The Data Center Mural Project: Monotype to Mural

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See muralists translate artist Gary Kelley’s handmade monotype to the wall of the Google data center in Council Bluffs. 

Find out more about the mural and Gary’s work at

Mr. Potatofactory
when it comes down to it a mural is just legal graffiti
Shobhit Gosain
Painters who are exactly painting it on that big wall are no less creative and hardworkers!!
it's going to be insane to see the technology Google has in a few decades from now. Its insane how much our species evolved in such a short time.
Linda Pilgrim
brain cancer
Tommy Le
Tomaz Iskra
I have 196 videos on YouTube.
Timmy Casey
the new age is here
Francisco C.Dias
Pues No Entiendo De Que Setra
Данил Дубивка
лучше показали бы как строили дата центр
Lame AF. Proper murals:
what's the soundtrack to this wonderful video?
Vinnie Sims
It looks great, Google!
Vishal.S Kadam
@Google Amazing art work and I must say this surely brings a trend of how office spaces need to be designed, externally! Simply brilliant 🤗
Wanna Slytherin
Again another amazing project Google,
thanks for making all of this possible...


(Wifi/Internet connection)
Manoj Shan
Never came this EARLY :)
Олесь Бурин
Anybody knows what song is this?
The BrickMC
okay sick
Joël van Daalen
This is one of the reasons Google is an awesome company ;)
John Nazarene Dela Pisa
thats pretty good
westbourne on your Face:)
Jorja Faith-Wilson
Fagner Junqueira
Google is the best and one day i go work in her
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