The Mercedes SLR Is the Forgotten $500,000 Supercar

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The Mercedes-McLaren SLR cost $500,000 only a few years ago -- about the same as the Ferrari Enzo and Porsche Carrera GT. Here's a closer look at the SLR.

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I hate those early to mid 2000s Mercedes headlights. they're so goddamn ugly.
Original Case
Interior build quality looks totally crap.
Uygar Kilic
The SLR has the SBC brake system. Brake by Wire technology. It caused many problems during those years. And the feeling was really unusual.
FexoIs Is my name
Stop your gonna make the price go up
Jack Keville
I love Mercedes, but this machine isn't their prettiest.
Kaka KarrotCake
I can't get over how cheap and ugly looking that thing is.
Colin Laws
My 1994 BMW 740iL has the same kind of hood, I love it!
Jage A
1:30 2:40
Sucharith Battina
Good Boy.
my 5 favourite cars:

•Mercedes SL350/SLR (I can't choose)

•Ford RS200 Evolution

•Ford RS500 Sierra Cosworth

•Supra MK3

•Mazda RX7 FC

What's your favourites?
forgotten by you
Jaspal Badwal
John cena has that car
Daniel Lopez
Funny you mention Jay Leno because you both have the same chin.
yoga2man yoga1man
why tall ppl gt sport cars anyway? those cars r suitable for short ppl in general. look at him. his knees r 1-2 cm before hiting the board. he looks so awkward beeing in that car. its cringy seeing tall ppl trying to get their asses inside of a sport car that has limited space
Lee Daniel
hmm I might get one
Roo H
Ah yes, AKA the STOLEN SRT team design that Dodge was going to use for the Viper, that Daimler ripped off and turned into the SLR. Yes, this did happen.
A. W. A.
Your film doesn't give space for other Benz cars, so we can't say what benz good at but we only can say that it is not good at sport cars. It has failed many times, in order for the company to succeed. It has to compete against sport car companies, so the division will be isolated and it will become a sub company like Cadillac which is GMC but luxuary.
A. W. A.
thank you for being serious, well.... Mercedes Benz like Microsoft company because Benz fail (for , of , or to) making sport car, Micro failed too because it couldn't make a proper keyboard or even a mouse; car price will never make it valuable unless it has real value.
Anthony Dietrich
This car is orgasm on wheels for car lovers.
ashaul hassan
still looks sexy.
Mike S
The hood-open position is more the face of a fox than the batman logo....dimensions, doug.
Always reminds of the pile of shit that was the Chrysler Crossfire when I see this car. Not surprising really since it was built during the Daimler Chrysler era. A horrible, hateful little car.
Kabo The Douchebag
Interior looks so cheap, it's like...Toyota hahaha
Stunt Panda
I think when Paris Hilton was seen driving an SLR she basically tanked the value: no one wants a car she drives.
Yovany Mora
German engineering= overpriced and complicated
Toby Radcliff
Review a mid 90s or early 2000s S600 please
Lee Browne
I'm watching this just after I bought that slr

Said no one ever
Steve Ellsworth
this car was in the movie Redline,and it WON! or lost,I don't know
loved this in NFS 2005
Bill Church
Not forgotten by me.
Larry Alexander
What on earth is that high pitched noise when you're driving the car? Also changes pitch when changing gears/different speeds.
The slr 722s is like 1mil now
Who has forgotten this?
Lee Yungz
you should have two cameras one facing foward another one facing you
Patrick Kennedy
that exhaust note is NSFW
so many features but still no manual transmission
Alexander McInerny
When is he going to review Bugatti?
BuyTheTicket TakeTheRide
I got a neighbor with one, the car truly is a beast.
Jackson Putnam
This car is just nuts
Doug the reason this is a forgotten supercar is because it's a HYPERcar
Heaven Bound
Patrick Johns
IMO it's ugly inside and out
Justin Hensley
The production of this car stopped in 2010. It isn't that it's "forgotten", most people (that actually know somewhat about exotic cars) still remember this car. It's just old. So it's never mentioned or brought up. People are just focused on future and now stuff. But that doesn't mean it's forgotten. I remember in the 2000s many rapper's had this car in their videos. and in videogames.
Gamer Akeil
i know why its forgotten, its ugly as a mf!
M&N Distribution
Now it's worth 20k
Review my 1986 Audi coupe gt
s.m. pravin
it is better than the Carrera gt
I own an SLR and I really didn't know about the phone... gotta check right away!
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