Clean Bandit - Symphony feat. Zara Larsson Video {REACTION}

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This was incredibly touching. I was not expecting to be so moved. I loved seeing a gay black couple at the forefront of this video. Zara Larsson and clean bandit did a great job with this video. It was beautiful. I never heard the song before but when I watched this video I was brought to tears. I was crying like a little baby. I usually do reaction videos that are uplifting and happy. I didn't about the video so I did not know it was going to be so touching!!

c v
being a minority myself i honestly feel rubbed the wrong way by him saying " i love minorities". is it just me ?
Sharon Saran
I cried too
Dimitra Zarta
react to Melanie Martinez album crybaby
Tamem Abou Ismaiel
You are amazing person ❤️ I cry too 😔 beautiful video ❤️
Louis Tommo
they r father and his son lol
Cmpk Dursa
its not what it looks like its not about gay its about two men being best friend but i think one of them died
You made me cry so much staph
your jawline is bigger than my future
dawit haileeyesus
2 guy dammmmmmmn
i love the music but i heat the clip of guyyyyyyyy
Gorgeous mali
I looooove so much this song and much more the videoclip! Gay is'nt a minority now tho' BE PROUD !
Hansel Ruiz
It was his son
ilves K
ur so sensitive and sweet ur goalz 😭😭😭❤❤❤❤❤❤ i literally cried with you 😭
ilves K
ur face made my day thats all
Sweg Gamer32608
thats his son... not his husband
Ture Kihlstedt
I cry everytime
You like woman.
Carmen Therese
This was my exact reaction I kept stopping the video & holding my heart while tears welled up.

So beautiful. Not sure how I found your channel but now I'm sub'd.

When true love is expressed through minorities & communicated to a receptive audience, the who works shines brighter ⭐️

Even if this exact story is not true, there would be a couple out there exactly like this .. & multiple different minorities too 💕
hey beautiful ♡ , you got a new subscriber !! and a crying buddy ♡.
VougeIyu Adrian
I cried so sad
your cheeks are chubby
You are so emotional!!
Mohan Reddy
they are brothers.....
Anh Pham
Are they a gay couple because I though it was dad and son
Roqaya Animates
i cried with you xD
alexis edgard Salamanca
Its not a gay couple, its a father and a son, the mother is the one at the grave with umbrella, they aren't gay.
SP Gaming
actually it was his son not boy friend his son died
Erick Ortiz
mierda de vídeo pinche gringo chillón jajajaja
Hipnos- Clash royale
ja ja, que puto
Stefania Stefi
but sorry why do you cry??
iiAwesomeDestroyerii !
This isn't a hate comment Cuz you're amazing but what happened to your cheeks if u don't mind me asking?
It's Beyond Kev
Your heart is pure ❤
Am I the only heartless soul who came nowhere near to crying? I'm mean I guess it's sad but I'm a potato soo...
Ned Vlogs
It's his son not his boyfriend
Mary Plays
Omg... :'( noo...
Jonah Estrada
I busted up laughing when he said I love minorities
SD Games & Vlogs
you look like joey graceffa
Nikobe Smith
your reaction was beautiful.
Tote O'drajaf
OMG me encantó... Que adorable...
Josefine Lagerström
I cried so much
RPD STARS team and Tantalus brother
you are a man!!! What do you cry for!!!
Lisa Conrad
How come you didn't react to The cure by Lady Gaga
David Bordain
I really thought I was the only one that cries with it. It's very touchful :'( . Well, MISSING always is.
Martina •
Such a beutiful reaction!💖
Daniel Escalona
You are so cute .. and i cry too again 😗💚
Zara Larsson Edits
How are you so frickin' handsome? It literally hurts my soul. I become an actual potato when i cry but u look good af😿 LOVED YOUR REACTION, YOU SHOULD TOTALLY REACT TO THIS
LOVED this reaction <3
em thats all
such a big heart! i love you so much❤
Luke Dent YT
It was his son
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