The Mercedes SLR Is the Forgotten $500,000 Supercar

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The Mercedes-McLaren SLR cost $500,000 only a few years ago -- about the same as the Ferrari Enzo and Porsche Carrera GT. Here's a closer look at the SLR.

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German Batmobile.
Tosh Ram
Thanks to this car I could beat Darius...
Yoseob Yang
the only thing i see here is his tongue
irving estevez
The high pith whining sound when accelerating is annoying, sounds like a bad grounding on a power amplifier.
Aneeb Zulfiqar
It really is underrated.
StrictlyAccessed IX
it's funny to see the comments saying they'd rather spend 500k on something more noticeable like Ferrari or Lamborghini, it so easy to tell who the real enthusiasts are and who just wants attention. there's so many amazing cars out there and a real car guy knows to respect them all the same. 50k or 500k.
this car is designed a lot like the viper, those have you sitting on the rear axle with 70% of the car up front as well, and have a similar hood mechanism
Vape Naysh
interior looks cheaper than Do Kim's corolla
Chad Vilchez
His face is so punchable
Waste of money. The car is basic except for the engine
Afghan Jesus
So you could say this is the Mercedes version of a Challenger? Stylish and powerful but very heavy and kinda sluggish handling.
Salty der Regenmacher
Gran Turismo 4
zack sunbae
u lied doug. how can helicopter land on that hood 😢
"You can land a helicopter on this thing"
Mercedes have the best car sounds.
Andrew Cuthbertson
It's a super Mercedes SL. The world needs more cars like this. It's like the original Honda Interceptor. The fastest thing on earth, but still a perfectly usable daily driver.
would rather pay tuition for college, buy a 2017 Honda accord, and put a down payment on a house....
" It feels like it can just keep going" - that's because it can Doug
Jack Krauser
first time i see you talking good about a car.
Ivan Yurchenko
What confuses me is the quality of the image. The content is great but it feels so 90's.
Adeeb Parvez
Subscribe me I will Subscribe to everyone who Subscribed me... <3
Jeremy Clarkson said that about the brakes: nothing, nothing, nothing.... aaand it tears your face off. lol
Ken O'Neill
Can your reviews be considered 100% impartial when someone is loaning you the car out of the kindness of their heart?
jerry calvert
I remember these cars, they are truly misunderstood. Definitely a fantastic car in their own right.
Boosted Monte
Cool it's outdated 12 years old only makes 500 hp and will keep up with a modern car for only $500,000 Ill just buy a mustang...
Jesse Dariano
Enjoyed the show but I can't get it out of my head once he mentioned Jay Lenno. He could be his son; the chin, the mouth and the subtle lisp. lol
vega carter
I remembered about playing NFS most wanted with no 2 boss BULL, my
review was: big, long, so low, smooth engine, silent sound, sleek
design, fast, powerful and blazing like a supersonic...
I am Phoenix
That shiny plastic bits and pieces on the inside
Bryan McHugh
good lord! The interior has the worst ergonomics I have literally ever seen
Andreas Scheiber
I have car four you to make movie. When you have interesting take coment to me. It's not so higher price car and no "supercar".
Is the whining the supercharger or some interference?
Too bad it's fucking ugly

Edit: sorry car owner (like you care what I think)
Danny McCann
Lmfao..... $500,000
This car is a big joke but because it's not italian it doesn't deserve bad comments
RMund Mambo
"Full strike." 😆
Tyler Haley
I never forgot this car, its always been so cool to me, yet to see one though lol.
Michael Morrison
Consider a microphone for road test? Becomes quite difficult to hear your commentary while driving. Otherwise, keep it up.
the engine noise on this is still one of the greatest ever even today :D
Ancient IRoN WoLFF
he almost sounds like Jay Leno
Ancient IRoN WoLFF
how tall is the review guy??
Even Doug forgot to call it McLaren.
SB The Pikachu
This is literally the car that got me into cars in general and Mercedes in particular.
RB26 Youtube Gaming
I love the SLR it's my favorite Mercedes along with the SLS and the c63 Black.. :D
Mathew jin
Dude u should get fined for driving without a number plate
That thing is still hideous looking.
Lukas Gaming
Mercedes sucks BMW ftw
asphalt 2 anybody?
Interesting to note that in 1965 the base price of a benz 220B was only 1000.00 more than a Volvo.
High Retail. Base Price, $4,269
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