And here, dear kids, again a good example of how you should NOT mount your expensive SLR rims. With their airblades, the wheels of the Mercedes SLR are directional tied and only useful on their respective side of the vehicle. However, MANY misunderstand the concept of cooling the brake system of the SLR and install their turbine wheels —from their point of view streamline-shaped, but— WRONG.
Souhardya Dutta
nfs most wanted bull's(toru sato) car was it...cant forget this bitch
TD Immanuel
This car is not forgotten it was just a piece of overpriced crap!
Joel Lewis
BLACKLIST NUMBER 2: TORU SATO aka Bull. Car: Mercedes SLR McLaren
forgotten? its one of my favorite supercars
Viktor Dimitrovski
"especially in the modern world where we are all used to dual clutches". What exactly is your target audience here Doug?
mad_titan THANOS
@7:50 I bet any curious person could find the button, push and it the compartment comes out.
mad_titan THANOS
I never liked this car in NFSMW. I just liked Gallardo and Careera GT
Shaun Dewey
"forgotten"? you born before 2003 (first production) or something?
Mr. Smiley
This car has always given me a serious woody.
Jesus your channel is growing quickly
Antony Spar
Does it have the tendency to understeer?
NutriFIT nutritie si fitnes
nokia came in europe
Scott Cramer
If this car was going to merge in front of you, you wouldn't be able to see the turn signal? Wtf?
Serjey Noga
Doug the type of guy to make love with an Aztek mattress
Charlie Tate
You related to Jay Leno? You look a lot like him.
One total ash.... man I laughed.
julio martinez
what´s that whistle ?
reuven mats
Hey Doug , i challange you to find a mclaren F1 and make a video about it.

Yours truly , random viewer
4:00 that's pretty dumb, so only people who are directly behind the car can see your turn signals? So people in other lanes won't even be able to see that you have your turn signals on, which means they won't know that you want to turn... Also, cops might see you 'not use your turn signal' when you actually are.
Phony julia
Where is all the "Dougs the kind of guy that.............
The Eternal Hermit
I think the center console looks kind of cheap for a $500,000 car.
Fue Jos
Sounds like a pushrod engine!
It's ugly. The front is too long, and it just looks ridiculous.
Cofi Plays
carrera gt is worth 1.100.000 euros in switzerland
Shawn Kelly
Since. Mercedes Owned Chrysler for a while. I always thought it was a super fancy Viper.
Robert Cop
I played nfsc and nfsmw last week. I used the slr to beat razor and Darius.
Max Zago
Is this guy Jay Leno'a son? His lower Jaw its enormous!
Maroš Vojt
the sad thing is that majority of nowadays car enthusians grand childrens wont be able to buy it. it would cost even more or it wont be worth to buy a rusted metal for that sick price. :D
Damn you Bull!
Jacob Müller
Who the fuck say it's forgetting? ?
Stop talking shit use
Biggie Cheese
midnight club 3
roman rashid
I actually like this car now I didn't know what it was before
Aaron M
That scene at the end xD
5:30 proof that all these wings on cars just slow them down and wreck your fuel mileage.
I never really liked Mercedes cars, but this one is a super hot one. I dislike the interior though!
Not forgotten! Even after 10 years this car still turn heads
They should put new tech in cars like these it all seems silly once it's outdated
harold feldberg
Jay must of got really annoyed when you couldn't stop talking with his dick in your mouth. LOL!
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