Shaul Rosenzweig
Being gifted is nothing as the movie describes. Gifted children do not appear as normal children who can do square roots... Gifted child is more like ADHD child mixed with Alia from the Dune. People do not understand, even most psychologists, that gifted child has intellect beyond her years, but her feelings are age appropriate. And they are frustrated by many things, slowness of her peers, boredom in class, lack of justice in the world, etc. Such a child can start discussing about existence and being, and next moment cry because her brother took her bunny, or be scarred stiff by global warming.

Gifted often get misdiagnosed as ADHD, Aspergers, bipolar, depression, or learning disorders.
Nelius Karobia
great movie
Cheese Cheese
Is it just me but at 0:22-0:46 it's kinda like that Matilda scene?
i admit it i first watched that movie just because of Chris Evans. Then i bawled my eyes out and watched it again. Such a great movie!
Wild Heart
Thought this was a Matilda remake lol
Ming Lai
Finally, Captain America has a kid and a lovely pretty cutie as well
One Great Movie...Love it !!!!
Win a copy of the film here:
khadija hassan
Why am i crying?
"He wanted me before I was smart" broke my heart
Diane H
Grandma: how many 7 year olds are doingin advanced calculus?!
Me: how many grandmas randomly give 7 year olds macbooks?!
the movie was okay... it was honestly too slow for my liking. i felt like the plot was too straightforward, not too compelling
fuck okay, the line
"you wanted me before i was smart"
made me almost shed a tear.
Kat M
I know how it feels to be advanced. The way people treat you is annoying to say the least. But thanks to laws I couldn't skip ahead as much as I wanted. In example, I reached an IQ of 197 by the age of 14. And that was a real test. Not some bullcrap online. It's nice when you have those who know you and appreciate you, while still treating you like a normal person.
Imalonleyboss 345
I know her from ads and the fuller house
It's pisses me off that the grandmother didn't want her TILL she found she was gifted ugh
Victorians Group
Nobody likes a smart ass
Cuz Squad
That teacher sounds like she's a voice of the sheep in Zootopia
Kufer Safer
Watch The Gifted Visit:
Watch The Gifted Visit:
Aria Antoinette ritcherson
Just came back here to comment that this is a good movie.
Queen Maine
When he said "Old Russian guys" I immediately thought of Hydra
Fake Police
What a fucked up father
That was problably the cutest movie i ever saw
Dex Scene
awesome movie
Manic more
This Is A Trailer Before Hacksaw Ridge (UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Hannah Evenson
Your#1Guitarist In anime
Wow i guess Captain America retired and had a daughter
jitendra rawal full movie downlode in hd with dual Audio
Luwam Alem
This looks like a pretty good movie!😄🤔 I might watch!
Hannah Masaki
damn I can't even do the basic math :(
I CRIED in the movie 😿😥😞
Amazing movie. I highly recommend, just be prepared to potentially cry. Some scenes were certainly heart wrenching
بنور الله اهتديت استبرق
روعة وانصح بالمشاهدة
احببت علاقة الخال ب ابنت اخته
عشقت مشهد المشفى وولادة الاطفال وشعور الطفلة الجميل
Zy Np
awesome! especially little girl's act.!
Anna. Klassen
Cool now captain America's got an adopted daughter. Good luck finding a baby sitter when in infinity war come around
Sharn Bedford
is it a 13??
Touching Story i really like it. Amazing Fantastic, Awesome
i watched it. made me smile and tear up. felt kinda like a us-american til schweiger movie... :D (germans will understand)
Blender Dumbass
OK they just stole my idea... AND WTF is PG-13 doing there. are they don't want to inspire kids to be smart
Enes Akblt
Giftееd hd mооviеeе hеrе =>
hodan mohamed
good movie
Benjamin Herbst
2:11 haha mona lisa saperstein
Mohamed Mm
Amazing film 😍😍😍😍❤️
Aldercy Anneke
I'm here because of his marvel movies, Watch Now >>
Lysann w
This film is highly recommended and touched me very much!
seth fortalejo
Enzo LEE
I watched this film yesterday in the plane
Tyler From Team 11
I'm definitely going to see this movie I just seen it on tv
Zeeshan Ahmed
Captain America: Battle For Custody
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