Gifted Official Trailer #1 (2017) Chris Evans, Jenny Slate Drama Movie HD

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Gifted Trailer 1 (2017) Chris Evans, Jenny Slate Drama Movie HD [Official Trailer]

Queen Maine
When he said "Old Russian guys" I immediately thought of Hydra
Fake Police
What a fucked up father
That was problably the cutest movie i ever saw
Dex Scene
awesome movie
Manic more
This Is A Trailer Before Hacksaw Ridge (UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Hannah Evenson
Ryoushi_ Hero_of_Riokko
Wow i guess Captain America retired and had a daughter
jitendra rawal full movie downlode in hd with dual Audio
Luwam Alem
This looks like a pretty good movie!😄🤔 I might watch!
Hannah Masaki
damn I can't even do the basic math :(
I CRIED in the movie 😿😥😞
Amazing movie. I highly recommend, just be prepared to potentially cry. Some scenes were certainly heart wrenching
بنور الله اهتديت استبرق
روعة وانصح بالمشاهدة
احببت علاقة الخال ب ابنت اخته
عشقت مشهد المشفى وولادة الاطفال وشعور الطفلة الجميل
Zy Np
awesome! especially little girl's act.!
Anna. Klassen
Cool now captain America's got an adopted daughter. Good luck finding a baby sitter when in infinity war come around
Sharn Bedford
is it a 13??
ibrar khan
Touching Story i really like it. Amazing Fantastic, Awesome
i watched it. made me smile and tear up. felt kinda like a us-american til schweiger movie... :D (germans will understand)
Blender Dumbass
OK they just stole my idea... AND WTF is PG-13 doing there. are they don't want to inspire kids to be smart
Enes Akblt
Giftееd hd mооviеeе hеrе =>
hodan mohamed
good movie
Benjamin Herbst
2:11 haha mona lisa saperstein
Mohamed Mm
Amazing film 😍😍😍😍❤️
Aldercy Anneke
I'm here because of his marvel movies, Watch Now >>
Lysann w
This film is highly recommended and touched me very much!
seth fortalejo
Enzo LEE
I watched this film yesterday in the plane
Tyler From Team 11
I'm definitely going to see this movie I just seen it on tv
Zeeshan Ahmed
Captain America: Battle For Custody
Joe Smith
Cuteness overload.
Camryn Faucette
This movie reminds me of Matilda
Kpop Lover
This movie was so good 😊
Kele A-Sarpong
Best movie I've seen this year absolutely loved it she is so cute 💕 and Chris Evans is just 🤤
Elena Metsai
it is a very good movie. you guys should watch it.
Assad Elfarouki
Praise Brian Loar
I have just finish to look at movie, and it's just a so beautiful story. The little girl was so talented and cute ! Chris is amazing like always, i am very proud of him. The cast have do beautiful work.

Ps: Sorry for my English, i am french :)
Tracy Wil
Teary eyes by watching JUST the trailer?
I luv it
Khaled Tantawy
It's like I am Sam with extra IQ to the main characters
im going to watch it today
Ranc Henash
Really great movie, keeps moving me about every five minutes.
420 gaming
can we talk about how they stole the math part from matilda
cool bapin
Ok so y there s no Marvel intro at the beginning ?? And where is the other Avengers ... What is this Film ?? .. Someone help me !!!!!!!
Sherief Elbadawi
name of these songs, please??
Jack Harry
Matilda shit right there
O The Great
women cannot do math especially little blonde ones FAKE FILM
I love cheesecakes
Oddly enough, my math enrichment teacher made us watch this movie...
Valeria Inerio
Gifted [HD] Mᴏᴠɪᴇ ( )
Uni Corn
Anybody watched this,is it worth seeing?
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